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Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

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Cheers folk, always nice to see some positive feedback!


Sunday Times 1st


Police do not cross red and white tape - can't find it

B05WHN    John James   National Union of Teachers strike Birmingham England UK

HGEH3E   Stéphane ROCHON   Feet of four women underwater in a pool

K3NG4F    Benjamin John  Home Office Immigration enforcement vehicles in Southwark, London, SE1, UK

B8BEWJ      Alex Segre  Rental properties displayed in estate agent window London England UK

EMJ7N5  lovethephoto  Bowls of strawberry jelly on a trolley in a school canteen

KAKCFT    Nick Harrison  St Augustine's church, Pendlebury

D3GJGD  dpa   Axura' pills for Alzheimer treatment are spread out at pharmaceutical company Merz Pharma, in Frankfurt, Germany, 30 July 2004

Tangerine dream: a dust storm hits the Sudanese capital of Khartoum  XINHUA/ALAMY LIVE NEWS - lapsed live news


Scottish Edition


DTWT81   Peter Horree   Kreuzigung Christi - The Crucifixion 1500 Master of Salem altar Kloster - Monastery Salem German Germany

M4BD5K  Iain Masterton  View of stands and pitch at Celtic Park home of Celtic Football Club in Parkhead , Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

ECECAD   heatherwalker  Newborn baby sleeping in hospital crib

JETB19   Derek Allan  St Andrews Students,celebrate Graduation day,2017

J8RGW4   IAN GEORGESON  CPT Seona Fleming and Derek Barbour. A new code for practice for Police Scotland on stop and search powers


Irish Edition


FA6RT5   Chris Bull Bargain Booze shop


DGGA27  Martin Bond  Bicycle storage area at a railway station in Houten, a Dutch new town near Utrecht

CNPH3X   Radharc Images row of cars parked in a side street by commuters in inner city Belfast Northern Ireland UK




KATHE1 dpa Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 02nd Nov, 2016. A tailfin with the Ryanair logo (L) can be seen in front of the logo of the airline Lufthansa at the airport in Frankfurt

D1028G  Ben Wyeth    Inside the internet retailer, Amazon's Swansea distribution centre. Dec 2012

M677DR  Edward Shoote  Peebles, Scotland. 1st Mar, 2018. UK Weather: Benches buried in deep snow on Tweed Green in Peebles, Scotland following red alert from Beast of The East Extreme weather event

GR86MH   CHROMORANGE / Zoltan Okolicsanyi  Cobra, Indian Beer

C93253  Juice Images269   Close up of doctor in scrubs with stethoscope

BFJF2F   David Gowans  HS Nimrod MR2 lifting off from RAF Kinloss MR Wing the home base of the Nimrod fleet SCO 5538

CT18K0 Monty Rakusen  Worker examining airplane engine

BM91J6  Johnny Greig Female business executive in discussion with a young woman

Wind farm sunset/sunrise - can't find it over 8000 of these!

H29A9G   Andrew Balcombe The Hague, the Netherlands - September 24, 2016: Plug in hybrid electric car charge point




B86705   Sean Clarkson  A English Country Home

G15JNF  Everyday Images  Boiling electric kettle





D2FYAP  Stuart Black  Swan Hotel by River Great Ouse

DDM3W1 Tony Roberts  Higgins museum Bedford




JCGYYE  vdbvsl  The Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island New York

ET6TD0  Tuul and Bruno Morandi   France, Paris (75), le club de jazz le Duc des Lombards, 42 rue des lombards, 75001 Paris, concert de Anat Cohen

CWNC9F  Yadid Levy   People dancing tango at Confiteria Ideal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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01/04/2018 Mail On Sunday (print)

Three Oxford University students in gowns entering exam school. ACGCBH rob judges exam

Young woman smoking an E-cigarette. DB0AB1 DC Photo

Ploughmans and a pint with the Tiger Inn, East Dean Sussex in the background. GX15TA parker photography

