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Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

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AKXPBM     Brownstock     Mother helping her daughter with her home schooling homework in kitchen
JMXDHT    KATERYNA KON     Gonorrhoeae bacteria. Computer illustration of Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria

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Guardian Online  12/04/18
E4JY8K    Sean Pavone     Beijing, China at the Imperial City north gate  
M6EPTN    Manjik photography     Sunset over Benjakiti park in Bangkok
J5F3B2    Jenny Matthews     India, Delhi 2017. Deer Park. Hauz Khas village fort
DD66P0    Martin Benik    Philippines, Manila, Women at Site of Rizal's Execution in Rizal Park
EY72WR   Joachim Hiltmann    Temple de la Sibylle, rotunda on the Ile du Belvédère in Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris, France
DKPD6N   Eric Nathan    Botanical Gardens of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova in Eastern Europe
ERK7MB    David Wall    The Cloud Court and reflection, Hamilton Gardens, Waikato, North Island, New Zealand

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On 4/5/2018 at 02:09, Bryan said:


MAT405 New York, NY, USA 3 April 2018 The arch in Washington Square Park was lit in orange with images of Dr. Martin Luther King projected on the south side as a recording of King's speech “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” was played, to mark the 50th anniversary of its delivery on the eve of Dr King's assassination. CREDIT ©Stacy Walsh Rosenstock/Alamy Live News



Thanks Bryan for spotting and posting this.



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Cheers Stacy!


Times 12th


BA1M8J   Paul Glendell   View from the air of modern housing estate in Willand town in Mid Devon


Times 13th


EC1J7R   Graham Salter/Lebrecht Music & Arts  Children's choirs and The Bach Choir, conductor David Hill, in performance, St John's Smith Square,London. A schools 'outreach'


Scottish Edition


MBXEPN  Yanice Idir   London, UK, 12th April 2018. The British company carpetright to close a quarter of stores and around 300 jobs will be lost. Credit: Yanice Idir / Alamy Live News




KWWMWT  Dmytro Pylypenko   GREAT KNOT standing on the river bank among low grass



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Guardian online

BMCJY8 David Gee 4 Sophie the Giraffe


JDYG9T kavalenkava volha Valletta Waterfront at dawn, Malta
F3E01Y Clearview Valletta City Gate


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KE3P4N    Keith J Smith     Northampton, UK. 18th Oct,2017. Northamptonshire Council announced yesterday proposals to close up to 28 libraries, bus subsidies, roads maintenance, cutbacks on waste 

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Found in the Guardian 13-4-18 by Adie




Valletta Waterfront at dawn, Malta. Stock Photo


Valletta Waterfront at dawn, Malta.

Contributor: kavalenkava volha / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: JDYG9T



Valletta City Gate Stock Photo


Valletta City Gate

Contributor: Clearview / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: F3E01Y



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I wasn't sure whether to include this post in this thread or to revive the October 2017 thread - I did actually 'find' the images in April 2018, though the article is dated October 25th, 2017.

This page https://www.birdwatching.co.uk/useful-fun/2017/10/25/five-birds-to-find-in-november

 (all credited author/alamy):

CRNEMF  Golden Plovers (background removed) by FLPA

B8972D   Water Rail by Our Wild Life Photography

EG0PTC  Greater Scaup by Mike Lane

Shag (mine)

BCGC8E  Barn Owl by Nigel Pye


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Warum die abgelegene Insel ein echtes Paradies ist
Why the remote island is a real paradise


Bay of Fires
H9MXTG Mauritius images / Ingo Oeland / Alamy RM


Lake Oberon
EM6YKP Mauritius images / Shane Pedersen / Alamy RM


Port Arthur
BC4HN4 Mauritius images / William Robinson / Alamy RM


Walls of Jerusalem National Park
EMBHJB Mauritius images / Shane Pedersen / Alamy RM

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Times 14th


M8WYK9   London, UK. 20 March 2018. UCU Strikers rallied with supporters at Kings College University on the final day of the current strike action. Credit: David Rowe/Alamy Live News

SIMON MAYCOCK. Dog walker St. Michael's Mount. - lapsed live news?

