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  1. This may be an AP Wire service article that has been picked up by a number of news sites. Titled “Cities Hit Hardest By the Drop In Oil Prices”; Alamy contributors: Yuliya Ermakova (Image ID: H60FFT) Sean Pavone (Image ID: KH4JNC) Sean Pavone (Image ID: HDEAEY) Reid Dalland (Image ID: PBAG2D) Sean Pavone (Image ID: WAG4K9) D Guest Smith (Image ID: GJ78TB) Sean Pavone (Image ID: HC5XCA) Panther Media GmbH (Image ID: JB043X) Chris Boswell (Image ID: 2AA5BN0) Cavan Images (Image ID: F3MTFN) Purestock (Image ID: CW4WM0) imageBROKER (Image ID: DE0G03) Sean Pavone (Image ID: GJ1H14) Steve Jordan (Image ID: 2A0YR0C) Edwin Verin (Image ID: MWMYDY) AztecBlue (Image ID: PD0ENR) Reciprocity Images (Image ID: CBP9FR) Chris Boswell (Image ID: KGA8W8) Ania (Image ID: PD600C) Bradley Sauter (Image ID: JG0MKX) Sean Pavone (Image ID: PKJ0CA) Sean Pavone (Image ID: M8PAP6) acritely_photo (Image ID: MX5EXF) Sean Pavone (Image ID: G2C895) acritely_photo (Image ID: PP1R71)
  2. Likewise. I sent an email about an unauthorized use and received the same automated response. About four days later, I received a personal response from Alamy addressing my concern.
  3. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-09/lonely-planet-to-cut-melbourne-office-as-coronavirus-hits-sales/12136662
  4. Some Alamy images, licensed through Profimedia, in this article on Slab City, California. Photos by: Michael Dwyer ( Image ID FK3AM1 and Image ID FK3B30) AztecBlue (Image ID PE9KEX) Frontline Photography (Image ID BTPCYA) Ellisphotos (Image ID C25NMY) Elisabeth Blanchet (Image ID DET3EK) David Litschel (Image ID D4G8KY)
  5. Four Alamy contributors credited in a recently published book titled Librarians by Emily Raij (Capstone Press, 2020): AztecBlue Ian Lamond JeffG Randy Duchaine
  6. Alamy picture by Chon Kit Leong (image ID: H8CD6M) here: https://www.politico.com/agenda/story/2019/09/25/higher-educations-racial-inequities-000978
  7. A few Alamy contributors here: https://heytutor.com/blog/the-most-expensive-public-schools-for-out-of-state-residents/ Mindy Fawver Glenn Nagel Charles Knowles Ken Wolter Marcus Baker Jon Bilous (twice) Eric Franks Images-USA Gregg Schieve Stephanie Sellers Sean Pavone Nadia Yong Maciej Bledowski AztecBlue michelmond Walter Arce Radius Images Nick Fox lukas bischoff Andrei Stanescu AlessandraRCstock Claudine Klodien John D. Ivanko
  8. The Culture Trip page on "How to Spend 24 hours in the Castro, San Francisco" includes Alamy-sourced images credited to: Diego Grandi (Image ID: J0M4XM) Naeblys (Image ID: G1TB8A) AztecBlue (Image ID: R0R7CK) Directphoto Collection (Image ID: H8WFEW) Godong (Image ID: E8J91H) Dorling Kindersley ltd (Image ID: AWH5ND)
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