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Have you found any Alamy photos January 2023?

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February 2023, Norfolk magazine, Front Cover, sunset at Wells, 2GA7G3P, SW [Alamy credit only]
February 2023, Norfolk magazine, p9 & p122, Sir Edgar Speyer, KAB8CD, Historic Collection or 2M3NYE2, Chronicle  or 2HG8FE9, Danvis Collection [Identical. Alamy credit only]

ISSN:  2634-3045

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You are welcome Kumar

Best Nigel


Guardian Online



Sean Pavone


Robert Evans


Clynt Garnham Energy




Image Broker



Edward Simons


Taina Sohlman


Sorin Colac

Studio Barcelona

Sergey Borisov




True Images


Sean Pavone






Edited by Nigel Kirby
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30/01/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p6, Sylvia Syms in 'The Queen', BKPD4Y, Moviestore Collection Ltd  [cropped]
30/01/2023, Guardian G2, p9, Leonard Cohen, KK9Y01, Istvan Bajzat/dpa picture alliance


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On 29/01/2023 at 08:53, Bryan said:

Sunday Times 29th




Yassmin Ka Night view on the national theatre. Reflections of the lights on Vltava river. Prague,  MNPN12

eye35¬† people taking photos at the Prague Lennon Wall Lennonova zeńŹ Prague¬† R6TY48

Marc Soler The church of Sant Josep de la Muntanya is located near Park Guell. Gracia, Barcelona, HMGATP

Sorin Colac Brussels, Belgium. Grand Place. Market square surrounded by guild halls.  2F6D1W2

JOHN KELLERMAN   Brussels Buildings Facades EG59N0

Sergio Delle Vedove  Marolles Flea market in Place du Jeu de Balle, Brussels: HYDBA2

Stefano Politi Markovina  Interior view of the dated 19th century Le Cirio cafe, Brussels, J33GBJ

Oliver Wood Photography   Wall Mural Manchester  RAB6JA

Steven Bennett   Co-Operatvive Printing Society Limited, Sharp Street, Manchester.  2KAF2YK

Toby Howard   Manchester, UK: Angel Meadow, in Victorian time a dense slum area TRB7N2

A.P.S. (UK)   aerial view of Manchester Central Library and City Council Buildings 2D81BKW

Folio Images  Finland, Pirkanmaa, Tampere, Pyhajarvi, Illuminated pier over lake at dusk  G3TMW0

Ian Dagnall Shops, cafes and restaurants along the Aarhus River in the city centre, Aarhus, Denmark PD131T




M4OS Photos  The M&G Investments logo is seen on an LED screen TD987P




Christopher Hill  Carrick-a-rede Co Antrim Northern Ireland  FFMCFW

Nataliya Hora  Sunset over Belfast Titanic, Belfast, Northern Ireland, JHXN3N

Barry Mason  The harbour of the village of Carlingford, Louth, Ireland : AEF0X8

Everett Collection  HOUSE OF GUCCI,  Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani 2H6GPG6




Simon Hadley A landscape view of Grenfell Tower in North Kensington London, England,  PWCMW5

Peter Marshall London, UK. 16th June 2018. A large crowd marches from Downing St to the Home Office i P2RM30

Marcin Rogozinski  Police patrol on Trafalgar Square, London England United Kingdom UK J11H7Y




Katie Stewart Selly Oak, Birmingham, January 19th 2023 - A row of terraced properties to rent in Selly Oak, Birmingham. 2MACDB8




Darren Galpin UK,West Yorkshire,Hebden Bridge view from the Buttress  2CCDEGX ? No credits

Ruth Craine The Packhorse Bridge and the Old Bridge Inn Ripponden : 2BAENFY

EyeEm Buildings Against Sky During Sunset  2DKGJ47 ? No credits

Ernie Janes Grape Hyacinths and Daffodils FWBP8G

Olga Ilina  blue flower muscari spring in the garden  2BR3369

Paul Maguire  Primroses, primula vulgaris, yellow spring flowers close up in a garden,  2DX619G

John Richmond Backlit summer flower sprays of the ornamental New Zealand wind grass, 2C67XJE

Deborah Vernon  Helleborus hybridus. Checking hellebore seed pods for ripeness : R5AM62

Gary K Smith Dividing clumps of Chives and re potting in early spring, UK, : C3M5HJ

Deborah Vernon  Organising seed packets for sowing using upcycled clothes peg for labels.  2APCKE4

JoeFox Liverpool planting seeds in spring in garden trays in an incubator placed on a kitchen window sill RW5K2K

