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  1. Four sales on Friday 5th, all to the same buyer, all for the same low to mid $$. Marketing Package use, digital marketing communications only, excluding advertising, repeat use within license. Of the four, this is the one I am most pleased with. P.S. DJ, all four images were zoomed about 2 to 3 months ago. It may take a while but those zooms we get do turn into sales eventually.
  2. Marianne, thanks very much for your comments, and I know what you mean about macro lenses. I've had mine for over ten years now and I still feel it when I've got my camera hanging round my neck. Thought I might have been used to it now. As for the fishing boats, I would love to shoot more of them but they are a pretty rare sight in the town's harbour nowadays. Most fish out of the bigger ports and harbours. The inner dock is now a marina for small pleasure craft and the occasional yacht and they tend to be a bit monochrome - all blues and whites.
  3. Just sold my third image and, once the invoice clears, it will push my cleared balance above the $50 mark. Do I then get paid everything, taking my cleared balance back to zero, or do I just get the amount that's over the $50. I checked the Alamy Contract but it doesn't make it clear. Thanks.
  4. My third sale, a shot of Amphibious Bistort, low to mid $$. Book, print and/or e-book, inside, up to 10000, duration 7 years, worldwide.
  5. Hi Ed, thanks for your comment. It just so happens that I recently purchased a pretty good 70-300mm lens (nothing special as I'm on a tight budget) and I've been pointing it at the local wildlife, mostly the seabirds that frequent the beach and harbour. Thing is the little blighters won't sit still while I try and get them composed - it's almost as if they don't want their picture taken - so results have been underwhelming so far. But I shall persevere and, who knows, in the next few months I might have the odd ornithological image ready for viewing.
  6. Thanks for the advice Kumar. All of my wildflower images should have "flowers" as a keyword because it's part of a set that gets pasted in everytime I process one. I then add in the name, latin name, etc. I'll now add "flower", "flowering" and "in flower" to that set. I've also just been on AIM and added those keywords to the images I've uploaded this year. That just leaves the 400+ I uploaded last year to do. But I think that'll be a weekend job.
  7. Hi John. I agree with what John and Ian have said about captions and keywords. When I first started uploading that was where I fell down most of the time as well. But as I learned more about what I was photographing I came up with new and better things to say. It is very much a learning process. And being from Scotland myself I know only too well what the weather is like. Four seasons in one day or what! If it helps, when it's dull I usually add an extra 1/3 or 1/2 a stop compensation in camera just to lift the picture. Out of your pictures I think the ones of the Kelpies are brilliant, especially the wide angled ones looking up. If I don't see them on a postcard or the front cover of a guide book some day then I don't know what's wrong with people. They deserve to be there, in my opinion. Brian.
  8. Thanks Ian and don't put yourself down. I've seen what you do and it's something I couldn't contemplate doing in a million years. We've all got our talents and our areas of expertise. Yours is definitely people, news and current affairs and your damn good at it.
  9. Thanks Michael. Making new tabs for your pictures is quite simple. At the top of your portfolio click on the tab with the "+" in it. This allows you to create new galleries. Name it, save it and then go through your pictures clicking on those you want in that gallery. Simple as that! Hope that answers your question.
  10. Hi Bryan. The reason you couldn't find any people is because there aren't any people. In the 30+ years I've been taking pictures I just haven't wanted, or felt a need, to turn my camera towards them. I know Alamy is an editorial based agency and pictures of people doing things sell well, but I just have no interest in doing it. It probably limits my sales potential but I'm ok with that. So, foot thoroughly shot, I shall limp on, shooting pictures of the things people normally take no notice of in their busy lives. That'll do me fine.
  11. Hi Betty, thanks for your reply. I agree that I need to start taking more vertical and offset images and I've been trying to do that this year. In fact my two latest zooms were of offset images with the subject at one side of the frame and an out of focus area on the other. Verticals I find a bit more of a struggle to get right though. Most I take seem to come out squint even though they looked ok through the viewfinder. My brain must be set at a weird angle or something.
