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  1. More Plant Identification.

    Thank you John. Very much appreciated.
  2. I think these are the flowers of the Photinia Red Robin plant. Can anyone clarify please?
  3. Uploading photos

    Click on 'My Alamy', top right. Then 'My Dashboard'. The 'Upload' button is displayed in blue top right.

    Anyone know anything about Is it a distributor? Seems there's lots of Alamy stuff on there. I was just doing a google reverse images search on some of my photos, and found one of mine on there.
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    BBC Website. Article on walking in the Lake District with an 80 year old guidebook; C32WXN Mark Bassett - Grasmere Gingerbread women AYK6CA Justin Kase - Hawkshead Church
  6. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    This sale popped in this morning. Taken in the winners enclosure at a local Point To Point race a few years ago. This horse had just won a race, and every sinew in its body was bursting out. I had to take a picture. I know its not particularly a commercial image, especially as its monochrome, and I never thought it would be a best seller, but its actually one of my favourite photos and its nice to see someone else seems to appreciate it. PU sale, so just enough for a couple of pints in it for me, but genuinely so happy it sold.
  7. The amazing thing is that XU 8943 still exists! Problem is, photos of the car today are quite different from the car in my image.
  8. So, I've just heard back from the UK Bugatti Owners Club. They seem convinced it's a Type 23 or Brescia, and probably registration number XU 8943, chassis number 1936. More searching for me based on this information.
  9. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    This was originally uploaded as a Live News image way back in June 2012, and didn't sell at the time. Just sold for a TV show. Quite pleased with the price. Don't give up on the old stuff.
  10. Because there are a couple of numbers on the registration (licence) plate visible (it seems to begin with an 'X' and with an '8'), I'm hoping this may be a good clue for the Bugatti Club.
  11. Image was taken in England. Didn't know about the MK location, so that's interesting. Still waiting to here from the Bugatti people. Definitely an AA badge on the radiator;
  12. Sent a copy of the image to the Bugatti Owners Club. They are investigating.
  13. Massive thanks Wim for the time and effort you've put in researching this. Very much appreciated.
  14. Martin that’s brilliant research. Thanks very much. I’ll be digging deep in to Bugatti archives to see what I can come up with. Rob
  15. Good idea. So now I've put some basic keywords on to the car and bike images so they are more accesible. Hope this may help.