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  1. Hi I used to fill all the info in the Optional tab in AIM, but recently do this less and less to the point where my last several submissions I have not touched the Optional tab. What is your experience? Do you always do this? Do you know of / noticed any effect of filling it in / not filling it in?
  2. Hi i will be upgrading from sony nex6 to a6000 as all i need for photos is better autofocus. However, i am thinking about producing some stock footage. Will a6000 be enough to get through the quality control? Thanks
  3. Let's agree to disagree. My portfolio comprises mostly editorial, where effort is minimal, and I have the same camera since 2012. Let's not exaggerate the time and money spent on our images.
  4. You are right, it would surprise me. There is always an effort, and so called "final click" is only the final stage of monetizing the extensive period of hard effort. This is not to say that effore is always rewarded, as you pointed out, but there is no money without effort - unless you won Lotto or inherited money.
  5. A slightly different though from me. I myself started to expand to other agencies as to me the downward pricing trend will not stop, and eventually Alamy will become one of many microstock agencies. Why do I think so? The main reason for this is that I really do not think that the prices some of us are hoping for are justified. Lets look at musicians or writers. To write and produce a music (a song), or to write a book takes (usually) much more effort than to take a good photograph. I would say this is true for vast majority of images. However, the royalty a musician gets when his song is listened, or even purchased is not much different than an image royalty on microstock agency. The same goes for a book - months spent writing, editing, publishing, marketing and an author gets just few $. In this light, why would images be going for $$$ or even $$? This is my reasoning, but I accept all sorts of opinions :)
  6. Yep, the reason why I am not excited about the sales anywhere near what I was few years ago. My last few sales were circa $5 each, giving me <2$. I am putting my eggs in more baskets now, and these baskets more and more often now exceed the sale prices from here. Sad. True.
  7. Can you tell me if this is only the Measures that dont work, or sale reports also? I havent had a sale reported since the Measures stopped working? Have you? thanks
  8. Thank you Nigel, This one sold twice before end of last year, wonder if this is another one or one of the old ones.
  9. Found in Scottish Sun online Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 22nd January, 2019. UK Weather: A snow flurry falls on Queen's Park. Credit: Skully/Alamy Live News - Image ID: REGCAR https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/3783987/scotland-weather-forecast-snow-cold-temperature/
  10. Yes RM. I would expect choice of size if it was RF, this also isnt there.
  11. Strange but using my mobile i dont have an option of investigating an "other type of license", where I believed the calculator used to sit. I only have the six options (presentation, website, magazines, marketing small business, marketing large business) and none of them mentions TV. They all have a set price either. The image is and old live news image if thos helps. Thanks
  12. Thanks everyone. Based on experience the prices are nowhere near the calculator prices. These days seems that every buyer has some sort of a deal with Alamy outside the regular price list.
  13. Hi I got approached for use of my images in a TV documentary series. Very early talks, but would like to get an general idea of prices alamy uses for TV use. Say national tv coverage, are we talking about £, ££ or £££? Thanks
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