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The $100,000+ club


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On 28/02/2018 at 11:23, spacecadet said:

If that's rubbish, I haven't even got a dustpan and brush.


What he said.


It took me nine years to get 467 images uploaded, but I've nearly doubled that in the first three months of this year - partly as a result of reading this thread and realising I needed to get my *rse in gear. The other stimulus was starting a run last summer of at least one sale per month which eventually ran out in March. I guess it's finally dawned on me that there's an element of control in all of this. If I work consistently and upload a far larger quantity of diverse images, I CAN increase sales. But the folk on here putting the word 'only' in front of five figure numbers still takes my breath away!

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If things continue as they are my descendants might see the $100k target achieved.....


Extrapolating forward from last year (a dangerous thing to do), it would take me another 10 years to hit the jackpot, Alamy and I may or may not still be around :unsure:

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That blog includes David Kilpatrick as a $100,000 earner. Nice to see. He was a wonderful contributor to the forum before he got too busy. Maybe one day he will return.



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