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Have you found any Alamy images in Sept 21?

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Times, 6th Sept


 ANTOINETTE DANS LES CEVENNES 2020 de Caroline Vignal Laure Calamy Benjamin Lavernhe Olivia Cote Denis Mpunga. Prod DB

Chapka Films - La Filmerie - FTCD/Prod.DB
Image ID: 2CD7JFN


 HMS Hood HMS Hood was easily the Pride of the British Navy However on May 24th 1941 she met a tragic end at the hands of the German battleship Bismarck The Battle took place between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic 1418 lives were lost onboard HMS Hood when a shell from the Bismrack hit the Hood s munitions magazine The great ship exploded from the inside out In revenge for this every Royal Navy ship in the North Atlantic and Western Mediterranean was called to the chase of the Bismarck The chase lasted for three days and over 1 700 miles as the Bismarck tried to reach the Port of
Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix
Image ID: B4M552

 Schroders PLC Head Office HQ at 1 London Wall Place in the City of London Financial District. Multinational Asset Management Company, founded in 1804.
Robert Evans
Image ID: RM09JJ

 Munich, Germany. 10th Feb, 2014. The logo of mobile operator O2 is lit on the facade of the headquarters of Telefonica Germany / O2 in Munich, Germany, 10 February 2014. Shareholders of Telefonica Germany will be informed about the proposed acquisition of E-Plus at an extraordinary general meeting in Munich on 11 February 2014.

Image ID: DT6FJ9


 Morrisons supermarket. A woman working in the florist section
Chris Bull
Image ID: FD4T63

 Fossil Grove Victoria Park Glasgow Scotland
Michael Jenner
Image ID: AM9P3D


 Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK weather. 5th September 2021. Sunny after cloudy start at the seaside. Temperature of 11 degees centigrade for those exercising. Pictured: Lone female paddling in the Firth of Forth. Credit: Arch White/Alamy Live News.
Arch White
Image ID: 2GH4N23

 Glasgow, Scotland, UK 31st August, 2021. A 27-tonne concrete and steel Floating Head sculpture has returned to the clyde berthed near the science centre, near the sec venue for the climate change conference cop26 in the city next month. Credit: Gerard Ferry/Alamy Live News
gerard ferry
Image ID: 2GGG16B


 Underwater shots of farmed atlantic salmon in Salmon farm cages on the west coast of Ireland
louise murray
Image ID: A1BXBG


 Home caregiver with senior adult woman
Image ID: 2BAJM5K




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2 hours ago, Sultanpepa said:

Image here  on the BBC website but can't find it. 


 A house in Culswick, Shetland


House in Culswick, Shetland, UK
Contributor: ap-photo / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: R1DTAX




2 hours ago, SShep said:


Thanks very much for finding this one :)


Welcome Steve,


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16 hours ago, TeeCee said:

Times, 7th Sept


East Coast express passenger electric train crossing the railway viaduct at Durham, England, UK

Washington Imaging Image ID: BKXP2J


Thanks Tony, appreciated!

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Times, 9th Sept


Cheers Bryan, Iain, Douglas & Steve!


 KPMG building, London, UK
Image ID: MBP5P3


 Freight unloading at Dover port, in Kent, England, UK
Monica Wells
Image ID: W124A9


 London, UK. 30th July, 2021. UCH nurses join NHS staff who marched from St Thomas' Hospital to Downing Street to protest against the NHS Pay Review Body's recommendation of a 3% pay rise for NHS staff in England. The protest march was supported by Unite the union, which has called on incoming NHS England Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard to ensure that a NHS pay rise comes from new Treasury funds rather than existing NHS budgets and which is shortly expected to put a consultative ballot for industrial action to its members. Credit: Mark Kerrison/Alamy Live News
Mark Kerrison
Image ID: 2GAGFG6


 Red wine pouring from the bottle into the glass, green nature blurred background. Concept of wine drinking outdoors, alcohol tasting at winery
Oleg Elkov
Image ID: T7CWK6


