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High ISO fire photos

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Ann, welcome.  You, too, Allan.


As far as a recipe, you would need to stand at my elbow to learn.  These are made sans recipe. My grandmother made them, taught my mother, she taught me.

I make my pastry on the fly, then use dried apples, (or apricots or peaches) cooked in a bit of water until mushy and thick.  After that, the seasonings and sugar and such is by taste, and the process of adding the filling to a  6-7 inch round rolled out piece of crust/pastry, wetting edges of pastry with water, folding over, sealing and then frying in a bit of oil in a skillet is tricky.  

And of course, you have to turn the pie over to brown the other side, another tricky maneuver as they can tear easily.  I can usually get about 6 pies out of the original pastry makeup, and if I need more pastry to use up the filling, I make more. The problem is, if there is another human in the house when I make any flavor of these, they seem to disappear as quickly as they come out of the pan. There is big need for something cold to drink to cool off scorched tongues.

I usually munch on one as I'm cooking others.  Man, you haven't lived until you've ate a hot fried pie.  Still delicious cold. Maybe best because the tastebuds on your tongue aren't burnt off.


They are a lot of trouble to make, the kitchen looks like a disaster area, and it would be nice to have someone to be a 2nd cook to tend the one frying while I'm filling the next one on the counter. It's an assembly line process that in my case, I am Lucy without the aid of Ethyl.

One day I'll make some of these, take pictures, hope they pass QC, then you can see what they look like. :)


So sorry to hijack this thread.  Didn't know where to put this.

Well that sounds delicious. I'll pass that onto my brother-in-law, who is the best cook I know, and look forward to the results.


Thanks for the info!

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