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  1. In my experience, Pixsy and Copytrack (although they have managed some small recoveries for me) are very nearly not worth using. I use them to track, but very seldom submit cases through them (only those cases ImageRights will not pursue). They are certainly much more lenient as to which cases they will take, but the tradeoff is spending a lot of time/effort on cases with very little chance of recovery and/or recovering relatively small amount of damages. I have been with ImageRights since they started and am overall very satisfied with the level of service and success of cases. Th
  2. Try opening Lightroom holding ALT/OPTION. This will check integrity of catalog at startup and possibly repair any issues. If you have a backup, you can also unzip the backup file and open that .lrcat catalog file directly. You would lose any changes since the most recent backup.
  3. If only RH could actually report more than 75% of sales they might be on to something. 🙄 Their accounting/sales department leaves a LOT to desired... Also as @geogphotos mentioned, 95% of sales are via distributors- not direct, and generally very low priced at that (compounded by low royalty %). Back to the OP, yes the concept is novel. However RH has made promises in the past regarding 'new and better' licensing models and has not delivered. Likely not the player best poised to make any significant impact... and judging by the proposed pricing for this new model, will
  4. 50 MB 5125 x 3417 pixels Image Size: Any size Start: 11 December 2019 Duration: In perpetuity Licensed for $0.99 gross. Thanks, Alamy 🙄 "Usage: Student Projects, For non-commercial use in projects such as dissertations, presentations or essays." ...which coincidentally (or not!) is exactly the type of license once described as Novel Use which I have always opted out of! So opt-out or not, Alamy will still sell your full size images for pennies anyway? Don't have a problem with the specific use per-se, but I do have a problem with Alamy once aga
  5. My payment also late this time around. Typically hits my acct consistently on 5th/6th of each month. Seems to be only U.S. accounts affected?
  6. Re: Distribution OUT: Bosnia-Herzegovina* Bulgaria* Czech Republic* Hungary* Macedonia* Slovakia* Slovenia* Yugoslavia (assuming this includes Serbia-Montenegro and Kosovo?)* - Estonia Latvia Lithuania Turkey *Note: AFIAK these are PROFIMEDIA countries. The worst distributor out there; I wish Alamy would drop them completely and I would consider keeping a few of those countries.
  7. Am extremely lucky to have had one of the same (Mine sold via Vida Press to http://reisile.postimees.ee/). With the distributor commission, it ranks amoung my lowest (NET) value sales here (though a few to Italy actually have it beat!). Alamy's answer would be that these terribly low value distributor sales "[...] are customers we wouldn’t normally reach as it’s a sale through our Distribution scheme." However, in my case, the image was promptly copied to two additional websites, so for the price I am not sure the additional exposure is worth it. It may be worth taking note, and op
  8. Thanks for reporting and especially for taking the time to look up the lowly photographer's name, I wouldn't have found it otherwise! -Jason
  9. Meant to add: Above post is referring to sales listed as “United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Newspaper” Sales listed as “United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website” don’t seem to be affected by NP scheme; they are painfully low across the board (with one or two exceptions) all the way back to 2010.