Twr Mawr lighthouse Llanddwyn Island, North Wales. DEA2XJ Alan Novelli

The George Inn, Lacock, Wilts. AE8XK5 wda cache

Close-up of the leaves of Brunnera Alexanders Great. J1XM8N Garden World Images/William Clevitt


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Guardian online

B0WF3G imageBROKER/Justus de Cuveland Caltha palustris
DPDCJC Colin Varndell The beautiful moschatel or town hall clock UK
J2EKR1 Peter Adams / DanitaDelimont  Grazalema, Andalucia, Spain
HXNWH0 Jürgen Feuerer Garganta Verde
DGM0MD geogphotos Village street and cafes Zahara de la Sierra



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Times 2nd




The only Alamy photo that I can see in the Times this morning is of what appears to be a ring necked parakeet being hand fed, ostensibly in London; sadly, can't find it!

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<< Cheers Jim

01/04/2018, UK, Observer [Magazine], p15, scarf tied round tree, HPC20Y, Keith Ramsey
01/04/2018, UK, Observer [Review section], p27, sink plunger, D0R01N, Zoonar/sergey makarenko/Zoonar GmbH [Alamy credit only]
01/04/2018, UK, Observer [Review section], p47, star trails over Maine, EAFA8G or EHR0GD, Jon Bilous [Identical. Alamy credit only]
01/04/2018, UK, Observer, p5, Ant McPartlin, M6G2W4, WENN Ltd [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
01/04/2018, UK, Observer, p8, Turtle Bay restaurant in Leeds, HA44KE, Stephen Dinsdale [Alamy credit only]
01/04/2018, UK, Observer, p15, Dante & Virgil crossing Styx, FA6383, Alex Ramsay [Alamy credit only]
01/04/2018, UK, Observer, p47, older mother with baby, BERKP4, Catchlight Visual Services [Alamy credit only]
01/04/2018, UK, Observer, p58, Phase Eight shop, E0RPEE, incamerastock [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
01/04/2018, UK, Observer, p64, worried young woman, BT07A5, Denise Hager/Catchlight Visual Services [Alamy credit only]
01/04/2018, UK, Observer, p67, Bishop's Palace at Wells, DYGTTD, Ian Dagnall [No credit - poss not via Alamy]


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B72M1J    James Hoathly    Generic Law court picture a members of the bar wearing barristers wigs
E05556    STUART ROY CLARKE    An Auchinleck Talbot Football Club player confronts the Cumnock Juniors away crowd who are spitting and abusing him at the derby
F5B9RN    Peter Oliver     The Bridgewater Canal Lymn Warrington Cheshire England


Guardian Online  02/04/18
B5NK46     Philip Game     Perth stands beside the River Tay

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02/04/2018, UK, Guardian, p5, RAF anniversary celebrations, MAEB4E, Avpics [Via Live News. Alamy credit only]
02/04/2018, UK, Guardian, p6, girl in primary school wearing hijab, EF9BGA, roger askew
02/04/2018, UK, Guardian G2, p2, cappuccino, C1XP5Y, Dave Newman [Cutout. Alamy credit only]

OK, I'm off - back in a couple of weeks :)

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Telegraph Online   02/04/18

D43XNH     Deyan Georgiev    Pile of clothes white isolated studio shot
DNH422     Clio Media Ltd    close-up of pair of shiny new school shoes ready for start of new term

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5 hours ago, SShep said:

02/04/2018, UK, Guardian, p5, RAF anniversary celebrations, MAEB4E, Avpics [Via Live News. Alamy credit only]

OK, I'm off - back in a couple of weeks :)

Many thanks Steve :-)

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On 4/1/2018 at 01:03, Bryan said:

Cheers Bryan, much appreciated! :-)

Sunday Times 1st

K3NG4F    Benjamin John  Home Office Immigration enforcement vehicles in Southwark, London, SE1, UK



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Automobile Club of Southern California

March/April 2018



Page 57

Contributor: Paul Daniels / Alamy Stock Photo




Page 54

Contributor: Prisma by Dukas Presseagentur GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo



Page 52

Contributor: Matthew Cherchio / Alamy Stock Photo



Page 43

Contributor: Zoonar GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo



Page 35

Contributor: Photo Resource Hawaii / Alamy Stock Photo



Page 29

Photo: Mathieu Cugnot/dpa/Alamy Live News




Page 24

Contributor: Cornelia Luethi / Alamy Stock Photo




Pages 18 and 19

Contributor: Igor Stevanovic / Alamy Stock Photo 
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Automobile Club of Southern California

March/April 2018


Page 82

Contributor: Elizabeth Nunn / Alamy Stock Photo



Page 80

Contributor: Volodymyr Kaznovskyi / Alamy Stock Photo



Page 59

Contributor: Geoff Waugh / Alamy Stock Photo



Page 58

Contributor: Lightworks Media / Alamy Stock Photo



Page 58

Contributor: incamerastock / Alamy Stock Photo



Page 57

Contributor: Historical Images Archive / Alamy Stock Photo



Page 56

Contributor: GL Archive / Alamy Stock Photo


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Cheers John


Times 3rd


F6FTYD   Entertainment Pictures   Sep 10, 1993; Austin, TX, USA; MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY stars as David Wooderson in the comedy drama 'Dazed and Confused' directed by Richard Linklater

EB7WKK    Commission Air An aerial view of Gatwick Airport, Sussex, UK

EB5F9R    DPK-Photo  Artist's Palette pool, hot thermal spring, Rotorua, New Zealand

MAGF77     Mansfield, England. 2nd Apr, 2018. UK Weather: 2nd. April 2018. Its Spring and the grass needs cutting. Over night snow covers large parts of the East Midlands as it moves north followed by rain. Credit: Alan Keith Beastall/Alamy Live News

EX2Y45      famveld  Little girl reading a book relaxing on a white couch. Kids read books at home or preschool. Children learning and doing homework

DENPCB    GL Archive  Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer

CMRYW7      Toby Andrew   Police tape for crime scene with writing 'Police Line' and 'Do Not Cross' in blue on white, blurred generic detail in background

G1HCGY   Andrea De Martin   Young student girl doing her homework at home, she is writing and using a laptop

AJGMCJ     Mark Boulton  Diplodocus life reconstruction extinct herbivorous quadrupedal sauropod dinosaur late Jurassic France

MAEB7J      Edinburgh UK Apr 01 2018; Giant panda male Yang Guang at Edinburgh Zoo. credit steven scott taylor / alamy live news Credit: Steven Scott Taylor/Alamy Live News - a few similar


Scottish Edition


F4JTG3   Doug Houghton SCO   PRINCES STREET EDINBURGH Cyclist in cycle lane taxi traffic lights woman cycling uk city scotland

G31MY5     Jazzanna   Girl playing the piano, learning to play

M8R5GW     Sandy young Photography 07970 268944 Economy Secretary Keith Brown on a visit to BT in Edinburgh to launch the Scottish GovernmentÕs Cyber Resilience Learning and Skills

FFK9NP   Clive Horton     Loch, Mugdock Country Park, Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland


Times 2


E711R5  Mint Images Limited   A woman eating a meal, a dish of fish and green vegetables

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Die zehn schönsten Fachwerkstädte Deutschlands
The ten most beautiful half-timbered towns in Germany


Fachwerkhaeuser, Einbeck, Niedersachsen, Deutschland | timber framed houses, Einbeck, Lower Saxony, Germany
ENKHFP  Mauritius Images / Ernst Wrba / Alamy RM

The unusual tilted half-timbered houses preserved from the medieval period nowadays services as tourist shops and cafes
H69AEF Mauritius Images / eFesenko / Alamy RM

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BBC Website.

Article on walking in the Lake District with an 80 year old guidebook;


C32WXN  Mark Bassett  -  Grasmere Gingerbread women

AYK6CA  Justin Kase  -  Hawkshead Church


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