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  1. Yes I get that, once a thread has reached its peak and going around in circles, it's time to lock it, however if they had just been up front and made things clearer within the contract along with putting out a statement justifying the the commission changes, then there wouldn't have been a virtual 'War & Peace' 119 pages worth of posts. It's like the corporate team went into the pub after work one evening and drummed the contract changes up on a few beer mats and posted it out, then the forum is like their wives finding out the next day!
  2. I wouldn't say embarrassed, more like it was an easy cop out from answering lots of questions asking for the justification on commission changes! Easier to lock a thread, evade the main question than drum up some half hearted politicians response of which they contradicted themselves over many months ago!
  3. This exactly! For over a 118 pages Alamy have evaded an explanation to the commission cut without any answers, and we, as contributors to Alamy's profits deserve an answer (and not a politician's answer either please!)
  4. Of which have been discussed over and over, Alamy have come back and addressed the concerns quite clearly over the last few pages or so, If you are still unsure about anything else in the contract, then email them directly, that's all they are saying.
  5. To be fair, Alamy have make it very clear several times, that any questions queries should be directly emailed to them, they will address any concerns forthwith, it couldn't have been made any clearer really.
  6. My sales volume have hardly altered for me, ranging from an average 45-60 a month, but who knows how this will change in the future when 'exclusive' vanishes and everything becomes mainstream and we're all put into the same melting pot.
  7. A response from Corporate head office and shareholders on commission and contributor fairness ......
  8. Yes, i'm sure they will, just thought it was worth mentioning just incase it was overlooked
  9. Possibly, however, when i have refreshed my dashboard the alert at the top still says "A new contributor contract comes into force from the 1st of July 2021" Alamy need to amend everyones dashboard to fall in line with the 45 days extension to the existing contract that they have mentioned previously
  10. If your'e staying, then i'd hang fire until the 1st of July, otherwise changing exclusive material to non exclusive now will lose you 10% of any sales till the new contract starts
  11. So in a nutshell, you'll kick the contributors in the teeth for Alamy to make more profit for yourselves and your shareholders! and your long term goal? .... no doubt to do the same thing over coming years driving commission down, because if other agencies have done it and getting away with it, why shouldn't we!
  12. What utter 'c**p' it was more like a resounding "YES! ... time to ride off into the sunset with our big wad of cash!"
  13. Yes I would fully agree Alan, however, what Alamy have openly said in their recent YouTube video wholly contradicts what they are doing in this new contract, saying in the video that sales have been steady without making cuts to the business during the pandemic, to quote Emily "We are budgeting for growth in 2021 and have no plans to change commission rates to achieve it", So for them to play 'Oh, we've had a tough time in the last year' simply won't wash, it will be really interesting to see and hear how they try to wriggle out of this one. I really hope for everyone's sake that
  14. It's quite transparent and obvious now from the former CEO that the contempt and lack of compassion he had for contributors was purely to make Alamy as attractive as possible ready to sell out, and now the new owners have got their greedy corporate glasses on! But remember this Alamy, keep driving commissions lower and lower for corporate profit is not a good long term business model, There's an old saying which is so true 'Pay peanuts and you end up with monkeys'!
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