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  1. Hi. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed their reported views for the rolling year being less than they expected today. Yesterday I had 4524 views and 41 zooms. Today I have 4118 views and 40 zooms. I'm used to the figures reducing at the start of every month as an old month drops out, and it happened at the start of April, but this is the first time it's reduced twice in the space of 7 days. It's not greatly significant in the grand scheme of things, it just seems unusual. Happened to anybody else? Thanks, Brian.
  2. Found this nest lying on the ground of a woodland path, obviously having fallen from a tree. Just fascinated that the enterprising wee birdie that built it has used strands of blue plastic in its construction. I'd heard stories of other birds using all sorts of things to build with, but it's the first time I've actually seen it myself.
  3. The sun went in a few minutes later and he left, so no worries.
  4. My word, Paulette, steady on. You'll be making the poor man blush. He's British, don't you know. 🙂
  5. Had just finished taking a shot of some early spring flowers and was packing up my camera when I turned round and found this chap staring back at me. Probably not the best picture I've ever taken but it made me smile. Plus it's probably as close as I am ever, EVER, going to get to taking a selfie!
  6. Thanks Steve. As you say my portfolio is quite specialised but, after the activity on it from the last couple of weeks, to suddenly get 2 blank days in a row seems odd. Last time I had a blank day was way back in March 2019 when I only had 320 pictures up for sale. Since then ( and even through the quiet Christmas period ) I've been getting a minimum of 4 or 5 views a day. I've even had a quick look through AoA and found a couple of search tems that should have returned a possible view. Whether my pictures would have come up is, of course, debatable, but, like I say, they've been getting well looked at over the past couple of weeks. I'll leave it till Monday as Steve suggests and if there still hasn't been any movement I'll get in touch with Alamy. Thanks.
  7. Hi folks. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone recently. I check how many views/zooms I get for my pictures daily and so far this year it's been really good - 630 views in total, an average of 12 a day. And yet, for the past 2 days my account hasn't collected any data at all. Now, I accept this is quite possible, but I do find it highly unlikely. So do I leave it until after the weekend break or do I get in touch with Alamy to see if there's a problem with my account? Thanks in advance, Brian.
  8. Hi John. The first two pictures I initially thought were Betony (stachys officinalis) but can't be 100% sure. You may have to take it as a starting point for further investigation. The last picture is Hare's-foot Clover or simply Hare's-foot (trifolium arvense). Hope that's helpful. Brian.
  9. 2 sales for $78 gross and 1 zoom - all in the first week. Got me really excited for the rest of the month. Then - silence.... Just hope I haven't peaked too soon.
  10. 2019 was my first full calendar year with Alamy having only joined in the summer of 2018, so was surprised and pleased to get my first sale in April. By the end of the year I'd had 12 sales for $419 gross (an average of about $35 per sale), so can't complain - yet! Come the end of 2020.... well we'll see what happens.
  11. Thought I'd have a go at this and was pleasantly surprised by the result. Views (1/1 - 31/10) = 3474 Sales (1/1 - 31/10) = 12 So 3474/12 = 289 How this compares to the big guns here who get a lot of sales I have no idea but i'm quite happy with that figure. I must be doing something right!
  12. Just 1 this month for a whopping $5.30 gross. And, after waiting the whole month to get a zoom, I ended up getting 8 in the last 3 days, taking my total CTR up to 1.05 with an average of 0.89. So, silver linings and all that.
  13. Thanks for your replies. I had a funny feeling there wasn't going to be a way of stopping these sort of results. What I would say is that the words "bill" and "lit" are parts of other terms, all be it hyphenated. I assume, therefore, that hyphens are ignored by the search algorithm.
  14. Hi folks, just thought I'd share these two search terms that returned totally inappropriate hits on my pictures recently, and wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience. Search Term 1 - "bill wood" Who's Bill Wood? No idea. But I know I don't have any pictures of him because I don't have any pictures of people full stop! This is the picture it returned - An image of Wood Crane's-bill. Search Term 2 - "dog lit up" Yeah, not quite sure what that means myself. I assume it's a picture of dog lit by flash or a spotlight. Anyway it returned this picture - An image of an Ox-eye Daisy, alternative name Dog Daisy, and this one happens to be back-lit. Now, I'm trying my best to keep my captions and keywords relevant to each image and not add anything that doesn't apply. But this can't be great for Alamy's customers when they get results like this. And, of course, our CTR and hence our ranking take a hit as well. I think some serious tweaks to the search algorithm may be in order. What do you think?
  15. Hi Becky. Your current cleared balance and your sales to date are always going to differ. Sales to date is a running total of what Alamy has charged buyers for your pictures. Unfortunately we don't get all that cash. We only get a percentage, between 30 and 50 depending on whether it's a distributor, non-exclusive or exclusive sale. The best way to find out exactly where the 15$ in your cleared balance has come from is to download a sales report (black button at the top of your dashboard). Once you've opened this window select a wide date range and select 'date invoiced'. This will produce a list of all your sales. Any sale with 'cleared' in the left hand column has been paid for and your share of the sale is shown in the right hand column, which is your cleared balance. Hope that helps. Brian.
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