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  1. Greetings from Lockdown Land (No. 6 and still counting.... ) Here's a collection of Alamy credits in recent online editions of the Australian Nine Media/Fairfax News travel supplement, www.traveller.com.au https://www.traveller.com.au/the-worlds-21-most-underrated-surprising-destinations-h1yeia Millennium Bridge and Lowry Centre at dawn, Salford Quays, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England: robertharding ID: CXE6T6 https://www.traveller.com.au/the-worlds-10-greatest-city-squares-h1yh38 Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, Palace of the Governors and Native American Vendors. BHa
  2. Whilst I seem to be doing best with relatively local - i.e. Australian - themes, not classic tourist images, with a few juicy $$ amongst the penny dreadfuls. Perhaps the Alamy sale office in Brisbane is earning its keep! Monthy gross, all up, hovers around $100, really just pin money.
  3. Recent finds from traveller.com.au the online travel pages of The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia (plus one from the print edition) The nighttime crowd at Tarumatsu, an izakaya restaurant in Taito City, Tokyo, Japan. 2A9N7WE: Matthew Ecker The Age Traveller (print edition), 17 July 2021 Amazing twilight with The Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Parliament in Budapest HPRWX6 Jaromir Chalabala Young Buddhist monk in red robes backlit by evening sunlight at the Jakar Dzong,Jakar, Bumthang, Bhutan CFJK84 robert harding The Glacier Skywalk, Jasper National Park, Alberta, C
  4. I have had 3 posted around March/April 2020 with no ructions so far.
  5. Thanks very much Genevieve, most interesting. If this pandemic thing continues much longer, I'll have to get myself a 4x4... We were in the Top End recently, but reliant on tour operators, which can be frustrating at the best of times. It was the Gunlom shutdown which drew the attention of ABC TV's recent news feature, plus the unrest amongst aboriginal stakeholders.
  6. gvallee What a stroke of luck, to be able to explore Arnhemland whilst the borders were closed! I always had the impression the region was closed to independent travellers; tour operators charge $$$$. You certainly made the best of the opportunity. Meanwhile visitors to Kakadu National Park are being deterred by reports of poor maintenance and arbitrary closures. (wanted to quote your original post here but the Forum structure seems too clunky).
  7. I can go one worse than the OP (Ilanphoto), albeit not with Alamy but with that very large - and ugly - stock library on the other side of the Atlantic. Although I have officially removed the last of my images some months ago, yesterday they remitted 15 cents US currency, which apparently represents a string of individual sales at $0.01 and even $0.00 (??) each. Give me Alamy any day!
  8. Is Alamy offering again this year to lodge claims on behalf of contributors? Haven't seen or heard anything yet...
  9. The Age, Melbourne, Australia - Traveller liftout, Sat 14/11/20 (half page, print version only, probably also in sister paper the Sydney Morning Herald) Cafe Confiteria Las Violetas, Buenos Aires, ID E2FY61 / MAISANT Ludovic / hemis.fr
  10. Now that we're allowed to fan out as far as 25km from home, I've been able to drop off my Nikon Coolscan3000 for a professional clean-up. In the meantime, it has once again earned its keep with this month's sale by Alamy of 5 scanned archival transparencies from the 1970s (backpacker hang-outs in SE Asia) and the 1980s (Abu Dhabi skylines and streetscapes).
  11. Muchas gracias, Shearwater - I would not have imagined this particular image appearing in a Spanish newspaper!
  12. Thanks for the comments, everyone, I do appreciate the detailed advice. However, not at all sure that I fancy dismantling the scanner myself. One of Melbourne's few surviving camera repair technicians once cleaned this unit or an earlier one for me, and soon I'll be able to ascertain whether his business has survived the lockdown. At present almost every 'non-essential' business is operating behind closed doors, if at all. Ditto for purchasing new lenses or other gear, except by mail order.
  13. Thanks, Harry. I fear you are right about the need for a cleanup, as I've had to do so with earlier scanners. Unfortunately, almost all 'non-essential' businesses are shut down here at present and that will surely including photographic services. Anyway, here's a typical example, see the people sitting in full light with their backs to the photographer https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjq09p65tpo2ou1/DumaresqDamBBQ.jpg?dl
  14. I've generally good scanning results with old 35mm transparencies fed through my Nikon Coolscan 4000, many if not all can squeak past Alamy QC. However I can't yet find a way to compensate for the golden halo effect which often results whenever a sharp boundary exists between light meets dark (e.g. bright sky, shaded wall) in the original image. Perhaps I need a different approach to the scanner output settings.... can anybody suggest a remedy, please?
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