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  2. You hand the guy your camera and a dollar...or euro, direct him to take the shot, and you own the picture and copyright. (IMO) Otherwise he owns it. If you are his boss and pay him a salary, he takes a picture with your camera not at your direction, it can get murky. We were told by a copyright attorney that the pictures he took with a company camera owned by his employer during the work day was my husband’s. Concept, etc. like a painting...conceived in the mind. But the copyright was given to the company by a judge. This in the USA and dependent on whether we got a judge who usually ruled for big business or for the little man. We had the bad luck to get one known for ruling in favor of big business. Betty
  3. Cheers Lynchpics 21/04/2019, Observer [Magazine], p45, The Garden House at Buckland Monachorum in Devon, PEREWG, John Richmond [Alamy credit only. Illustrating Cider House in print too!] 21/04/2019, Observer [Magazine], p46, The Salutation in Sandwich, E93PDB, Audrey Walker Images [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer [Magazine], p49, Hebe salicifolia, AKAF0C, Plantography [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer [Magazine], p49, Fatsia japonica, PFG8C1, Dorling Kindersley ltd [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer, p7, Union Street in Stroud, PT75C9, Greg Balfour Evans 21/04/2019, Observer, p15, mouth, MC5M5F, Maor Winetrob 21/04/2019, Observer, p22, Blair Peach, KJ38EF, Historic Collection [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer, p37, Korean food, MN8M5E, Olena Danileiko [Cutout. Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer, p38, white drugs in a plastic bag, R1GDNW, Oleksandr Shyripa [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer, p50, Scoppio del Carro feast in Florence, J1A11A, Gianni Pasquini [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 21/04/2019, Observer, p50, Swedish girls dressed as Easter witches, A5FFRA, Nordicphotos [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 21/04/2019, Observer [Review section], p9, Lascaux cave paintings, A7W8Y3, HUGHES Hervé/Hemis [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer [Review section], p10, illustration to The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, P9C9N6, Album [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer [Review section], p11, Ghost of a Genius by Paul Klee, G3M0FY, Archivart [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer [Review section], p12, A Group of Pine Trees by Vincent van Gogh, JTHPBW, Historic Images [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer [Review section], p13, Marie Antoinette by Jacques Louis David, FF6G31, Granger Historical Picture Archive [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer [Review section], p13, I Am Still Learning by Goya, MMXM7C, The Picture Art Collection [Alamy credit only] 21/04/2019, Observer [Review section], p13, drawing of a hare by Durer, credited to Alamy but too many possibles 21/04/2019, Observer [Review section], p40, Franziska Petri in Betrayal, DT7T6J, AF archive [Alamy credit only]
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  5. Newspaper concerned has settled out of court for a decent sum (way more than Alamy would have even attempted to retrieve - and they wouldn't even have tried for infringement). A couple of weeks ago I also received settlement for use of the same image on the Twitter feed of a County Council in Ireland. So why do businesses do this with the low sums which agencies increasingly licence for? I guess that they just chance their arm and feel that they are going to get away with it 90% of the time, so it's ultimately worth it? They can get away with it most of the time, and if it has to go through an agency, then they know that the agency is unlikely to chase - or they will get away with just paying the original fee in any case, so in the long run, it's a no-brainer. Cheat, and if you get caught, there's no penalty. Don't let them get away with it. FYI (and as some handy bookmarks for me) I have posted an article on Image Copyright with some handy links on my website. Good luck all and Happy Easter! 🐰
  6. Irish Sun online R9P1GJ Andrii Shevchuk Kyiv, Ukraine - December 19, 2018: Different beer bottles on shelves of fridge in a supermarket. FCF6FF Ian Allenden Woman Checking Sell By Date On Salad Bag In Refrigerator C57DDC Kris Shopov basket full of eggs on a wooden table ER1KX4 HERA FOOD top view of edam cheese D1G6TG Jolanta Dąbrowska whole bread and slice of bread on white background DFRMF2 Robert Ashton/Massive Pixels Old potatoes at a food bank. GABPMR Reinis Bigacs Spaghetti pasta, tomato, garlic and basil leaves on grey stone table HDEKHB Denis Karpenkov Chopped tomatoes in the metal can in the stone table vertical K0AJWE Alexlukin Milk in a glass and jug on a wooden table G1K7DY Sea Wave chicken breast
