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Have you found any alamy images October 2015

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BBC iWonder [uK] 19 October
DDMYP8 Caer Caradoc hillfort Heritage Image Partnership Ltd (credited to Greg Balfour Evans)

DGJFCE Mousa Broch Loop Images Ltd

C0630T Sunset over the Dun Carloway broch, the Isle of Lewis, Scotland Nisbetwylie photographs

BFP9N8 Coligny Calendar, late 1st - early 2nd century Gallic lunar calendar The Art Archive

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19/10/2015, UK, Guardian, p12, bacteria, ADHW4Y, PHOTOTAKE Inc. [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
19/10/2015, UK, Guardian, p12, Carnaby Street sign, ENM26T, marc zakian [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
19/10/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p6, tip jar, CFMN37, Brian Jackson [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p7, Giraffe restaurant, C8AGJW, tony french [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p7, Las Iguanas restaurant, DB249B or DB249Y, Grant Rooney [Can't tell which from crop. Alamy credit only]
19/10/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p8, Cafe Rouge restaurant, BHCWWB, Images of Birmingham Premium [Alamy credit only]

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Depths of despair: thousands of partners are struggling with betrayal, infidelity, deceit and shame
The Independent  |  19 Oct 2015  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 37
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Guardian Online




Ian Goodrick/Alamy


Greg Balfour Evans


Colin Underhill

Chris Howes/Wild Places Photography

GFC Collection

Alistair Scott

Robert Schneider



Neil McAllister Dudley Black Country Museum shirehorse cart in the street

ACORN 5 Black country museum Dudley west midlands england

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Mail Online 19th


BJPG3C Stephen Conroy  A glass of gin and tonic with slices of lime

CWEGEM  Stockbroker Portrait Hispanic mother and adult daughter

A1KK67 Peter Titmuss Terminal Building Cork International Airport southern Ireland Eire EU

BEHEJB dbimages   Shah or Imam Mosque in Imam Square in Isfahan Iran

BMTTX7  Robert Preston The music room, Ali Qapu palace, Isfahan, Iran

DA3CMM Patrizia Wyss  Asia, Iran, Persepolis, Archaeological site

ARJ2BM Robert Preston The Se o se bridge or Bridge of 33 arches Isfahan Iran

CBY4EK Richard Slater  The stunning stained glass of the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran, produces wonderful colors in the winter prayer hall

AR0DHA Michele Falzone  The beautiful rural village of Abyaneh near Kashan Iran

A38A67 Wilmar Photography Travel photography from Kerman Iran Middle East

ANTN48 Michele Falzone The ghost town of Koporak Yazd Iran

ANTNE1 Michele Falzone The stunning archeological site of Persepolis Iran

BB4C0G  Manca Juvan A ski resort near Tehran

D9FRW6 Michael Runkel Darbandikhan artificial lake on the border of Iran, Iraq Kurdistan, Iraq, Middle East

E68GNE Alireza FIROUZI  IRAN Mount Damavand a potentially active volcano and the highest peak in Iran, 5,610 m

CX6MWX  AsiaDreamPhoto  Landscape on sunny day along the Alamut valley, Iran

BC50CH Marcia Chambers Shah or Imam Mosque in Imam Square in Isfahan Iran

B46T06  Allen Brown  Chicken Kebab with Rice Iranian Food at Bastani Traditional Restaurant in Esfahan Iran

DCDXXN  Ian Dagnall  Historic Market Place in Richmond, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire Dales, England, UK

EB2R7A  JONATHAN IRISH A bed in a dramatically sculptured bedroom in the Icehotel in Sweden.

DGYGMT  Gilles Barbier  Angel Falls or Salto Angel, the highest waterfall in the world, Canaima National Park, Venezuela, South America

AMPF0G  Shane Pinder  Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

DM4KH9  Markus Mainka Stock Photo    (747-8 Intercontinental)

CE604P  Chris Putnam  Kowloon Hong Kong night cityscape

A0EP7F DBURKE The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London UK 

DF13N6 Danita Delimont  Austria, View of Innsbruck from Bergisel

A0BTPH  Thomas Russ Arnestad  Oslo the capitol of Norway captured on a september evening from a height south of the city

A23KNE  LEDPIX  A man rolls a joint

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Times 20th

P7  Rufford, Burscough, near Preston, Lancashire, UK 19th October, 2015 UK Weather. A chilly start to the day with houseboat residents on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, the longest canal in Northern England, waking to a glorious sunrise. St Mary's Marina in Rufford has moorings for 100 craft up to 60 feet in length, accommodating both narrow and wide beam boats and canal cruisers. © Mar Photographics/Alamy Live News



P12-13  MSP Travel Images Seaburn Lighthouse with Roker Beyond Sunderland England


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National Geographic Intelligent Travel


Reader Recs: Best Beer Cities



Germany, Bavaria, Munich, Platzl Square, Hofbrauhaus Famous Beer Hall.

EB82F5 © age fotostock


Europe’s Rising Star: Bologna



Bologna is the largest city of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy.

EG07H4 © marco ledda

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Guardian Online


How entrepreneurs are monetising sustainability



Broad Bean, Aquadulce, seedlings in pots in a greenhouse

C0FMFXC © Anne Gilbert


Sticky situation: maple syrup bandits face Quebec courts for infamous heist



Pouring maple syrup from a glass.

EATB5Y © National Geographic Image Collection

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Telegraph online


CN9M49 Cultura RM Organic butter with bread (cropped)


BH0K4M Jinny Goodman Man using a combination leaf blower and vac
C8F4K5 Doug James  North American Bison
A5XHJ7 Mike Hill Cowboys driving quarter horses at sunset
B2T877 OJO Images Ltd Businesswoman eating healthy lunch at desk
BXD89K Rob Wilkinson bag of crisps

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USA, Food Network Magazine, November 2015 Issue


Pg. 12, Pile of barley grains, A4AXHY Geoffrey Kidd


Pg. 12, Wheat berries, B6J84E StudioSource


Pg. 33, Green beans, BC8B6K Food Collection




Pg., 36, Whipped cream, D80A65, Nataliia Natykach


Pg. 36, White paper plate, E04BP5 Michael Burrell


Pg. 42, Pumpkin pie, C1WXF7 Deborah Ernest


Pg. 42, Boiled potatoes (cut out with plate), ETG025 Mikhail Olykaynen



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Times 21st


P3  David Crossland Colditz Castle former Nazi prison for Allied soldiers ( Think it's a crop of this image)



P41  Greg Balfour Evans  Building construction in the City of London, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom


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