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Merry Christmas

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4 hours ago, MDM said:



Well seeing as you asked, I've given you a red arrow :lol:.  You will have to wait for another generous person to give you the second as I only have one account. I never give red arrows actually (I think I gave one a long time ago for someone making racist comments). It was nice to chat with you at the last Cambridge lunch, hopefully meet again sometime.


Happy Christmas and subsequent lives to all.



Good to meet you too (and I've never been in another pub called The Wrestlers!). "Subsequent life"? That'll be heaven then?

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Is this the Merry Christmas post or are people getting ready for an AA meeting?


I have a bottle of Marqués de Cáceres for tomorrow and I shall be cooking Italian, a personal tradition. 


Merry Christmas, all!


Tio Edo



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Merry Christmas to all! May the coming year bring PEACE to all, a better frame of mind, and a healing of the recent ulcers. REMEMBER your glass of spirits is half full.

Come on over, I have made 2 loaves of Cranberry-Orange and one loaf of Banana Nut sweet breads.

BYOB, please. I have a nice bottle of white Zenfedel, I’ll share a glass or two for those who come empty-handed.

Salty snacks and fine cheeses appreciated.


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Just finished tagging my latest 14 submissions.  In Nicaragua, Christmas Eve is the celebration.  The garbage guys were working on pick up this morning (double pay and occasional Christmas tips).  I missed some photos last year that are still vivid in my mind's eye.  

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