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June 2017 Challenge - Festivals


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Congratulations on last months win!   Three from me....

Guitars on the Beach, Lyme Regis, a two day event where the audience are the performers.



Powderham Castle Garden Festival.



Buskers singing and dancing on the seafront during Sidmouth Folk Festival.


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Festival of the Founding of the Department of Jinotega -- La Gigantona dancing.



Scottish Folk Festival, Virginia, US, antique cars on display:



Pilgrims at the Shrine of the Virgin of Guadelupe, Mexico City in October 2016




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New interface wasn't letting me add another 2 photos on Chrome. Trying Safari - 2 from the OpSail 2012 festival:






Glad I looked at this last image - apparently it and many of my quickly uploaded news images for that festival are not available for sale except for personal use instead being marked for editorial use only. More work ahead ...

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Interesting topic! Here's my three!




1.  The Witchmen Border Morris dancers, at the Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival, Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire





2. A couple enjoying a picnic at the Glyndebourne Opera festival, Sussex




3. A pair of masqueraders at the Venice carnival, Venice, Italy



Kumar ( the Doc one)


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I love seeing all these amazing images of festivals around the world, great topic!


Here are a few from the Greater Vancouver area:



Wife-carrying competition in the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival (last weekend)



Opera singers at Italian Day on the Drive (this month)




Night-time illumination at the Cherry Blossom festival (in April)



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Thanks John.  I had never been to this festival or seen the wife-carrying event.  I had imagined the would be carried by piggy-back, but not so :).  It's worth seeing at least once, very entertaining!  And lots of food and entertainment at the festival as well.




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Children go through the legs of a stilt walker at Harbourfront Canada Day in 2014





Rainbow hula spinner at World Pride 2014




Figured I had better get my entries in.



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