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  1. It was this thread that I was thinking of but there are others. The ES-1 simplifies the whole process of alignment and light source (i.e. it will be square and you can point the camera at any 'white light' source, continuous or flash. I don't use that because I already had a bellows, enlarger lens, copying stand and light box which is more flexible (I can do medium format for example in sections and photomerge) but these bits & bobs are expensive to source these days. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/10989-slide-copying/
  2. If you are happy to do everything on manual - i.e. aperture & focus - then there's no reason why you can't fit a 55mm f2.8 Micro-Nikkor to your Canon full-frame and fit the ES-1 to that. Nikon to Canon EOS adapters are readily available, I can recommend Fotodiox Pro but franky because infinity focus isn't an issue a cheap option is probably fine. Again, it will be entirely manual, no communication between lens and camera.
  3. Various threads but maybe search for Nikon ES-1 because that was concluded to be the easiest and cheapest entry point for quality results. There is one long quite detailed thread from last year, maybe called Slide Copying?
  4. Yes, I see. The home page image cannot display a caption, at least I've never seen one that does. Once in a gallery then you can have two levels of caption/description drawn from the IPTC. Might be worth suggesting to PS that it could have in an update, seems logical to me as well.
  5. I might be looking at it too simplistically but I was seeing it as the Galleries being the showcase, shopfront if you like, to the rest of the library (if you have one) but the 'Archive' is where all the images reside and you can of course choose whether they are visible or not, or appear in galleries or not. The responsiveness of the 'front end' is quite impressive (grab a window and resize) and I would hope that they've got the mobile view sorted as well.
  6. I was thinking that the 'Archive' section might still offer everything you have in the Classic template?
  7. You can have captions but I guess you know that, two separate fields as I remember. Have you considered discreet watermarks, that seems quite easy to implement in PS, a feature that I like and may use. The two videos, 102 & 202, here, explain a great deal. ...also the video on Joe McNally uses Elements, though his site is now 'East' I think.
  8. Automatic Keywording Save time and resources by adding keywords to your assets with AI-enabled image recognition and metadata extraction from your files. You can also use batch tagging as well as develop your own custom metadata fields for business-specific keywords. Hmm. Maybe not then.
  9. I didn't even know they were still around until you mentioned them, I've got a copy somewhere but I think it was probably Windows 98 compatible. I didn't see any prices on their website, they may gone more for the corporate 'enterprise' market.
  10. There's too many Harrys in this post, it's getting confusing. Thanks to Jean-François (meanderingemu) for pointing out that I was simply alluding to the effect on Prince Harry of the circumstances surrounding the death of his mother, suggesting that it had been 'skewed', in other words not necessarily borne out by the actual facts. It has to be said though that the UK inquest did find the photographers partially to blame but they were all 'foreign' and so beyond the reach of UK Law. Harry (the other one) accepted this verdict, as did his brother of course. As we all know, he also had to follow the coffin on foot through the streets of London at the age of 12. Going back to the original post, John Morrison asked: "How do we feel about our fellow photographers? Do we identify with the ‘press pack’, or with the people they’re photographing? Are we comfortable walking around with a ‘professional’ camera (rather than, say, a camera phone)? Or do we feel disliked, distrusted, while doing our job, like bailiffs and traffic wardens? Are we fulfilling a valuable role, chronicling what life is like in 2020? Or are we just voyeurs?…" For me, if we do feel disliked and distrusted it will be partly because of the publicity surrounding tragic events such as this, and it's very disturbing to hear that the right picture of Harry & Meghan might be worth $250,000 in worldwide sales. That is likely to attract the unscrupulous. I have a great respect for the press photographers and the job they have to do will not be pleasant at times. I believe that the Magnum photographer David Hurn was one of the first on the scene at the Aberfan disaster, and of course he had to take pictures. I can't begin to imagine what that would have been like.
  11. I used to work somewhere that did one so the term is familiar to me, I don't think Adobe talk about it when describing Lightroom so you wouldn't necessarily have come across it.
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