FA0T5W  Chris Craggs    Edale village below Kinder Scout moors, Edale, summer - possibly a crop of this one, can't be sure.

ADM4EJ    Tim Gainey  Combine harvester and tractor in a field harvesting wheat on a bright English summers day. Wiltshire, UK

DAJ033  Kevin Britland  A wild flower meadow at West Pentire near Crantock in Cornwall, UK

F04AHY   ZUMA Press, Inc.   Nasik, Maharashtra, India. 27th Apr, 2013. 27 April 2013 : Nasik, INDIA.At a vineyard a Grape farmer plucks grapes at Nasik.


Scottish Edition


CY13T0  Douglas Carr     Entrance to Holyrood secondary school in Glasgow, Scotland


Irish Edition


DF8A1A  Cahir Davitt  CSA airbus A320 landing at Dublin airport on runway 34 at sunset

BY1E8X   Stephen Power   Aughinish Alumina, Aluminum refinery plant, Shannon Estuary, Ireland




KK194A  bob langrish   Spaniel - Cavalier King Charles Cavalier King Charles Spaniel English Toy Spaniel




CBP32B  Hon F. Lau Ore refinery

D2GN6P  UrbanImages A Kleeneze catalogue

M243EA 04 Feb 2018 Nevis range Scottish highlands uk. Another spectacular weekend of fresh snow in the scottish highlands,enjoyed by thousands of snow sport fans Credit: Kenny Ferguson/Alamy Live News





E9BKH4   palatiaphoto  Birthday cake with burning candle number 70

KB7T5N Shaun Daley  Walking stick / cane and new sterling pound coins. Concept of link between old age and UK pounds sterling, such as pension income and healthcare cost




ADK6WB Colin Underhill   Bosworth Battlefield site looking towards Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, England, UK

A2XM1G  Justus de Cuveland Black-eyed-susan (Thunbergia alata

HMPMN1 De Agostini Picture Library Cup-and-saucer vine, Cathedral bells or Mexican ivy (Cobaea scandens), Polemoniaceae

Morning glory Ipomoea ‘Purple Haze’ - can't find it

BDTFJA  Julia Gavin  Ipomoea lobata, Mina lobata exotic looking climbing plant

EB3Y18  Steffen Hauser  Mexican viper (Asarina barclaiana 'Dark Opal' syn. Maurandya barclayana 'Dark Opal'

EAP0GT Steffen Hauser  Bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis syn. Dicentra spectabilis

E8DNDK  Maria Janicki  Beautiful chocolate sunflower, "helianthus moulin rouge" in the garden in the summer. Closeup of petals and bloom




M25PHY Giuseppe Masci  Netherlands, Rotterdam, Cyclists crossing the Erasmus bridge on the Maas river with the De Rotterdam towers in the background

E1MGYP Tuul and Bruno Morandi  Greece, Dodecanese, Karpathos island, Olympos

GXPDA2  seewhatmitchsee  The village Olympos in north of Karpathos is called the most beautiful village of Greece

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Guardian online

JD4BDR Jerome Murray - CC Wild Peregrine falcon
J5JEW4 Valerio Mei Castiglione Del Lago, Italy
BHA9XH  Arterra Picture Library/Clement Philippe Tourist walking through cave along the Lac des Dix
KWBWAW Niyazz Two cable car cabins moving up to the very top of Chopok mountain at Jasna ski resort
FB4FM9 StockShot The Mont blanc Express train
K7N45P Constantino Sousa People enjoy the day in the river beach


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14 hours ago, Clare Gainey said:

Guardian online

MBEHRM Mats Janson Common snipe
MB5B0P Peter Llewellyn RF Vermilion Flycatcher
MBX2JG Genevieve Vallee Juvenile female Green Sea Turtle



Thank you Clare for the spot.



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