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  1. I used to like the revolving back on my Mamiya RB67, it made verticals very easy. Mind you that wasn't exactly a camera to be used hand-held. I preferred the square format of the Hasselblad, and that certainly could be used hand-held, a jewel of camera. I used the Kenro masks to crop for 645 when necessary, the only problem was if you had to show contact sheets and had shot knowing that some distractions were going to be cropped out left or right or top and bottom. 6x7 trannies had more impact on the lightbox but the Hasselblad lenses were much sharper. I like Arca-Swiss compatible L-grips on my cameras, makes verticals easy if you're using a tripod or a monopod.
  2. Yes, dismantling seems like a step too far but it might be worth investigating the 'feel' of the buttons in case it might be associated with the problem. He also suggests unplugging the monitor from the computer to see if the OSD still comes up by itself, so ruling out a software/driver problem. Probably also worth looking around for a new screen, I find Dell Ultrasharps to be reasonable quality and widely available, though any monitor should really be calibrated, plenty about that on the forum.
  3. This seems to describe a similar problem: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/osd-menu-sudden-pop-up.1949447/
  4. Would this be the Windows 10 adjust window, or a Dell-branded one or possibly from the graphics card manufacturer, mine is NVidia for example though perhaps yours is a Dell graphics card. Not sure I'd have an answer either way but it might help someone else get to the bottom of it. Is it the same as the option that could be selected from the right-click menu?
  5. I don't have a drone but that was my thought looking at these amazing images, how on earth do they pre-visualise what they might expect to capture.
  6. I find it useful to check that my cameras are set to precisely the same time so it's a good opportunity, annoying to see pictures out of sync in Lightroom if you're using two cameras with slightly different times. It can be relatively easily fixed in Lightroom though, I've done that on occasion.
  7. Don't forget your camera system time as well.
  8. It's not possible to do so, I haven't had any for a long time but it still irks me to see them there.
  9. This seems to be drawing a lot of attention, particularly the beta 'Smart Portrait' filter allowing you to use sliders for "Happiness, Surprise, Anger, Facial Age, Gaze, Hair Thickness, Head Direction, and Light Direction". https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/neural-filters-list-and-faq.html Less headline-grabbing but perhaps more interesting/unsettling for Alamy contributors are the beta 'Super-Zoom' and 'Jpeg artifacts removal' filters which could be used to aid in upsizing low-res images.
  10. It was a poster campaign I believe, certainly not video, and was withdrawn immediately it started receiving adverse publicity. Actually there is an extra nuance to this, it was apparently created last year, pre-COVID, as part of a campaign to recruit young people into cyber security but releasing it in a time when young freelance creatives, particularly in the arts, have been effectively abandoned was very clumsy. It was also very easy to Photoshop, people have produced a good range of amusing versions on social media.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/oct/12/ballet-dancer-could-reskill-with-job-in-cyber-security-suggests-uk-government-ad Not only did the government have to pull this advert (culture secretary Oliver Dowden described it as 'crass') but it's now revealed that the photograph was taken from a free download site. The photographer is upset about this and has put up a short video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbFVzKwxxjQ&feature=emb_logo ....but as the top comment to her video points out "It is great to hear about the origin of the image, but unfortunately as soon as it was published on Unxxxxsh, you lost any control over how and when it was used. Photographers, please do not use Unxxxxsh, it values your work at zero and undermines the value of all photography." Story on Petapixel here. The issue was raised in parliament by Labour MP Kevin Brennan, ""It turns out Fatima is not Fatima at all. She is apparently Desiree who is from a ballet school from Atlanta in Georgia in the USA. Could you at least promise if the government is going to put 'crass adverts' out - as you describe it - they at least feature real British artists and they actually get paid for use of their images?"
  12. OK, looking at just one's own images does simplify it a little, I have far fewer images but for me New & Relevant do seem to be the same, i.e. most recently shot first, with the order shuffled slightly, probably because it is sorted on just Date Taken, rather than time of day. Creative is a bit strange as some of mine have risen to the top and I find it very hard to believe that any human being would have curated them.
  13. They bring up different results for me but I think it might depend upon what you're searching for. You'd think 'New' would be pretty reliable but goodness knows how it is decided what goes into 'Creative' and 'Relevant' and in what order, algorithms I suppose. Not sure Creative & Relevant have ever been particularly useful filters for anyone searching, in recent times anyway.
  14. Looking into these myself, I've got hold of a s/h 6 speed Maillard Compact in good condition which is the same width as a 5-speed. Would this Sunrace 14-28 not work for you, it's certainly cheap enough? There are quite a few new Shimano 6-speeds on ebay. Maybe you're looking for a wider range though.
  15. I have a feeling that, considering the efforts that you had to go to get an answer from them, Alamy probably don't want to even mention this, they probably think it might put people off, and so they 'deal' with it themselves by converting everything to sRGB as you eventually managed to discover. Any honest 'FAQ' page would have to say that Alamy's claims about any promised Discoverability from turning the bar green is nonsense in most circumstances. Indeed I've noticed a tweet recently from them that actively discouraged getting too imaginative with your keywords, I think it was taken from this page: https://www.alamy.com/blog/alamykeywording "Customers are people too and so there is no need to start reading the thesaurus or doing in-depth Google and Wikipedia research into every permutation of each word you add to your images. Customers don’t generally look for: “Juvenile female, facial expression, eco-friendly transportation device, mid-adult couple, familial togetherness, non-urban environment”. Actual people are more likely to be looking for: “girl, smiling, riding, bike, family, countryside”." It's a pretty good page actually, also mentions Alamy Measures.
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