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Please cast your votes for the June contest

Time to vote on June contest - Transport  

48 members have voted

  1. 1. Here is the shortlist from a great field of contenders. Voting ends July 8th.

    • GVallee - Goat Drawn Cart - PTYD77
    • Bryan - Tanfield Railway In Winter - C0BFM6
    • Spacecadet - Schwebebahn, Wuppertal - EMGKY4
    • Steve Hyde - Cable Car On Mount Srd, Dubrovnik - 2J2XPNB
    • Ed Rooney - Amsterdam Seniors With Good Balance - AB33CJ
    • Colin Woods - The School Run In India - BY2079
    • Avpics - Come Here Often? - 2G8GXD5
    • Sprocket - Cycling To Work - F57WCH

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  • Poll closed on 08/07/22 at 22:59

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David, thank you for including my elderly bikers speeding through Vondelpark. I think Amsterdam is one of Europe's greatest cities, saving themselves from the sea and enduring the Nazi plague with a history of great art and fairness to others. 



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4 hours ago, spacecadet said:

Upstaged by Ed again!

Unless a lot of people like railways in the air......


Isn't that the place where the elephant fell out of the monorail ?

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14 hours ago, Bryan said:


Isn't that the place where the elephant fell out of the monorail ?

Yes, she survived:


Unfortunately there was a fatal accident in 1999 because some pillock left a servicing clamp on the rail.

And "suspended railway", please- it's a fascinating piece of Victorian urban mass transit which is still heavily used and no simple curiosity. Steampunk heaven in the same category as transporter bridges. Which I should have put in the challenge.


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This is a very exciting race folks.


 Edo is out in front in the middle field with Colin coming up in second place on the outside and Steve is trying to scrape through on the rails in third place.


Sprocket and Spacecadet are right back out of the bunched riders but it is just possible one or both may come though in the final furlong.


Keep watching people for an exciting finish to see who passes the post first.




Edited by Allan Bell
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