 Tourists enjoy the beach, sea and sunshine at the holiday resort town of Amasra in Bartin, Turkey
Michael Thomas
Image ID: G3P794


 DAWLISH, DEVON, UK - 26OCT2018: GWR Class 43 Train moving north away from Dawlish Station.
Paul Martin
Image ID: R05TP2


 Agrigento, Sicily, Italy. View to the city across verdant landscape of olive and almond groves, Valley of the Temples, Hotel Villa Athena prominent.
David Tomlinson
Image ID: 2FK3J28


 Feet of a new born baby with hospital tag.
Jack Hobhouse
Image ID: B8A2K0


 Amateur Saddlebronc rodeo competition. Nanton Nite Rodeo, Nanton, Alberta, Canada.
M.J. Daviduik
Image ID: MY3JGP

 Three oil well pumpjacks at sunrise near Crossfield, Alberta, Canada
James Gabbert
Image ID: 2CCETH6

 B&M Retail home store shopping business customer entrance at the Lakeside retail park West Thurrock Essex England UK
Justin Kase zsixz
Image ID: EEG2D6

 Augean North Sea Services Tanker. M6 Motorway, Southbound, Shap, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom, Europe.
Stan Pritchard
Image ID: T51GPD


 Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK weather. 8th September 2021. Temperature at dawn 13 degrees centigrade at the seaside by the Firth of Forth. Pictured: Rowing bat crew heading out for exercise. Credit: Arch White/Alamy Live News.
Arch White
Image ID: 2GJ0481

 Elderly patient with a care assistant in an old persons Home
Mark Bourdillon
Image ID: HMFN7K


 Sussex, UK, 26 August 2021: a positive lateral flow test shows a distinct double line confirming the presence of the coronavirus on the swab sample. Two negative lateral flow tests show only a single line at C for Control. With over 38,000 new positive tests recorded in the previous 24 hours, Covid-19 cases are rising again. Anna Watson/Alamy Live News
Anna Watson
Image ID: 2GFPW8M


 Whatsapp icon on an iphone screen
David Brabiner
Image ID: FW6FEP



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09/09/2021, Guardian G2, p3, chicken of the woods fungi, W7W093, Will Watson/Nature Picture Library [Alamy credit only]
09/09/2021, Guardian G2, p3, tea bag in cup, 2CAA0E2, Lubo Ivanko [Alamy credit only]
09/09/2021, Guardian G2, p5, still from 'Looking', FTKHMT, Collection Christophel


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Bangor Marina, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

 Paul Lindsay   Image ID: PCP26A





Abstract view of Titanic Belfast, a museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland, recently named the World's Leading Tourist Attraction

Tom Irvine Image ID: MWXMFP



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09/09/2021 Daily Mail (print)

Male Emperor dragonfly hawking or patrolling territory in the sunshine. JEWG8G Paul Farnfield

Female Emperor dragonfly laying eggs in the water of a pond. BEP9WT Arterra Picture Library/Buyck Alain

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10/09/2021, Guardian, p1, people picked up from small boats in Channel, 2GJ33C4, Newspics UK South [via Live News]
10/09/2021, Guardian, p19, wood white butterfly, EB9R7R, Robert Haasmann/imageBROKER [Alamy credit only]
10/09/2021, Guardian [Solve - University of Portsmouth supplement], p20, pangolin, CRAB5F, Nigel Dennis/imageBROKER [Alamy credit only]



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11/09/2021, New Scientist, p16, firefighter with dead anteater, 2CB8NKB, UESLEI MARCELINO/REUTERS
11/09/2021, New Scientist, p22, blue-spotted ribbon-tail stingray, C3XTGR, Jeff Rotman
11/09/2021, New Scientist, p22, marijuana plant, 2C7HMKF, Bogdan Kurylo
11/09/2021, New Scientist, p23, exploding supernova, 2D9AJ44, jvphoto
11/09/2021, New Scientist, p51, cardboard suppressing weeds, 2BWXN9F, SJ Images  :)