  10. I had been previously opted OUT until Jul 7 last year when I opted in as a test. I decided I would give it one year to gauge results... So it's now just about one week short of a year opted-in: 07/07/2016-YTD (Opted in) : 8 sales, avg. ≈ $13 Three years previous July 2013-July 2016 (Opted Out): 2-3 sales/year Highest $123, lowest $39 2015-2016 avg. ≈ $68 2014-2015 avg. ≈ $57 2013-2014 avg. ≈ $68 So in summary, newspaper scheme means: >volume, but <prices. Each of the three previous years (opted out), volume was lower, but I netted roughly the s
  11. Bill them what you feel is fair. If there was no pricing discussion beforehand and they have already used the image, they are basically at your mercy... IMO $600 would be at the rather low end of the spectrum for front cover use, obviously depending on distribution, but this could be quite higher. -Jason
  12. 07/04/16 - In Paris, The Lost Generation’s Lost Bookstore http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/07/04/in-paris-the-lost-generation-s-lost-bookstore.html Shakespeare and Company bookstore, Paris, France Image ID: EJHR0A Contributor: Garden Photo World Young woman sitting in a book stone in front of shelves full of old books. Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France. Image ID: BKEYG3 Contributor: Jason Langley (My image was zoomed last month, license showed up today)
  13. If you look around online you can find some RAW samples taken with these cameras. I have played around with some of these files, and while they are fairly decent considering, depending on your needs and skill level you may have some problems getting consistently clean and sharp files. Noise becomes an issue already at relatively low ISO. Also, if you plan to correct for the rather heavy lens distortion, you will lose additional resolution. Still, I would imagine a decent percentage of shots would be 'usable' especially when taken in good light and sized down to Alamy's 17MB minimum (or even 24
  14. Not specifically, but generally, these kinds of images are made using: a. ND filter? b. multiple exposures as flattened layers? c. both (a) & ( b ) d. neither (a) nor ( b ) but: _____ Just hazarding a guess (perhaps Amril will share his technique), but shooting at dusk, you would most likely not need an ND filter to get a long enough exposure for the light trails (though it's certainly an option if you want to increase them, or if the exposure is too short otherwise). Don't see any reason for multiple exposures in this case. My guess: just a well composed, well shot, but more or l
  15. NUJ urges all photographer members to activate Alamy's opt-out clause: https://www.nuj.org.uk/news/photographers-urged-to-activate-alamys-opt-out-clause/
  16. Just had to chime in and echo what others have said (dustydingo said it right): Your images are different because they are likely a step above what many contributors are submitting, especially 99% of those who are just starting out. You are starting on the right foot– Just take on board some of the advice others have offered (many more well-shot images, maybe pull some more detail out of the shadows, etc.) and you will be on the right track. In addition (contrary?) to what others have said regarding specific locations/subject: I would also note that it's often the exceptionally captured ge
  17. Thanks for reporting. Oddly, this was previously reported way back in 2013, and the article seems to be unchanged– Only the date has been updated. -Jason
  18. Definitely agree with this. They are very flat- Need a simple levels adjustment to bring out highlights and contrast. Here's one picked at random that I think would have potential: A quick 'auto-levels' in Photoshop makes a very big difference. Working from RAW will undoubtedly be better. -Jason
  19. Had been thinking about this thread... then today, the very first image I uploaded to Alamy (actually the very first stock image I upload anywhere) back in August 2009 just licensed for a billboard... in China. Largest sale in a couple of months too. =) -Jason
  20. Thank you Bryan! (not been reported yet) Any chance you might be able to take a snapshot of this article that you could send over, or know where I can find a copy online? Best regards, Jason
  21. Hi Martin, Unfortunately I can't find anything directly from Alamy at the moment, and no I can not be 100% sure that is the case. However, I do seem to remember hearing it from Alamy at some point in the past and a few other members of the forums have also mentioned it at various times. A quick search through old threads found a few clues, but nothing definitive... Would of course be nice to have confirmation one way or another from Alamy! I do think it is entirely possible and even extremely probable that sales price does factor in (eg. a sale for $10 vs. one for $1,000 should be weig
  22. Of course we don't know how the ranking works exactly, but Alamy have stated that the $$$ amount of sales also factors in. So enough small sales could possibly bring down the average and reduce rank? FWIW, I was always opted out until middle of last year and finally decided to give it a go. Not impressed, as others have said it brings far more infringements than $ in my pocket. Yes, also gives more chances to chase, but I already have plenty more infringement cases than I'd like... and online infringements generally don't pay well anyway. So, opting out again. Also, worth noting is that even
  23. Thanks for reporting. One of mine in there (BHA8F1) but can't make out the credit if it was from Alamy or not. Has not been reported, but knowing calendar reporting schedules it may show up sometime in spring 2018... -Jason
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