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  1. And finally I'm up and running. First sale of the year. Usage: Single company - multiple educational editorial use only. Mid $$.
  2. Had the same happen to me in May. 2 sales of the same picture, on the same day, with the same license details, each for $245. I immediately thought it was a mistake and spent the next 45 days expecting one of them to be refunded. But it didn't happen, the images were paid for, and I got one of my best pay days in my short time here. And just recently I've had 3 sales of the same picture, on the same day, with the same license details, though this time for only $7 each. So it seems to happen quite often. Fingers crossed that your sales stick. These days I think we deser
  3. Just the one sale - a distro - for $32 gross, $9 net. Best month ever for me for views at 579 with 7 zooms, 3 of which where my picture was the only one zoomed, and of those, 2 which Bryan has just reported as being used in the online version of The Times for the 1st August. So with what I've read on the forum about how quickly (slowly!) newspaper sales get reported and paid, I should get some money for them around about December. So Merry Christmas to me.
  4. 2 sales ( of the same picture ) for $490 gross, my highest monthly figure in my short time here. Views only half of what I've been getting recently and only the 1 zoom. Could be better, but in the current situation, could have been a lot worse. So...happy(ish).
  5. Problem solved. Got back to have another look at the tree and it's European Larch (larix decidua). There are no white lines on the underside of the needles.
  6. I have this picture up as cones from a Japanese Larch (larix kaempferi) but I'm beginning to doubt myself now. The reasons I put it up as Japanese Larch was the way the mature cone seemed to be more open than on a European Larch and that the new branch in the background has a more reddish/orange colour to the bark rather than yellow. The tree itself was growing in a mature bit of woodland by the roadside and was a good 30-40 feet high. I've been meaning to get back and have another look at it (especially the needles) but haven't had time. So if anyone can give me an answer one way
  7. Thanks folks for taking the time to answer my question but I've just figured out it's my own stupid fault. I set up a new pseudonym in AIM and moved pictures from an older one into it as it was a more relevant title, not realising that any views or zooms for the original pseudonym would no longer count, hence the reduction in numbers. Sorry for wasting your time and thanks again. Brian.
  8. Hi. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed their reported views for the rolling year being less than they expected today. Yesterday I had 4524 views and 41 zooms. Today I have 4118 views and 40 zooms. I'm used to the figures reducing at the start of every month as an old month drops out, and it happened at the start of April, but this is the first time it's reduced twice in the space of 7 days. It's not greatly significant in the grand scheme of things, it just seems unusual. Happened to anybody else? Thanks, Brian.
  9. Found this nest lying on the ground of a woodland path, obviously having fallen from a tree. Just fascinated that the enterprising wee birdie that built it has used strands of blue plastic in its construction. I'd heard stories of other birds using all sorts of things to build with, but it's the first time I've actually seen it myself.
  10. The sun went in a few minutes later and he left, so no worries.
  11. My word, Paulette, steady on. You'll be making the poor man blush. He's British, don't you know. 🙂
  12. Had just finished taking a shot of some early spring flowers and was packing up my camera when I turned round and found this chap staring back at me. Probably not the best picture I've ever taken but it made me smile. Plus it's probably as close as I am ever, EVER, going to get to taking a selfie!
  13. Thanks Steve. As you say my portfolio is quite specialised but, after the activity on it from the last couple of weeks, to suddenly get 2 blank days in a row seems odd. Last time I had a blank day was way back in March 2019 when I only had 320 pictures up for sale. Since then ( and even through the quiet Christmas period ) I've been getting a minimum of 4 or 5 views a day. I've even had a quick look through AoA and found a couple of search tems that should have returned a possible view. Whether my pictures would have come up is, of course, debatable, but, like I say, they
  14. Hi folks. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone recently. I check how many views/zooms I get for my pictures daily and so far this year it's been really good - 630 views in total, an average of 12 a day. And yet, for the past 2 days my account hasn't collected any data at all. Now, I accept this is quite possible, but I do find it highly unlikely. So do I leave it until after the weekend break or do I get in touch with Alamy to see if there's a problem with my account? Thanks in advance, Brian.
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