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Have you found any Alamy photos January 2023?

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Times online 19th




Matthias Oesterle Barcelona, Spain. , . Catalan separatists gather under a giant estelada flag  2MA6B02

Scott Wilson Aerial view of Berlin skyline with famous TV tower and Spree river Germany GBY5R8




Sergejs Dementjevs  Liepaja's beach  2CYWFJ8

Olaf Krueger  Beach, Sandvik, Reykjadiskur, Skagafjoerour, North Iceland, Iceland 2G8E7Y2

Flament / Andia Le Crotoy, in the Regional Nature Park of the Somme Bay .  2G22T7G




Paul Herg  Illuminated Gulfstream G550 parking on the apron at night  H895GC

arkanto Mountain Vew, California USA - Aug 2019: Google Headquarters 2C3EPNW

Hugo Alejandro Salazar S woman opening the air fryer with some bananas  2G6G9G3

Rod Edwards Sizewell Nuclear Power Station Suffolk England  A84KE4

Paul Maguire  BUCKINGHAM, UK - March 15, 2016. Bricklayer building a wall 2C5HWDT

Robert Evans  Vintage Doc Martens boots for sale in Brick Lane Sunday Market in Shoreditch East London. RB5JPB




sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 17 January 2023 Shirley-Anne Somerville at the Scottish Parliament.  2M9BWB6

Maxim Pavlov   Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain : H63DEC

dbphots  Rob Roy's Cave, Loch Lomond, Stirling, Scotland  ACHMDX

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 30 December 2022. WEATHER: Heavy rain on Princes Street 2M5PFJJ




Colaimages Actress Helena Bonham-Carter and actor Julian Sands in the movie A Room With a View, UK 1985 : 2HTYK79

Barbara Cook  Manchester, UK. 16th April, 2022. LGBT protesters and their allies 2J4MD3J

ableimages Group of Girls Wearing Animal Costumes Bouncing on Trampoline  DCYE3D

Tayfun Salci London, England, UK. 17th Jan, 2023. Conservative Party Chairman  NADHIM ZAHAWI 2M98G2A

Russell Hart Bury, UK. 13th December 2019.  MP to the constituency of Bury South, Christian Wakeford. 2AF5NR3

JEFF GILBERT 25th October 2022 Downing Street, London, UK Jacob Reese- Mogg  2K926D0

Imageplotter London, UK. 17th Jan, 2023. Jerone Marsh-Reid (Stan Laurel) and Danielle Bird (Charlie Chaplin). 2M9B2TX

Celia McMahon Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK. 18th Jan, 2023. UK Weather:  2M9R2JK




Trevor Smithers ARPS Winter 1962 1963 Dartmoor Devon UK  ABX68D

Antiqua Print Gallery  Immense fields of new South Wales under Tillage New South Wales. Australia (1923) 2HJPGGJ

Matteo Omied  "Sir Joseph Cook and Dame Mary Cook on the deck of a ship; 1920s 2BA3PW4





Slawomir Gawryluk Elderly woman holding cup of hot coffee or tea H74871

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On 18/01/2023 at 19:19, Abiyoyo said:


Danita Delimont

Peter Schickert

mauritius images GmbH



Jaime Franch Travel Photo

mauritius images GmbH


Muchas gracias, Jorge! :)


Do you know if maybe the reportage was published in the printed version of "El Viajero" too?

Thank you!

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20/01/2023, Guardian, p3, Eve and Ranshaw department store in Louth, 2FK3P8A, David Warren [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/01/2023, Guardian, p27, Dr Martens boots, 2BHEHGH, Vadim Pacajev


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7 hours ago, shearwater said:

Muchas gracias, Jorge! :)


Do you know if maybe the reportage was published in the printed version of "El Viajero" too?

Thank you!

De nada, Jaime.

No, since around a couple of years ago El País does not print the travel supplement "El Viajero" anymore with the newspaper, only online.

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11 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 20th



Alan Wilson  The Glasvegan, a vegan restaurant cafe in St Enoch Square, Glasgow, 2GN1FG6


Thanks Bryan 👍

All the best

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1 hour ago, Abiyoyo said:

De nada, Jaime.

No, since around a couple of years ago El País does not print the travel supplement "El Viajero" anymore with the newspaper, only online.

Oh, didn't know that. What a shame. Goodbye then to slightly more decent fees.

Thank you!