Thank you ūüĎć

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Times online 31st




Peter Kneffel  Ingolstadt, Germany. 23rd Aug, 2022. Police officers search a wooded area 2JRA427

Yoav Ari Dudkevitch   JERUSALEM, Jan. 30, 2023   Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and  Antony Blinken 2MNH6E7




Richard B. Levine  Shopping in a supermarket in New York  2JRXB6K

Alena Kravchenko London, UK - July 15, 2019: People walking past Paperchase shop iW4NNY2

Paul Lawrenson  Ashford, Kent, UK. 26th Jul, 2022. Lidl store in Ashford, Kent 2JJFT2G

Phil Tragen  former barrister and now owner of the Mowgli chain of restaurants, Nisha Katona.  RJMX2W

Guy Bell London, UK. 3rd Dec, 2022.  people out shopping under the Christmas Lights 2M02R89

Jansos  Signage on the KPMG building, London, England, : MBP5P3




Findlay  British soldiers on parade, Glasgow, Scotland, J449E6

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 26 January 2023. Elena Whitham 2MH0JPD

Abi Warner Photography Beaver in scotland  2CFJWW8

Abi Warner Photography Beaver, close up, in a river gnawing a tree, in scotland  2E4EE3R

Sally Anderson East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom, 3rd November 2020. cabbage harvesting 2D98D87

Camillo Berenos  A wintry Ben Nevis standing  F7D9W3

Jane Barlow  Alcohol for sale in an Edinburgh supermarket as Scotland MHFNB6

Iain Masterton  Residential house under construction in East Lothian , Scotland,  M93YBN

WENN Alyn Smith MEP Where: Glasgow, United Kingdom When: 28 Mar 2015  EW03XB

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 12 January 2023 Ash Regan  2M85WT9




agefotostock Capt George Collings visually confirms as he rolls away after refueling from a KC-135 Stratotanker EBBNAJ

Jeff Gilbert  Nickyl Raithatha CEO of Moonpig photographed at their head offices in Central London,  2G359D1

Nigel Pavitt  An alert black rhino. Mweiga, Solio, Kenya  BY261B

Elisabeth Blanchet  Actor Ian McKellen at his Limehouse pub The Grapes RXCTPW

marc zakian  the grapes pub east london  T0G0NF

Siddharaj Solanki GANDHINAGAR, INDIA - JANUARY 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Gautam Adani,  2EM99EX

Hufton+Crow-VIEW   BBC Broadcasting House, London, United Kingdom.  view of atrium with newsroom E08BT9

Ian Rutherford   Fettes college, Edinburgh Scotland: KEGEAY

keith morris   A  woman working on the fresh fish section  at a branch of Tesco supermarket store UK HYKGH2

simon evans  Walkers on the Ennerdale water path in the Lake district, Cumbria,  E6CRX1

Alex Segre  Passengers using the ePassport gates at UK border control, Stansted Airport, UK P9K4C9


I'll be away for a couple of days - any other Times readers out there?

Edited by Bryan
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Guardian Online



Anne Coastey


Dmitrii Melnikov


Sandy Young


Rolf Richardson


Alex Segre


True Images


Brian Jackson


Science History Images


Jeff Gilbert/Alamy stockphoto/Alamy Live News.


Anjo Kan


Julian Claxton





Edited by Nigel Kirby
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On 27/01/2023 at 08:50, Bryan said:

Times online 27th




Mick Flynn  Provident Financial group, personal credit provider, head office, 1 Godwin St, Bradford  K8HM1J ? crop




Thanks for the spot Bryan.

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31/01/2023, Guardian, p25, 'Le port de La Rochelle' by Signac, 2K7CN4W, Alexandre MARCHI/MAXPPP [Alamy credit only]
31/01/2023, Guardian, p26, inside Aesop shop, RMT3X7, Heorshe
31/01/2023, Guardian G2, Front Cover, hand offering bunch of flowers, 2CTX5W3, Dmitrii Melnikov [Flipped L-R]
31/01/2023, Guardian G2, p3, receipts, DTY7W6, DTY7RT, or DTY7FW, Leila Cutler [Can't say which from crop used]
31/01/2023, Guardian G2, p4, Ladies of Llangollen, G39RH6, Chronicle
31/01/2023, Guardian G2, p5, Plas Newydd, C90MCT, Thomas Stankiewicz/Image Professionals GmbH
31/01/2023, Guardian G2, p5, inside Plas Newydd, B8068E, Alex Ramsay

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On 11/01/2023 at 08:21, Bryan said:



Stanislav Halcin  Oxford University students celebrate the end of academic year, Oxford,  EHTGR6

Thank you for finding my picture!

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