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Have you found any Alamy images in April 2019

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Found in the Sun




Pregnant woman holding little newborn shoes Stock Photo


Photograph of a Pregnant woman holding little newborn shoes

Photographer: Andor Bujdoso / Alamy Stock Photo

Finder: Adie






Man filling kettle with water from the kitchen sink Stock Photo


Photo of a Man filling kettle with water from the kitchen sink

Photographer: lovethephoto / Alamy Stock Photo

Finder: Adie

Image ID: E901KT

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*You’re welcome  Anna and John

Guardian Online

D479FK John Bracegirdle Passenger train near Ella, Sri Lanka
D504N4  James Osmond  Walker at Nash Point on the Wales Coast Path.


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Guardian Online 23/04/19
Jansos     Sign outside the UK Ministry of Justice in Petty France, London, UK - Image ID: FGKHC2
Christopher Nash    Polling station sign, UK. - Image ID: B0AXB3

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23/04/2019, Guardian, p23, Volodymyr Zelensky at campaign HQ, T576DF, Serg Glovny/ZUMA Wire [via Live News]
23/04/2019, Guardian, p37, SAT exam, AMCNNW, Adrian Sherratt [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]


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On 09/04/2019 at 11:35, SShep said:

09/04/2019, Guardian, p12, woman in Waterstone's, CF9PHF, Kumar Sriskandan

Many thanks for finding this while I was away Steve!





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On 07/04/2019 at 12:47, SShep said:

7/04/2019, Observer [Magazine], p39, tree fern in Costa Rica, GK5R7M, Kumar Sriskandan [Alamy credit only]


On 07/04/2019 at 19:03, Clare Gainey said:

Guardian Online

GK5R7M  Kumar Sriskandan Tree fern, Costa Rica rainforest, Costa Rica central America


Many thanks for spotting these while I was away Steve and Clare!


Kind regards



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A few Alamy contributors here: https://heytutor.com/blog/the-most-expensive-public-schools-for-out-of-state-residents/


Mindy Fawver

Glenn Nagel

Charles Knowles

Ken Wolter

Marcus Baker

Jon Bilous (twice)

Eric Franks


Gregg Schieve

Stephanie Sellers

Sean Pavone

Nadia Yong

Maciej Bledowski



Walter Arce

Radius Images

Nick Fox

lukas bischoff

Andrei Stanescu


Claudine Klodien

John D. Ivanko


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British Wildlife Magazine, April 2019, Vol 30, No. 4. ISSN: 0958-0956

Front cover: Nature Picture Library/ Wild Wonders of Europe/CairnsCapercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) male displaying, Cairngorms NP, Scotland, March 2009. Image ID: F0N11N

P166: DP Wildlife VertebratesGoosander (Mergus merganser) adult male swimming on the River Skell near Ripon, North Yorkshire. March. Image ID: M2K1P7

P187: Stephen Kelly, Devil's Ditch (also called Devil's Dyke) an Anglo-Saxon earthwork. Image ID: C4WJEY

P188: Kevin MaskellLizard orchid (Himantoglossum hircinum) pair on the Devils Dyke in Cambridgeshire. Image ID: BEJWFP

P199: Peter Lane, Red Squirrel, Sciurus Vulgaris. Image ID: G9K01T

P204: David Whitaker, Red-billed Chough, Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax. Image ID: AYBBXP

P218: David ShalePram bug (Phronima sedentaria) in barrel of salp, caught between 74m/243ft and 188m/617ft, at night, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, North Atlantic Ocean. Image ID: E45J9T

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Irish Sun online

CNF9D1 ItsOnlyLight waste food for recycling or composting

AX1YKK Peter Titmuss Fairtrade Banana Bunch Hand of Bananas with product sticker

DFRMF2 Robert Ashton/Massive Pixels Old potatoes at a food bank.

DRDJA1 Chronicle Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Public beheading (1 / 2) 😥


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23/04/2019 Daily Mail (print)

Three ice cubes on a glass background. GFPH4G  Magdalena Lordache

Doctor in white lab coat with art brushes in his hand and pocket. D27XD9 Glasshouse Images

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Guardian Online 24/04/19
Paul Marriott    Bank of England notes including the old paper £10 note, paper £20 note, plastic £10 note and plastic £5 note.The old paper £10 bank note is being disc - Image ID: M567BA


Guardian Online 23/04/19
Peter Marshall    London, UK. 25th January 2017. A woman holds two placards as Movement for Justice and NUS London protest outside SOAS calling for justice for overseas students. After a TV programme showed fraud at just two centres administering the compulsory English Language test for student visas, the Home Office paid ETS to investigate every single student who had taken the test at any centre and identify any who cheated. Credit: Peter Marshall/Alamy Live News - Image ID: HK1HTW

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Guardian Online 24/04/19
Ian Allenden   Daughter Pushing Senior Mother In Wheelchair - Image ID: F2RYM0  
Michael Kemp   Teacher takes a class at Pimlico Academy, a modern secondary school providing aspirational education in London, UK. - Image ID: CY2CR3
Sergey Dzyuba     Beautiful cityscape with sunset over canal and skyline in Malmo, Sweden - Image ID: K41EJA
Arterra Picture Library   Öresund / Øresund Bridge, railway and dual carriageway bridge-tunnel between Denmark and Sweden at sunset, Scandinavia - Image ID: D1KJN5
Allard Schager    Skyline of Malmo Sweden with Famous Turning Torso Building, captured around sunset - Image ID: JN87H7

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Cheers Kumar

24/04/2019, Guardian, p5, frost in Greenland, EX0YP1, Adrian Wojcik
24/04/2019, Guardian, p6, protest outside Dorchester hotel, T3504C, Penelope Barritt
24/04/2019, Guardian, p20, Movement for Justice protest, HK1HTW, Peter Marshall
24/04/2019, Guardian, p28, American cricketer Steven Taylor, PP1362, Timothy L. Hale/ZUMA Wire
24/04/2019, Guardian [Journal section], p4, sunset behind Avonmouth chimneys, ADC0X5, David Noton Photography


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