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Have you found any Alamy images in Sept 21?

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Guardian Online


Sharad Raval


Adrian Sherratt


Tim Gainey


Stephen Ring


Composite: Alamy


Glyn Thomas Photography


Geoff Smith


Science Photo Library


Alamy Stock Photo


Mito images GmbH


Gerry Yardy


Alamy Stock Photo


Keith Morris

Greg Balfour Evans


Alamy Stock Photo



Edited by Nigel Kirby
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27/09/2021, Guardian, p32, sheep crossing Southwark Bridge, 2GNJM3P, Guy Corbishley/Alamy Live News
27/09/2021, Guardian G2, p4, Timothee Chalamet, 2A2Y5E5, Ian West/PA Images [Alamy credit only]
27/09/2021, Guardian G2, p6, Alison Steadman in 'Abigail's Party', HD8K18, Everett Collection Inc [Alamy credit only]


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27/09/2021 Daily Telegraph (print)

Visitors studying the painting Samson and Delilah by Rubens at the National Gallery, London. 2FNYBYJ Uwe Deffner

Knife Angel sculpture, made from 100,000 blunted blades handed into the police, unveiled at Central Park, Chelmsford, Essex. 2GNH81B Ricci Fothergill/Live News

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28/09/2021, Guardian, p31, Patisserie Valerie, PW167P, James Copeland
28/09/2021, Guardian, p32, shopper in Aldi, DTFC8R, Mark Waugh [Cropped to vertical. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
28/09/2021, Guardian, p33, F-15 fighter aircraft, 2EGFY8E, US Air Force Photo/Planetpix
28/09/2021, Guardian G2, p8, Nigel Kennedy and Mike Stern, W5GNGP, Wieslaw Jarek [Alamy credit only]



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Guardian Online


Imaginechina Limited


M4OS Photos


Ed Brown






Steve Hawkins Photography


Medicimage Education Services Limited


Stuart Sneddon


Science Photo Library


Hayley Blackledge


Mito images


Ianni Dimitrov Pictures

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Times, 30th Sept


 Central Family Court London and Court of Protection in High Holborn Central London - Central London Family Courts
Robert Evans
Image ID: 2B1Y98X

 View over the harbor of the fishing village Mevagissey in Cornwall, England, UK
Image ID: F3Y1JT

 Doctor commenting on a mammography to her patient.
Image ID: F37XF1

 Truro,Cornwall,UK,28th September 2021,Heavy Rainfall in Truro, sent people running for cover. The Heavy rain has been forecast to cross the South West of England all day. Tomorrow's forecast is for sunshine before rain again for the rest of the week.Credit:Keith Larby/Alamy Live News
Keith Larby
Image ID: 2GP2AMY

 The North American River Otter (Lontra canadensis)
John Porter LRPS
Image ID: 2AR6E80

 A pile of British banks notes
samuel wordley
Image ID: B5R6WF

 SouthEastern train; a South Eastern rail train carriage, London UK
Kumar Sriskandan
Image ID: C5FYGM

 London, UK. 3rd July, 2017. Visitors at the Imbibe Live Exhibition on day 1, at London, Olympia. Expo Photo/Alamy Live News
Expo Photo
Image ID: JG0DMX

 Young woman looking at houses for sale in estate agent window, Islington, London, UK
Alex Segre
Image ID: 2ADE7BF

 Caffé Nero coffee shop logo on glass window with reflection of Wheel of Manchester in background (Editorial use only).
Russell Hart
Image ID: CEMX1P

 Large scale peat excavation with machinery from a bog in County Tipperary which can be used for garden centre fertiliser Ireland
Kevin Foy
Image ID: BBW55J



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30/09/2021, Guardian, p31, Mont Blanc, H66DBN, Gareth McCormack
30/09/2021, Guardian, p34, Nissan factory in Sunderland, 2A3W30B, Owen Humphreys/PA Images  
30/09/2021, Guardian [Journal section], p1, Keir Starmer, 2GPFDBK, Simon Dack News [Via live News]
30/09/2021, Guardian G2, p4, eating snacks at Spaniard's Inn 1958, 2BJ08G1, Picture Kitchen [Alamy credit only]
30/09/2021, Guardian G2, p4, Monster Munch, C2E0D2, Steve Stock [Alamy credit only]
30/09/2021, Guardian G2, p5, Smiths royal wedding souvenir crisps, DY9B00, PackStock [Alamy credit only]  :)
30/09/2021, Guardian G2, p5, KP peanuts, BX67F3, studiomode [Alamy credit only]
30/09/2021, Guardian G2, p5, Twiglets, AEDXWN, Martin Lee [Alamy credit only]
30/09/2021, Guardian G2, p5, pickled onions, MCRKMB, David Burton [Cropped. Alamy credit only]


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On 30/09/2021 at 15:12, Nigel Kirby said:

Guardian Online


Hugh Williamson

Bob Barnes

Alan Gregg

Kathleen White

Chantal Cooper

Philip Reeve

travelib prime



Peter Byrne



Thank you Nigel

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