  12. Joseph, John, thanks for your feedback. Good to know I'm on the right track.
  13. Hello folks. So that's me been uploading on Alamy for a year now and, by and large, I don't think I've done too bad. I've uploaded 880 images, had just under 2300 views, got 20 zooms and made two sales. And I have to admit it's a lot better than I was ever expecting. Now, I read the forum comments quite regularly and try to apply any advice given to my own images, especially in my captioning and keywording, but I thought I'd take the plunge and put my own portfolio up for review to see if there is anything else I can do to push on. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/brianhird Brian.
  14. Thanks Bill. Always good to get that kind of validation from a seasoned contributor like yourself.
  15. Hi folks. Got my first sale a couple of days ago but haven't got round to posting this until now. And, what do know, when I checked today, there was my second sale. I was beginning to get a bit disheartened, what with all the late nights processing and keywording my images and then having to get up and go to work the next day. Ok, $93 for the pair means I'm not going to be giving up the day job just yet, but it has given me such a boost I'm now more determined than ever to keep going. Just hope I don't have to wait 11 months for the next one.
  16. Hi Martyn, Can't help with the shrub I'm afraid, but pretty sure the yellow flower is Greater Celandine (chelidonium majus).
  17. Hi Starsphinx. Yes, I've found many a wildflower growing in any number of weird and wonderful places in my time. But with fungi I always believed they had a symbiotic relationship with a particular tree or plant, i.e. slimy beech caps on beech trees and birch polypores on birch trees. I'm probably not alone in this but I like to be sure I've got the right details for what I photograph and this one is beginning to bug me. Honestly, if she wants us to know what we're shooting Mother Nature is going to have to improve on her keywording!
  18. Hi guys, thanks for your responses. Just done a Google image search and looked at a few websites with your suggestions, but there seems to be so many variations on a theme that I'm still unsure as to what it is. The two fungi you suggested seem to grow in woodland whereas this was growing in a field with the nearest trees about a mile away. I'll keep looking myself but any other suggestions will be most welcome. Thanks.
  19. Hi folks, hope this is still the right place to ask this question, but I need some help identifying this fungus. Found it at the edge of field where cattle were grazing. Nearest woodland was a fair distance away so it stood out quite obviously. About 8-10cm tall with vertical lines running up the stipe. I think I shot it a bit early before the cap developed fully but I knew I wasn't going to get back there for a few days (three weeks actually what with work and the weather) so photographed what was there. The nearest I've come to an ID is "hygrophorus nemoreus" or "hygrophorus pratensis" but none of the pictures I've looked at seem to match. Hope someone can nail it down. Thanks.
  20. Yes! Measures has updated. Just been on to upload my latest submission and checked in on measures to see if there had been any change - and there had! 250 extra views, a couple more zooms, but still no sign of that first elusive sale. GRRR!
  21. Here's one I shot a few years back. Not sure about the "everyday" aspect but it's certainly surreal.
  22. Hi Tim, I had the same problem setting up my ID. My default browser is Firefox and it just wouldn't do anything when I pushed the button, so I tried it using Microsoft Edge and it worked first time. Is this one of the browsers you've already tried? Also, it has nothing to do with preparing your portfolio or creating your galleries. I had created all of mine before I was able to create my ID. It all comes down to getting that button to work on some browser or other and then it's set in stone.
  23. Fashionably late to the party as always, here's my wee portfolio. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/brianhird
  24. Dave, Estelle, thanks for replying. No sign of that sale yet but apparently it could take months to come through. Ah well... Sorry it's taken so long to get back to thanking you but I've been having a mare of a time at work with someone on holiday, someone off sick and muggins here agreeing to cover. This has been my first day off in twelve and thankfully the weather gods have been kind to me. Got out and got a few pictures. Feeling a lot better now. And breathe...
  25. That's great! Fairly new at this myself and got my first zoom just over a week ago. Didn't turn into a sale unfortunately, but, hey-ho, onwards and upwards. Keep believing!
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