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Have you found any Alamy photos November 2023?

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On 16/11/2023 at 18:25, GeorgeCScott said:

Tony, thanks for the spot. 

I'm extra chuffed because the WeWork photos were the first set of photos I've taken because I knew they would be in the news.


Well done! Reading the market is half the fun!

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You are welcome Jansos

Best Nigel


Guardian Online



Mark Thomas


Paul Slater


David Doyle



Sylvain ROBIN


Paul Quayle


Thomas Lukassek


Jochen Tack


Sailingstone Travel

Hercules Milas


Aliaksandr Mazurkevich

Peter Forsberg




Rosemary Roberts



Martin Strmiska




Rebecca Cole


Nikolay Dimitrov









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20/11/2023, Guardian, p4, Jeremy Hunt interview, 2T8A57K, Imageplotter [Alamy Live News credit only]
20/11/2023, Guardian, p7, still from 'White Mischief', HCNJBN, Everett Collection Inc
20/11/2023, Guardian, p5, 1948 Palestinian exodus or Nakba, 2B02XJ9, Pictures From History/CPA Media Pte Ltd
20/11/2023, Guardian, p19, Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon, 2RFEE24, Album

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December 2023, Which?, p7, Lidl, GM9ETA, Justin Kase z12z [Alamy credit only]
December 2023, Which?, p39, AO delivery, T08DTM, Tommy (Louth) [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]

ISSN:  0043-4841


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USA, National Geographic magazine, U.S. edition, December 2023 issue


Pg. 24, Neon Tetra fish (Paracheirodon innesi) Blickwinkel A7P3NB

Pg. 24, Pompeian painting of pizza from 2000 years ago, Abaca Press 2R9HYHC (could be another similar photo by same contributor)

Pg. 30, Gate to the Hung To Mieu Temple, the Imperial City, Hue, Vietnam, Trip Nuts and Bolts 2FKYGE1


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54 minutes ago, Bryan said:

Iain Masterton Aerial view from drone of Union Canal and Edinburgh skyline at Merchiston in Edinburgh, : 2MHPBHE

Iain Masterton  Aerial view of large houses in wealthy Merchiston district of Edinburgh, : 2MHPB90


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8 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 21st



Alan Wilson Row of cars parked outside terraced houses in the Inverleith area of Edinburgh, Scotland,  2B8P1YP



Thanks Bryan🙂 👍


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5 hours ago, Tony ALS said:

James Anderson Seattle, USA. 16th Nov 2023. Protestors and allies outside the1st and Pike Starbucks store The Red Cup Rebellion Strike begins today. 2T7N077

SOPA Images Wilkes Barre, United States. 2023. Starbucks red cup and plastic cup November 16 is the Starbucks Red Cup freebie day. 2T7P65E


Edited by Bryan
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