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  1. This vehicle just left an Apple parking lot in Silicon Valley.
  2. Using the Sony mirrorless system, lugging extra bodies around isn't much of a burden. They are light, tiny, and some are quite inexpensive. My last big trip, I took my Sony A7r2, A7R, and A6000. The size and weight problem I ran in to wasn't lugging three camera bodies but the lenses. I've been mostly using converted lenses from Canon EF mount, notably a bunch of high performing but overweight Sigma Art lenses. If your primary camera happens to use Canon EF lenses, you might consider a Sony and adapter as a backup.
  3. Eat Real Festival - Oakland, California Twilight at the Presidio, San Francisco, California Fanimecon, San Jose, California
  4. Here's another good political stock photo faux pas: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/northern_ireland/8620102.stm
  5. Self Driving Shuttle on a university campus in Silicon Valley An Uber Self Driving Car out for testing before they were shut down by the state of California (you can also see the OTTO self driving truck in the background) Early testing of Google's Alphabet's Waymo's Pod Car in a Silicon Valley Parking lot
  6. Same here, I think I uploaded the first batch on the 5th just like Mike (I don't see anywhere that tells us when the upload took place in the Alamy image manager btw.) I keep going to the image manager and hitting refresh and finding it weird that it says right on the top of the page that we'll let you know in 24 hrs and it's been almost a week now. Some of my photos in this submission are kind of "newsy" so I was looking forward to a quick turnaround.
  7. Good idea, but I definitely wouldn't include the licence fee. Yes, in retrospect that was dumb. Just a invoice number perhaps. I can also imagine that the client name might be masked with a client code.
  8. Stripping out all the metadata seems like a really bad idea for all involved. I'm fine with Alamy replacing my info with theirs. But removing most metadata just seems to be making a petri dish trying to culture more infringements. What I think Alamy should be doing: embed their information, a client ID and the license that was used and all that legaleze. And they should be requiring that info not be stripped by the end user Then if we found images without that info, or better yet the wrong info, like a license that doesn't encompass the actual use we'd know have more to work with. I made a
  9. Thanks Brian! That idea was a request from another stock photo biz client I'm involved with. And it made so much sense after he said it.
  10. You can also strip the audio in post as I did. I'd like to at least be able to make professional quality audio where possible and have that as an option. In the case of my example in original post, even the best microphone with "dead cat" would still have problems with the wind gusts.
  11. That image (FK5871 ) looks just fine, at least the preview I can see. Mirror lenses are of limited use however-just the fixed aperture and Bokestastrophic highlights.
  12. Michael You should think about getting your snippets of DDR life scanned and uploaded, I would think that there would be a decent market for that kind of material. It might even be eligible for upload via the archive route rather than as standard stock. Colin I think you're right. I need to dig through thousands of slides or at least find the crappy scans from 10 years ago. I just checked my Alamy site and found a grand total of three GDR images. NVA (National People's Army) the changing of the guard at the Memorial to the Victims of Fascism, 1987 The Intra-German Frontier (or a
  13. (with my apologies to the The Smiths - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before ...) I may have gotten a bit too snarky with somebody looking for gaps in the library in another discussion, but one idea that seems to have real promise is offering stills and limited video snippets as well of the exact same subject shot/filmed within minutes of another. In another stock photo niche I deal with that was a request (and it's broad enough I'm comfortable throwing out to the general public.) For this to work however a couple of things would need to happen. Alamy would need to relax th
  14. Exactly!! Too funny! I can totally see that on the cover of a Time-Life book! Perhaps it could be complimented by a fisheye shot too? (what's that "forbidden donuts" quote Homer Simpson uses...)
  15. What I see on the screen capture just makes me cringe! I really don't like that over the top glowy fuzzyness. As other's have mentioned if you can't tell it's HDR then it was done right. I think this HDR is a fad that will be looked upon very unfavorably like fisheye shots in the 1970's, mullets in the 1980's etc.
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