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My Alamy portfolio page has lost its 2 photos at the top. My listings are visible. Is anyone else having problems?



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Same for me: no profile pic or banner.  Thank you for the quick answer. For some it may be more risky than usual at the moment to have a proper profile image online here, though we may choose all the time to use a different image. I sometimes post the url on social media to inform friends what I've been up to if they are interested. And I post it on the net to advertise, sometimes putting better images on the initial pages. 

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My portfolio page 2 images are also missing, it looks very unprofessional. I wonder how long ago this happened. At least Alamy is now aware of the problem. Has anyone tried reinstating the images?


Mine was well overdue for an update, will try to update ASAP and and add new images as time permits. Our cat just woke me up by head butting me, then chewing and pulling my hair as he wants to go out (no cat flap). Priority now is getting an hour or two extra sleep.



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Same for my portfolio page with no header image.

I have also noticed that using the following link which used to show images uploaded to Alamy and Stockimo (of which I only have a few, 135 last time I looked) no longer works.

tony als/f:pseudonym

It was useful to me to see how the iphone images looked which always seemed to appear on the first couple of pages.

Not a big deal but strange that this link isn't working, for me at least.

(Sorry for mentioning Stockimo, Alamy, although I have no clue why we're not supposed to mention it here).

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