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  1. I had 6 distributor sales this morning for a grand gross total of $19. I get 40%. Nuff said.
  2. At the risk of putting my anorak on, the Britannia 737 is Series 200. They never flew 100s, and didn't fly the 300s until 1989 with the new colours.
  3. No, all those DH Transporters, Devon, Heron, Dove, had very forward engines
  4. Nope, got me so far. Presuming its an RAF roundel, and a transport aircraft of 1950s-70s, that engine is baffling me so far. The intake under the prop should be a good clue, but it matches nothing I know, or can see. Tonights homework.
  5. A row of RAF Handley Page Hastings....just in case you needed to know.
  6. Planes in the background are a De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter, and two Fokker F-27s. Can't make out the airlines without a larger file. Hope that is of some help.
  7. Have you tried giving the slides a clean with Isopropyl Alcohol (99% pure), to remove grease, fingerprints etc?
  8. Currently wild camping in Oman. Hiking and swimming up gorges, watching giant turtles laying eggs on a beach before returning to the ocean; desert skies; silence. Making my battered 5D Mk 3 even more battered. Nature rocks. Get some nature. Who knows if my return flight will leave. There are worse places to get stranded.
  9. Thanks folks. Following your help, I think the first one may be a Rolls Royce 20hp, probably a Doctors Coupe. Still working on the others.
  10. Anyone any ideas as to the identities of these three vintage cars? Thanks.
  11. That's the email I used. It was also about 3.00am, so didn't call.
  12. Yes. I was on the 4th floor of 5. My point is, I never got a response.
  13. I was staying in the Travelodge in Brentford that caught fire in the early hours this morning. Took some photos with my iPhone and contacted Alamy News asking the best way to upload them, as I was kicked out of Live News. Never got a reply. Down with this sort of thing.
  14. Just read the BBC report. Awful news. All fingers crossed for a good outcome.
  15. Yes, it appears you're both right, and my suspicions were unfounded. Grey Mullet it is. Thanks for both of you taking the time to reply.
  16. Thanks John, But I'm not convinced. Head is too flat and 'shark' like for mullet I think.
  17. Anyone know this species of fish? Photo take in Mylor, Cornwall. Thanks.
  18. First car is an MGA, not an Austin Healy.
  19. Thanks to you both. Triumph it is then.
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