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  1. Thanks for your replies. I had a funny feeling there wasn't going to be a way of stopping these sort of results. What I would say is that the words "bill" and "lit" are parts of other terms, all be it hyphenated. I assume, therefore, that hyphens are ignored by the search algorithm.
  2. Hi folks, just thought I'd share these two search terms that returned totally inappropriate hits on my pictures recently, and wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience. Search Term 1 - "bill wood" Who's Bill Wood? No idea. But I know I don't have any pictures of him because I don't have any pictures of people full stop! This is the picture it returned - An image of Wood Crane's-bill. Search Term 2 - "dog lit up" Yeah, not quite sure what that means myself. I assume it's a picture of dog lit by flash or a spotlight. Anyway it returned this picture - An image of an Ox-eye Daisy, alternative name Dog Daisy, and this one happens to be back-lit. Now, I'm trying my best to keep my captions and keywords relevant to each image and not add anything that doesn't apply. But this can't be great for Alamy's customers when they get results like this. And, of course, our CTR and hence our ranking take a hit as well. I think some serious tweaks to the search algorithm may be in order. What do you think?
  3. Hi Becky. Your current cleared balance and your sales to date are always going to differ. Sales to date is a running total of what Alamy has charged buyers for your pictures. Unfortunately we don't get all that cash. We only get a percentage, between 30 and 50 depending on whether it's a distributor, non-exclusive or exclusive sale. The best way to find out exactly where the 15$ in your cleared balance has come from is to download a sales report (black button at the top of your dashboard). Once you've opened this window select a wide date range and select 'date invoiced'. This will produce a list of all your sales. Any sale with 'cleared' in the left hand column has been paid for and your share of the sale is shown in the right hand column, which is your cleared balance. Hope that helps. Brian.
  4. Hi Betty. I work in one of the major newsagents/stationers/book shops in this country and we sell bookazines. To us it's a cross between a book and a magazine, usually published by the same companies that publish magazines and sold from the magazine racks. Mostly they cover computing, history, music, transport and photography, and cover a specific subject within that genre, e.g. Windows or Macs for computing, a specific band's history for music, landscape or macro for photography, etc. They offer a middle ground between a weekly or monthly magazine and the more considered purchase of a book. Hope that helps. Brian.
  5. Just 1 sale, my first distributor sale, for $8.51, netting me $2.56. Views were really low as well after a couple of good months and only 1 zoom. So pretty quiet. Here's hoping next month's better.
  6. Thanks for that Mark. I always thought hitting the copyright button was something essential ( and I'll still keep doing it for my own piece of mind ), but if by chance I forget again I'll know it's no biggie.
  7. Hi John. The first plant escapes me, but the second looks very much like Watercress (nasturtium officinale) early on in its flowering. Hope it gives you a starting point to do your own investigations. Brian.
  8. Hi. Just been through my latest submission on AIM and found an image that I had somehow forgotten to caption, tag and copyright in 'File Info' beforehand. Now captioning and tagging were easily remedied, but is there any way to add the copyright info in AIM? Thanks.
  9. 3 last month for $134. And, after my best month ever for zooms in July, only the 1 in August, right at the end of the month.
  10. Thanks for that folks. And the new remote control is remarkably inexpensive for a piece of photographic equipment. When I read your answers I had visions of having to pay up to £100 or more for some special one off piece of kit. But no! It's £18! I can afford that!
  11. Been thinking of upgrading my old warhorse of a camera (a 12MP Sony A500) for something more modern and, with money tight, was fancying the 24MP A68. But on closer inspection it doesn't seem to come with a remote socket. With 90% of my pictures taken using a tripod and cable release it's something I definitely need. Can anyone can confirm this for me, one way or the other?
  12. This is a form of lichen but they are very dificult to identify accurately. As a rough guess it's possibly ramalina fraxinea or one of that family.
  13. At first glance, with the extended outer florets and shape of leaves, I would say it's Greater Knapweed (centaurea scabiosa).
  14. Still new to this, so 4 sales for $147 was really pleasing. Views remained stable, but had the best month for zooms since I started, which hopefully bodes well for the future.
  15. Mark, on reading your post a thought occured to me, and a rather cynical one at that. By refunding and repurchasing your picture after 25 days or so does this mean the company now has about 70 days ( i.e. 25 plus a new 45 day window ) before it has to stump up any cash for your image. If so, how many times can it it do this? Perhaps Alamy needs to implement a standard 14 day cooling off period after which no refunds can be given. I can't think of any other area where you can buy something, get a refund and then buy exactly the same thing a few weeks later simply because its cheaper. Not that it stops people trying, though. I work in retail and the number of times I've had to explain this to people is quite remarkable!
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