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  1. Thanks for that folks. And the new remote control is remarkably inexpensive for a piece of photographic equipment. When I read your answers I had visions of having to pay up to £100 or more for some special one off piece of kit. But no! It's £18! I can afford that!
  2. Been thinking of upgrading my old warhorse of a camera (a 12MP Sony A500) for something more modern and, with money tight, was fancying the 24MP A68. But on closer inspection it doesn't seem to come with a remote socket. With 90% of my pictures taken using a tripod and cable release it's something I definitely need. Can anyone can confirm this for me, one way or the other?
  3. This is a form of lichen but they are very dificult to identify accurately. As a rough guess it's possibly ramalina fraxinea or one of that family.
  4. At first glance, with the extended outer florets and shape of leaves, I would say it's Greater Knapweed (centaurea scabiosa).
  5. Still new to this, so 4 sales for $147 was really pleasing. Views remained stable, but had the best month for zooms since I started, which hopefully bodes well for the future.
  6. Mark, on reading your post a thought occured to me, and a rather cynical one at that. By refunding and repurchasing your picture after 25 days or so does this mean the company now has about 70 days ( i.e. 25 plus a new 45 day window ) before it has to stump up any cash for your image. If so, how many times can it it do this? Perhaps Alamy needs to implement a standard 14 day cooling off period after which no refunds can be given. I can't think of any other area where you can buy something, get a refund and then buy exactly the same thing a few weeks later simply because its cheaper. Not that it stops people trying, though. I work in retail and the number of times I've had to explain this to people is quite remarkable!
  7. Four sales on Friday 5th, all to the same buyer, all for the same low to mid $$. Marketing Package use, digital marketing communications only, excluding advertising, repeat use within license. Of the four, this is the one I am most pleased with. P.S. DJ, all four images were zoomed about 2 to 3 months ago. It may take a while but those zooms we get do turn into sales eventually.
  8. Marianne, thanks very much for your comments, and I know what you mean about macro lenses. I've had mine for over ten years now and I still feel it when I've got my camera hanging round my neck. Thought I might have been used to it now. As for the fishing boats, I would love to shoot more of them but they are a pretty rare sight in the town's harbour nowadays. Most fish out of the bigger ports and harbours. The inner dock is now a marina for small pleasure craft and the occasional yacht and they tend to be a bit monochrome - all blues and whites.
  9. Just sold my third image and, once the invoice clears, it will push my cleared balance above the $50 mark. Do I then get paid everything, taking my cleared balance back to zero, or do I just get the amount that's over the $50. I checked the Alamy Contract but it doesn't make it clear. Thanks.
  10. My third sale, a shot of Amphibious Bistort, low to mid $$. Book, print and/or e-book, inside, up to 10000, duration 7 years, worldwide.
  11. Hi Ed, thanks for your comment. It just so happens that I recently purchased a pretty good 70-300mm lens (nothing special as I'm on a tight budget) and I've been pointing it at the local wildlife, mostly the seabirds that frequent the beach and harbour. Thing is the little blighters won't sit still while I try and get them composed - it's almost as if they don't want their picture taken - so results have been underwhelming so far. But I shall persevere and, who knows, in the next few months I might have the odd ornithological image ready for viewing.
  12. Thanks for the advice Kumar. All of my wildflower images should have "flowers" as a keyword because it's part of a set that gets pasted in everytime I process one. I then add in the name, latin name, etc. I'll now add "flower", "flowering" and "in flower" to that set. I've also just been on AIM and added those keywords to the images I've uploaded this year. That just leaves the 400+ I uploaded last year to do. But I think that'll be a weekend job.
  13. Hi John. I agree with what John and Ian have said about captions and keywords. When I first started uploading that was where I fell down most of the time as well. But as I learned more about what I was photographing I came up with new and better things to say. It is very much a learning process. And being from Scotland myself I know only too well what the weather is like. Four seasons in one day or what! If it helps, when it's dull I usually add an extra 1/3 or 1/2 a stop compensation in camera just to lift the picture. Out of your pictures I think the ones of the Kelpies are brilliant, especially the wide angled ones looking up. If I don't see them on a postcard or the front cover of a guide book some day then I don't know what's wrong with people. They deserve to be there, in my opinion. Brian.
  14. Thanks Ian and don't put yourself down. I've seen what you do and it's something I couldn't contemplate doing in a million years. We've all got our talents and our areas of expertise. Yours is definitely people, news and current affairs and your damn good at it.
  15. Thanks Michael. Making new tabs for your pictures is quite simple. At the top of your portfolio click on the tab with the "+" in it. This allows you to create new galleries. Name it, save it and then go through your pictures clicking on those you want in that gallery. Simple as that! Hope that answers your question.
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