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  1. Hi Alan. From my own book of fungi I tend to agree with Sharon, an immature Shaggy Parasol (macrolepiota rhacodes or lepiota rhacodes). The darker orange and red colours appear as it matures. If you get back to the site check the stem. If it has alternating brown and white horizontal lines on it, it's a Parasol Mushroom (macrolepiota procera or lepiota procera). If not then it's the other. Brian.
  2. 6 sales for $5.06 gross, $1.92 net. At this rate of return I'll need to sell almost 300 more images to stay Gold for 2022-23. Pigs, flight, etc.
  3. Hi Janet. That is Great Willowherb ( epilobium hirsutum ), also known in places as Codlins and Cream. It usually grows in damp, wet places, next to rivers and in ditches. Hope that helps? Brian.
  4. Hi Sung. What you have there is one of the many members of the umbellifer or carrot family, although, because one of the petals of the individual flowers is larger than the others, I would go for Cow Parsnip ( heracleum sphondylium ), also known as Hogweed. Hope that gives you somewhere to start. Brian.
  5. Thanks for your reply. So would a quick e-mail to customer services be advisable to get to the bottom of it?
  6. Just logged in and found I'd made 5 sales yesterday. Way-hey I thought. I then spotted the value of the sales - $1. Okaaaaay? I then dug down into the sales report and found the actual sales value was $0.50 - $0.10 each, bulk discount, flat rate. But then I noticed the deduction applied to each picture - $0.08, leaving me with a measly $0.02 for each image, a total of $0.10 or only 20% of an admittedly dire total. Now, I opted out of the distribution scheme on 18th May and was assured it was a clean break, but obviously it can't be. Any thoughts?
  7. Found a lot of my images there too. I opted out of distribution completely in April after getting a couple of pathetically small license fees, so how long does it take for someones pictures to disappear from a distributors website. Is it like deleting images from Alamy and so similarily take 6 months, or is it a case of anything that was in distribution before opting out stays in distribution and it's only images uploaded after opting out that don't get included? It would be nice to know.
  8. Just found 2 of those myself - "Bulk Discount, Flat Rate" and distro - for a combined total of $0.37. That leaves me with $0.11 and with the current exchange rate that's about 8 pence, 8 whole pennies! Now, where did I leave that car magazine?
  9. 3 for just under $16 gross. Views are still doing better than last year and my zooms, which had disappeared in the first 3 months, came back strongly with 8, the most I've ever had in a month for my modest portfolio, so CTR back to where it was at the start of the year. Now I just need some of them to convert into sales in the next few months. I can but dream.
  10. 2 for $64. On the plus side, from the start of the year my views have been running at 40% higher than this period last year. But (and there's always a but) my zooms have been 30% less which is now beginning to eat into what has been a pretty stable and decent CTR - now 0.58, down from 0.73 at the start of the year.
  11. And finally I'm up and running. First sale of the year. Usage: Single company - multiple educational editorial use only. Mid $$.
  12. Had the same happen to me in May. 2 sales of the same picture, on the same day, with the same license details, each for $245. I immediately thought it was a mistake and spent the next 45 days expecting one of them to be refunded. But it didn't happen, the images were paid for, and I got one of my best pay days in my short time here. And just recently I've had 3 sales of the same picture, on the same day, with the same license details, though this time for only $7 each. So it seems to happen quite often. Fingers crossed that your sales stick. These days I think we deser
  13. Just the one sale - a distro - for $32 gross, $9 net. Best month ever for me for views at 579 with 7 zooms, 3 of which where my picture was the only one zoomed, and of those, 2 which Bryan has just reported as being used in the online version of The Times for the 1st August. So with what I've read on the forum about how quickly (slowly!) newspaper sales get reported and paid, I should get some money for them around about December. So Merry Christmas to me.
  14. 2 sales ( of the same picture ) for $490 gross, my highest monthly figure in my short time here. Views only half of what I've been getting recently and only the 1 zoom. Could be better, but in the current situation, could have been a lot worse. So...happy(ish).
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