ISSN:  02624079

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Sun Online



Kevin Britland  -  passengers getting onboard an easyjet flight for a holiday flight from bristol airport, england, uk.  -  Image ID: JJRHER

IMAGES  -  Bag baggage size frame cage tester: measure dimensions of passenger hand held carry on flight luggage London Gatwick Airport UK  -  Image ID: HH4D1E



eye35  -  edinburgh view down princes street edinburgh skyline Edinburgh new town Princes street

Edinburgh city centre Edinburgh Scotland UK GB Europe  -  Image ID: KK1B2D



Paul Maguire   -  UK HMRC self assessment income tax return form 2021  -  Image ID: 2EA0HGA



Kenny Williamson   -  Two electric cars charging on a city street, UK  -  Image ID: EXXBEG

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5 images credited to Alamy here with one contributer named as Paul Slater.

Still struggling with restricted eyesight due to an infection but treatment will work eventually I'm told.

Limiting my screen time as a result but hope to add to this thread more frequently again soon.

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09/09/2021 Daily Telegraph (print)

Pack of fox hounds, the Duke of Buccleuch Hunt, near Kelso, Scottish Borders. 2GJ1PTF Chris Strickland/Live News

Holywell Cemetery, Oxford, now used as a sanctuary for wildlife. W4TY92 Alex Ramsay

Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider, Steven Spielberg and Richard Dreyfuss on the set of Jaws, 1975. F6HW1K Entertainment Pictures

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10/09/2021 Daily Mail (print)

Harbour, Porthleven, Cornwall. HN15G1 Chris Harris

Daily Mirror reporter Donald Zec talks to John Lennon and Yoko Ono on their honeymoon bed, March 1969. B57AMK Mirrorpix

Donald Zec with boxer Muhammad Ali, August 1967. M96B5N Mirrorpix

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BBC, Future, 9th Sept. X 5 Alamy Credits only 



The Sun, UK NEws, 10th September, X 2, Alamy Live News credit


Lightning is one of the most destructive forces in nature


The Independent, Indy/Life, 9th September, Richmond Park, Alamy/PA



Richmond Park (Alamy/PA)



The Independent, Indy/Life, 10th September, Tottenham Hotspur, Alamy/PA


Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (Alamy/PA)



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11/09/2021, Guardian [magazine section], p3 & p47, black Queen of Night tulips, BN02G7, marek kasula [Alamy credit only]
11/09/2021, Guardian [magazine section], p6, Garfield, G1EPGR, United Archives GmbH [Alamy credit only]
11/09/2021, Guardian, p3, Bilsdale transmitter, GT4E14, David Dixon
11/09/2021, Guardian, p14, University of Manchester, E4G6E7, Campus Shots
11/09/2021, Guardian, p49, Visa FlexAccount debit card, ECHRF2, Stephen Barnes/Finance
11/09/2021, Guardian, p52, edelweiss, W1MPAD or AR38PA, Image Professionals GmbH [Identical]
11/09/2021, Guardian [Journal section], p8, Leslie Marr, BJ1R5E, Crash Media Group
11/09/2021, Guardian [University Guide], p7, UCL student, J6F0AH, Roland Imi [Alamy credit only]
11/09/2021, Guardian [University Guide], p11, student in library, DKN4MJ, aberCPC [Alamy credit only]
11/09/2021, Guardian [University Guide], p15, doorstop, FE0E6D, Aleksei Golovanov [Alamy credit only]
11/09/2021, Guardian [University Guide], p15, bluetooth speaker, G3PCY4, Hugh Threlfall [Alamy credit only]
11/09/2021, Guardian [University Guide], p15, superhero t-shirts, DDBN6J, Tim Gainey [Cutout. Alamy credit only]



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