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  1. been awhile

    just wondered , its been a while registered and upload my images on alamy but seem there is no movement yet on my dashboard.i mean have no image sold so far.on other site according to my experiences images sold fast and not throw a stone on me or try to bully now teaching how to tag or display my images.i think i know enoguh how to accomplish my task , but alamy did not give me any confidence so far although being on one of the image market leader site
  2. loading images. Help

    Good morning everyone Sorry for my english, I use the translator. To upload images to alamy and other agencies, I use the picworlflow program. All right until a few days ago. A few days ago I can not find the photos in alamy to be then indexed. I contacted the picworkflow service and they tell me that it turns out that the images are at destination or on alamy. Did any of you have this problem? Can anyone help me? It is my first intervention in the alamy forum and I have been registered for a year on alamy with four sales. My portfolio is about 2000 images. Thank you
  3. Hi All, i have problems with vertical photos. When I submit them, they are authomatically rotate into horizontal position, so I cannot use them for Alamy port. strange thing is that they pass the QC... any idea how to overcome this? thanks! v.
  4. Unsefullness of post processing

    What you think about the usefullness of post processing? I mean, thinking not only about pictures but also video, for stock the best is to provide low contrast (not dull of course), low saturation and low overall sharpness files right? These are the best items to provide to designers and advertisers, do you agree? Then they'll have more space to re-use our files for their purposes. So it seems you should pre-set a very minimal post processing from the initial RAW file and export it. What am i missing?
  5. RF or RM sells better your image

    Hi, guys. I would like to ask RM or RF sells better your image. What kind of rights do you prefer to check your images on Alamy?
  6. Deleting pictures

    Hi all, i am wondering which is the purpose of deleting pictures from a portfolio. It seems apparently one could benefit from having less pictures so less views which could lead to a better CTR. In the scenario of too much views without consistent zooms, wouldn't be better to move bad performing pictures to a different pseudo instead of deleting them? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I got another rejected image the other day. Reason being Noise,Soft or lacking definition. The photo was taken in broad daylight on a sunny day. !/2000 sec, f5.6, ISO 200. The photo looks ok to me, what do others think ? Thanks.
  8. Just had an e-mail off Alamy about categories, up to now I haven't bothered, as with everyone else, been too busy trying to understand normal AIM stuff. Anyway, probably too early to say, but I did wonder if anyone got any positives or negatives about categorising them so far? Thanks Chris
  9. I mistakenly uploaded an image twice. How do I remove an image using the Alamy Image Manager? There's no delete button!
  10. Image Searches - Images per page

    Previously we could vary the images per page on searches. My preference was for 120. I cannot find this feature in the new search function and the default appears to be 100. Am I missing something? dov
  11. New Image Manager

    New Image manager missing some feature like "Copy Keyword", "Clear Keyword", "Merge Keyword in case of multiple image selection", please add feature.
  12. Image Scraping?

    Image Scraping is a new term to me, but the big G is suing the other big G over it. This is the first I have heard of it. I'm not sure if there is a way to quantify the damages. It seems as though this would affect Alamy contributors too. That is why I am posting this link.
  13. images not found

    I have some images on sale, but is not possible to find them when i search in alamy by one or more images keywords. I just can find images searching by image ref. Any hint will be appreciated
  14. Display image problem?

    Can you guys see my image? DPD00T I see only blank stripe, no image at all... But when I click on the stripe I can see large zoom as usual. Some display error? Anyone else?
  15. I just want to share my positive experience with the Darktable and Linux. I have used Lightroom for couple of years now (4 and 5) and I found that the Darktable has much more levels of control over image modification, including the integrated noise reduction profiles for specific cameras (Pentax for example). The software is free and easy to use, once you get use to it. Besides it allows automated workflow in the way as Lightroom. Here is the link
  16. Image size

    I have read the specification for uploading images to the Alay site. It notes that uncompressed images must be at least 17MB in size. Is this correct? That is absolutely enormous! Unless, of course, I'm doing something wrong ... Thanks.
  17. Hi guys, I just wanted to share my experience with images not showing with the right orientation in the submission lots. The interesting fact is that apparently the original images on my computer are all in the right orientation, however after uploading the all the images are becoming from portrait to landscape. This issue is only with my last 2 uploads. Have you ever experienced such a problem? I have notified the MS and recovery efforts are underway, however all the images with wrong orientation are back to the QC again. I'll keep you posted for the workflow required to correct the problem.
  18. Image size question

    I am a newcomer to Alamy and want to make sure my first 4 images meet the Alamy criteria. However I am still a bit confused about the file size and can't find a clear answer on any of the forums. My apologies in advance if this question has been asked before. In the "Getting Started'/"Prepare" advice it states that the requirement is for an "uncompressed file size of more than 25MB". I understand that to mean that the final jpg as submitted must be 25 Mega Bytes (MB) or larger. Now, I have a Canon 5D Mk3 that produces CR2 raw files of about 25 Mega Bytes in size but when recently processing an image in Photoshop for submission, I noted that, whilst the image size was 125 Mega Pixels, when saved a jpg, quality 12, the resultant file size is just 17 Mega Bytes. There is no way, short of undesirable upscaling of the original image that I can boost the jpeg up to 25MB. Am I missing something here? Does the image size criteria really mean Mega Pixels not MB? Thanks in advance for any clarification Grant
  19. I am sure I am being thick, also that this must have been covered many times before, but can somebody please tell me how I upload an image to this forum, so that others can comment on it? Many thanks
  20. I know this has been asked before, but I can't find anything using the search option! How can I insert one of my images already with Alamy in a forum post? I have done this before, but a long time ago, and I am pretty sure it was easier then, ...or is it just me? David Davies
  21. I don't think that Alamy images appear in Google searches. Are there any plans to change this?
  22. Sorry if i've missed this elsewhere, but I've had an education image used by the Guardian in November. It's popped up again in another different education story again on the Guardian last week - Am I right to assume this is a separate sale as it's a rights managed image?