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  1. Thanks Callie. Your comments are very helpful (and I also found the 2013 discussion focussed on Cologne cathedral).
  2. I am in the same position, and so must be (almost all of) the Alamy photographers who have uploaded 3,000+ other images taken on this property. Is Alamy seriously going to wade through all of these images? Has any Alamy contributor attempted to negotiate a release from SPSG, the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg? So many questions arise... why would any property manager, whose continuing success depends on tourism, take such a hostile and negative attitude to free publicity? (my experience late last year was that SPSG seems not to give a damn about visitor amenities or satisfaction). Should photographers expect the same rigid mindset to prevail throughout Germany? Does German law really support such an all-encompassing definition of property rights? I hope we can generate some input from people more knowledgeable about the German situation.
  3. Thanks for the tip, Genevieve ...and I was very interested to discover your range of high-quality Blurb books, since I have been labouring away at producing an illustrated personal memoir on Blurb.
  4. Guardian online 02.05.2016 BBE87X Philip Game Yellowfin tuna for sale at Auki Many thanks, Clare Gainey. Regards, Philip
  5. One of my images has just appeared on a Finnish-language website, attributed to [My Name]/MVPHOTOS. MVPHOTOS appears to be the Finnish arm of a Czech-based photo library called Profimedia. Has anyone else Does anyone know if these companies are legitimate associates of Alamy? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for that, AlbertSnapper - as far as I could tell, that info. was no longer being collected!
  7. My March 2015 totalled about $165 for a total of 5000+ images - only fair. Some people here are mentioning their zoom count for the month. Since the revamp of the My Alamy start page, that data no longer appears in Sales History - where else could it be found?
  8. Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (Traveller liftout, p12-13, The Age, Melbourne, Jan 31, 2015 / Traveller.com.au) (Iberian black pigs - 2 images below are attributed to Alamy, I can't find them on first pass) Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (Traveller liftout, p18-19, The Age, Melbourne, Jan 31, 2015 / Traveller.com.au) (Kongde, Ama Dablam, Nepal - attributed to Alamy but I can't find it) Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (Traveller liftout, p22-23, The Age, Melbourne, Jan 31, 2015 / Traveller.com.au) Several images of Belitung and Bandung, Indonesia, attributed to Alamy. Too many to post here, check out http://www.traveller.com.au/indonesia-travel-guide-beyond-bali-the-secret-jewels-of-java-11zt2w if you're interested Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (Traveller liftout, p27, The Age, Melbourne, Jan 31, 2015 / Traveller.com.au) Too many to post here, check out http://www.traveller.com.au/lake-tahoe-usa-diving-into-the-worlds-secondlargest-alpine-lake-12y4zz Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe B4YK9A Lisa Dearing Mountain biking Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe BYC3XX Ron Niebrugge Sand Harbor State Park Lake Tahoe AR2ECK Niebrugge Images Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (Traveller liftout, p30, The Age, Melbourne, Jan 31, 2015 / Traveller.com.au) Berlin Wall memorial at Bernauerstrasse, Berlin E5EECA - Philip Game (myself) Fat Tire Bike Tours Berlin BAGR4X Hemis Cafe Anna Blume Berlin DWJD7K Adam Eastland (Chocolate gateau image - can't find this one) Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (Traveller liftout, p30, The Age, Melbourne, Jan 31, 2015 / Traveller.com.au) Lower East Side, Manhattan, Image attributed to Alamy but I couldn't find it at first pass
  9. If we want our images to sell, our keywording must anticipate misapprehensions and mis-spellings on the part of our customers. Most of us here on the far side of the Pacific must be utterly ignorant of the wigwams/teepees distinction. By all means, set people right with a note in the Description field. Informal or colloquial geographic names - like those of the NYC neighbourhoods/neighborhoods (!) - are a particular problem with certain other very large stock libraries which allow the photographer very little input in keywording. 'Lower East Side' or 'Central Australia' don't appear on too many maps, but it is unhelpful to stick rigidly to official nomenclature.
  10. http://www.traveller.com.au/gallipoli-turkey-anzac-battlegrounds-tour-guide-11j4ly C6J5FE Helles Memorial, Gallipoli © Brian Harris for the CWGC C6J0RR Beach Cemetery, Gallipoli © Brian Harris for the CWGC
  11. I wonder how many times that question has been asked. I know I was about to.. after wasting 15 minutes hunting all over the Forum page!
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