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I was expecting worse than this.................. 5 item(s) totalling $148.22.


Don't do NU, PU, UKNS.

Had a Covid 19/5G image licenced.


Zooms/views better than April.


Onwards and upwards downwards sideways.


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Alamy gets better fees but only 20% of the sales. This month's bank payment is less than 50% compared to my most recent from XXXX Images which I do not even supply direct so suffer further commission loss. 


Unfortunately, Alamy seems on a downward path for me and although it is convenient and easy I feel that apathy has set in and I need to rethink.


Trouble is I am a slow thinker and have got accustomed to the convenience and ease.



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2 sales ( of the same picture ) for $490 gross, my highest monthly figure in my short time here.


Views only half of what I've been getting recently and only the 1 zoom.


Could be better, but in the current situation, could have been a lot worse. So...happy(ish).

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4 sales, two of them distributors, plus a presentation and another low one.  CTR is good and zooms are decent so I'm thinking positive.

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