  7. All sorts of crap on mine lol! My Instagram rubbish
  8. Thank you... Not everyones cuppa, but I get a buzz out of them and it's not as easy as it looks😉 Phil
  9. Been looking at everyone's Instagram images, shout out to everyone who shared. lots of great images!
  10. https://www.instagram.com/vibbily/ @vibbily Dedicated to my stock photography
  11. I think a stock agency is within their rights to charge a service fee, but not a copyright fee for public domain images. A service fee in the case of a NASA image, or any other image placed in the public domaine by the owner, or an image in the public domaine because of age. Service fees are OK because, unlike stock photo agencies, many museums and other public or private archives are very inefficient when responding to image requests for public domaine images. Stock agencies really are supplying a client service when they have public domaine images available. I think a stock agency crosses a red line when they may inadvertently mislead the client by claiming copyright either at the point of sale, or later when trying to collect over copyright theft of public domaine images. The stock agency needs a way to designate public domaine images so that both the contributor, the stock agency, and the client understand the image status. Maybe a public domaine image should be designated as such by the contributor, and then only an automatic service fee applied of $19 at the point of sale. Something like RF PU (personal use). RF SF (service fee)
  12. I think all great photographers take that attitude. It means that everyone becomes part of a photographic ecosystem. Over time the master who mentored, then gets mentored by the former pupil, who has become the master. In 2000 when analogue master photographers were forced to go digital, it was an opportunity for former pupils to payback the master. Many did. What goes around, comes around
  13. Daily Mail on line : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6943559/Easter-Sunnyday-Good-Friday-Sizzling-Saturday-Britain-gets-set-bask-81F-scorcher.html Bournemouth, Dorset, UK. 20th Apr, 2019. UK Weather. Sunbathers topping up their tan on Boscombe Beach at Bournemouth in Dorset on another clear hot sunny day during the Easter weekend. Picture Credit: Graham Hunt/Alamy Live News Contributor: Graham Hunt / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: T50KBN
  14. I have a new IG account for my black and white plant photography if anyone is interested - @botanicalbiographies
  15. The new Calgary Library comes through again! Coincidentally, I just shot a bunch of new exterior photos of this building a couple of days ago. Magazine use.
  16. Well, nothing to settle really - it was just a light-hearted post after a few drinks last night. He isn't interested in photography, doesn't carry a camera except on his phone which I've hardly ever seen him use. I've promised him a pint or two if the picture sells though..😊
  17. Captions - as long as they need to be. But remember, if they go over a certain length, they move to 'other information' on the optional page. This can be useful if you want to include information that you don't to come up in searches (the 'other info' isn't searchable, the caption is). For instance, do a search for any tennis player and you will get loads of unwanted results for other players - who happened to be playing that person at the time so are mentioned in the caption. Tags - as many as are relevant. IGNORE the little orange line that turns green when your image suddenly becomes "optimised". NEVER add a tag you don't think is relevant just to make the line change colour. I add captions and keywords before uploading. It helps if you submit (might start submitting) to another agency. I then check and add/delete/correct spelling at the IM stage.
  18. I tweet my current images in the news feed, never thought to use it for older events, cheers
  19. nationalgeographic.co.uk https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/cities/2019/04/my-life-cities-michael-palin My Life in Cities: Michael Palin St John's Church Ranmoor and housing in Sheffield,"South Yorkshire",England,"Great Britain","United Kingdom",GB,UK,EU BF89NG William Robinson / Alamy RM UK,South Yorkshire, Sheffield, City Center at night from Sheaf Valley Park G3YHEC Shahid Khan / Alamy RF The London skyline from Alexandra Palace. GEXWNC Loop Images Ltd (Roy Shakespeare)/ Alamy RM Busy pedestrian traffic in Calcutta (Kolkata), India DKX3TK Jake Lyell / Alamy RM View over Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. KHFXFA MehmetO / Alamy RF Wellington Cable Car, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand, Pacific E01JXB Robert Harding (Stuart Black)/ Alamy RM Skyline view of Portland, Oregon, USA with Mt Hood and the rising moon seen in the distance DBHCCJ Melissa Jensen / Alamy RM
  20. Is this the subliminal reason I never take selfies? Because I don't trust myself to respect the copyright? 🙄
  21. Many thanks for that spot, Clare. Shame it's used to illustrate a piece about the Cider House at Buckland Abbey, a mile away from The Garden House.
  22. Guardian Online 21.04.2019 https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/apr/21/10-beautiful-garden-getaways-hotels-cottages-uk GEGYJP or GEGYJY or GEGYJE Chris Dorney Ickworth House and gardens PEREWG John Richmond August view over the lower terrace of the walled garden at The Garden House PM8ND4 Jim Allan Formal garden at the luxury 5 star Glenapp Castle hotel
  23. Kendal and the Lake District Fells. Kendal, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom Europe. -Image ID: BM2BRC Country: WorldwideUsage: Corporate client. Marketing Package Use. Digital marketing communications only. Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the licenseIndustry sector: General business servicesStart: 03 April 2019End: 03 April 2029
  24. The other linked big difference is that the Alamy Live News team “pushes” live news photos out to picture desks. Stock photos are “pulled” by picture desks etc searching for images. I tend to undertake a little marketing by tweeting etc my Alamy pictures. As an example I tweeted one of my last year Alamy London Marathon pictures with the news I had accreditation for this years’ marathon. I used the London Marathon hashtag. I immediately saw an increase in marathon search terms and some zooms for my marathon pictures from last year.
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