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  1. K3Y40J Konstantin Kalishko The Elbe Philharmonic Hall or Elbphilharmonie, concert hall in the Hafen City quarter of Hamburg, Germany Traveller, 29 Feb 2020, Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (print edition only?) E83ATH Marion Kaplan Polar Bear Hut, Resolute Bay Airport Escape.com.au, 9 Feb 2020, News Ltd newspapers, Australia ER5T42 Hermann Erber/Image Professionals GmbH Woman standing on Jabal Umm Fruth Rock Bridge, Wadi Rum, Jordan, Middle East Escape.com.au, 9 Feb 2020, News Ltd newspapers, Australia H891MK Cyril Ruoso/Minden Pictures Sumatran Rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) female eating leaves, Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, Way Kambas National Park, Indonesia Escape.com.au, 1 March 2020, News Ltd newspapers, Australia PY2HTB Andrew White Hippo rises up to see what is going on, South Luangwa, Zambia Escape.com.au, 1 March 2020, News Ltd newspapers, Australia I sighted these in the weekend print editions; all credits read simply "Alamy"
  2. DWKGK1 Robert Harding / Monastery at Jasna Gora, Poland https://www.traveller.com.au/why-you-should-visit-polands-jasna-gora-monastery-h1lkbx FTE2Y8 Peter Scholey / The Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park R208K3 RZUK_Images / The Battersea Arts Centre https://www.traveller.com.au/londons-battersea-district-is-on-the-rise-h1ls3a BRC4R4 Robert Broadwell / Pie Town, New Mexico B6E8JN Dennis Cox / Texas barbecue, family style C9CP8J John Kelly / Chicken taquitos served on a bed of lettuce.. https://www.traveller.com.au/the-traveller-10-musttry-american-food-gqbjjm 2A57EXK Stefano Carnevali / Darsena docks in Navigli, Milano Traveller, 29 Feb 2020, Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (print edition only?) CXE6NP Chris Hepburn/RobertHarding / Lowry Centre theatre at dawn, Manchester Traveller, 29 Feb 2020, Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (print edition only?)
  3. We may even need to ship a few back here to their native land, to replenish the populations devastated by forest fires (stranger things have happened: feral camels from Central Australia have been exported back to Saudi Arabia). In the meantime, cutesy pics of Koalas and other marsupials, in the context of the bushfire emergency across much of Australia, definitely have news value.
  4. A strange situatiom popped up yesterday... I received a direct message from a would-be image buyer in S.E. Asia. He had searched online to find a point of contact for me, as he wanted to negotiate an indefinite term of use for a rights-managed image, rather than Alamy's max. 5 year term. The image in question is a portrait of a high-ranking Tibetan Buddhist lama (yes, really) taken in India 3 years ago. Apparently this lama has a following in neighbouring countries and his followers hoped to print and display the image in perpetuity at their temple or meeting place. On the spur of the moment I suggested he go ahead with the 5-year license and I would undertake that they could retain right of usage indefinitely. Now I see that they have only taken out 'noncommercial, personal use' which seems rather poor compensation... what would others do?
  5. Thanks Harry, I needed to explore the Filter options in A.I.M. I can see now that the 'headline' number refers to every single image of mine which has ever entered the Alamy system. Deducting Failed images, Deleted images and Images Awaiting Deletion brings me much close to the 9024 currently on display to a curious world.
  6. I have a related question: Alamy Image Manager records my total images as numbering 11,244 but my Alamy Portfolio only displays 9,024. Can anyone account for such a substantial disparity? I doubt very much that failed submissions account for more than a couple of hundred images.
  7. Two shots in the print edition of Traveller liftout in The Age, Melbourne (and probably other Fairfax newspapers): Sat 25 Jan. KM1YC3 Cat in the English Cemetery, Rome. Credit: Alamy [Matteo Nardone/Pacific Press] Sun 26 Jan. Sunset at Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay - full page cover shot. Credit: Alamy - Appears to be the same location as this image... but damned if I can spot it anywhere within the 160+ search results.
  8. And again... the online edition of Fairfax newspapers' Traveller supplement (Australia) KMK031 Javier Larrea / age fotostock / Alamy Stock Photo Cuchiller’a street,Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba, Basque Country, Spain, Europe KMK03A Javier Larrea / age fotostock / Alamy Stock Photo Moving walkway connecting old town with the city, San Pedro Apostol church in background, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba, Basque Country, Spain, Europe Classic tram route 28 in Alfama district in Lisbon Portugal. KN9KCF Carlos S. Pereyra / age fotostock / Alamy Stock Photo The Rossio Railway Station entrance. A 19th century train station built in the neo-manueline style that serves the Sintra line. E847HF Sofia Pereira / StockPhotosArt - Monuments / Alamy Stock Photo GJ32PD LISBON, PORTUGAL - JULY 13, 2016: The Ascensor da Gloria in Bairro Alto, a central district of Lisbon, Portugal Joris Van Ostaeyen / Alamy Stock Photo
  9. The Age, Melbourne, Australia, Traveller supplement, 7 Dec 2019 (probably also in sister papers, Sydney Morning Herald or Sun Herald) https://www.traveller.com.au/porto-portugal-fortified-wine-gets-a-makeover-in-vila-nova-de-gaia-h1jx61 (print & online) Sandeman Avenida Diogo Leite Vila Nova de Gaia Porto Portugal CWG8EG CW Images (print edition only) Portugal, Porto: Night view of the port wine ships at Vila Nova de Gaia at river Douro BKH3PN Cro Magnon (print edition only) Porto casks, Sandeman storehouse, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal CC1GT3 GM Photo Images
  10. T15HCX Allen Creative/Steve Allen, Behold Monument by sculptor Patrick Morelli... Atlanta, 27 Oct J2FR65 Martin Zwick/DanitaDelimont.com, Visitor on a beach with king penguins, Patagonia, 3 Nov H88G24 Suzi Esterhas/Minden Pictures Sea Otter with 6 day old newborn pup, Monterey Bay, 3 Nov E93GYX Karsten Wrobel, Matevulu Blue Hole, Vanuatu, 17 Nov JM40CG Eric Lafforge, Small Nambas tribesment, Vanuatu, 17 Nov GGBAYF INTERFOTO, Chapman's Peak Drive with bikers, South Africa, 17 Nov 2A00J1Y Stefano Politi Markovina, Colonial buildings Simon's Town, South Africa, 17 Nov All from Escape liftout (print editions), Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia and probably also sister papers in Sydney, Brisbane, etc. Credits read simply 'Alamy'.
  11. Thanks Callie. Your comments are very helpful (and I also found the 2013 discussion focussed on Cologne cathedral).
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