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Times online 21st


Saturday Review


Trigger Image London. England. Benin Bronzes on display at the British Museum, 2D363WP

Historic Images Barbellion2  JW1HPN

Pictorial Press  THE PRINCESS BRIDE 1987 20th Century Fox film with  J67T0G

Donald Cooper  Rupert Everett  Jessie Buckley  in AMADEUS 2D7DR25


JT Vintage  Red Guards at Rally Reading Mao Zedong's Little Red Book, Beijing, China, 1966  D1PNHM

Lordprice Collection  Sussex v Kent 1848 illustration of an early Victorian cricket match  BCG7WR

The Print Collector  Dr WG Grace, English cricketer, playing for London County Cricket Club, c1899.  MPNKW6




David Hunter Kingswear from quayside Dartmouth Devon England : EX9G03

PHILLIP ROBERTS  The Eden Project near St Austell, Cornwall   ME7JA4

Alan Collins Tate St Ives, Cornwall 2G6X2GD

Hans Wagemaker  Lake Tekapo with snow covered mountains New Zealand : 2CABJ05




Joseph Clemson 2  Commercial gas meter, piping and valves outside a hotel : M96X0T

Aurore Marechal Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss  J33T94

Peter Powell Horse Racing - Grand National Festival 2F7M77P

Steve Morgan Scunthorpe - Heavy End - Steel Production HPP05W

Aleksei Gorodenkov   Medical Research Laboratory:  2EMJEPK

Jon Super EG Group founders Mohsin, right, and Zuber Issa  2D05RPB

eye35 asda store exterior uk lincolnshire  D2Y518

Anthony Upton  Graham Hoare,, Mike Hawes, , and Dr. Ian Robertson, HXWMJW





Photos Horticultural Hedge- of Rosemary- - (Rosmarinus officinalis) GGJGB0

Kay Roxby  Achillea 'Terracotta' : 2C4JNH2

Kiefer  Roller wolf milk Euphorbia myrsinites : 2C1YTNH

John Richmond  Flowering spike of viper's bugloss, Echium vulgare, P48619

flowerphotos Sea holly known as Miss Wilmott's ghost Eryngium giganteum DXA75A

P Tomlins  Phlomis russeliana - Turkish sage, Jerusalem Sage. Synonyms; 2EJ2NTD

Helen Hotson  Treffry Viaduct and aqueduct accross the Luxulyan valley  DTEX6T

Lee Hudson  song thrush bird (Turdus philomelos) RFB6W0

Anna Bednarkiewicz The remains of water wheel in Luxulyan Valley, Cornwall.: MG8XPF

Maureen McLean  Slough, Berkshire, UK. 15th January, 2023. Petrol for sale 2M8T2ME




Tero Vesalainen  Hacker writing virus code with laptop in dark. PDRT9D

dov makabaw  Harrow on the Hill , Harrow School pupils BEYGB1

Michael Walter Neil Woodford has moved to Oakley Capital KG3K2W




MICHAEL CUTHBERT  The house or bothy on Eilean an Taighe in the Shiant Isles  2GF7KX4

Iain Masterton  Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 25th Aug, 2019. Kerry Hudson. WB8GE2

Magdalena Bujak Scottish dish of haggis, neeps and tatties,  RPT8TR




sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 18 January 2023 Humza Yousaf  2M9HW55

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 17 January 2023 Humza Yousaf  2M9BWB2

phil wilkinson Great Tapestry of, UK. 17th Mar, 2022. Galashiels, Scottish Borders, 2J07RYR


Kay Roxby  Glasgow High Court of Justiciary, Glasgow, Scotland, UK  JRK64G

Nicola Ferrari RF View of Kelvingrove Park full of people  FY143G

Tony Clerkson  Jeanette Findlay, chair of the Celtic Trust, addresses fans  C99214

Richard Johnson  Glasgow, September 3rd 2022, Ukraine refugees on a cruise ship 2JW3GM6




Thomas Krych London, England, UK. 20th Jan, 2023. NADHIM ZAHAWI, 2MB7J0Y

Mark Boulton  New Gridserve bank of EV charging points Junction 30 on M5 2J9W5WJ

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 19 January 2023 Maggie Chapman 2MAD3BM

Edited by Bryan
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1 hour ago, Bryan said:

Times online 21st




Joseph Clemson 2  Commercial gas meter, piping and valves outside a hotel : M96X0T



Thank you, Bryan. A rare outing in this topic for me. Only used in the on-line edition and in the smallest possible size  but nonetheless welcome. I would never have spotted it for myself and I'm grateful for your sterling efforts. 

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Disappointing haul from The Telegraph today


Telegraph 21 Jan 2023


Drivers driving cars on a Dual Carriageway during heavy rain with poor visibility in England, UK. Bad weather and wet, dangerous road while raining.

Contributor: Geoff Smith / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2CRH2TH


Sydney, Australia. 1 January 2023. New Year's Eve fireworks viewed from Mrs Macquaries Point. Credit: Richard Milnes/Alamy Live News

Contributor: Richard Milnes / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2M5YK3H

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21/01/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p20, sign for Twatt, 2KAEK0P, Jorge Tutor [Alamy credit only]
21/01/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p21, sign for Shitterton, CXY9NR, Dorset Media Service [Alamy credit only]
21/01/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p25, sign for Penistone, 2JE9DXR, Kay Roxby [Alamy credit only]
21/01/2023, Guardian, p5, Dendles Wood Nature Reserve, 2J94RWM, Andy Styles Photography
21/01/2023, Guardian, p14, Cate Blanchett in 'Tár', 2KAG5A9, LANDMARK MEDIA
21/01/2023, Guardian, p33, sewing box, 2GF7HHM, Malcolm Hunt [Cropped. RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]

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