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  1. I doubt that somehow, government messaging isn't emphasizing that the vaccinated can still catch it and pass it on, though amazingly there is a clip of Johnson actually saying that in an isolated moment of lucidity. For me the vaccinated are probably more dangerous than the un-vaccinated at the moment. Look what happened about Dr. Jenny Harries recommending caution, we'll probably never hear from her again.
  2. Following government guidelines, so that's going to turn out OK then.... https://www.yorkbarbican.co.uk/venue-info/coronavirus-update/
  3. Here's a thread to start with, a little old but I think it still applies, it's a start anyway. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/2642-royalty-free-vs-rights-managed/ Alamy's own advice here: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/understanding-stock-image-licensing/ And an Alamy video from the buyer's point of view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs--mdEG44Q
  4. It's early days but this could potentially affect photographers who post their images on Twitter as a form of self-promotion: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-59479688 https://twitter.com/TwitterSafety/status/1465683093436739588
  5. Yes, but they're different things aren't they? As I said, the old 'Browse my categories' are a strange mix of part and fully curated selections and search results, well past their sell-by-date really. The new 'Collections' are entirely curated selections of normally 100 images (sometimes 50, very occasionally more). Who knows how Alamy arrive at those selections but I suppose they're a good thing, a little labour-intensive from Alamy's point of view though. I can see it might be useful to be one of the chosen ones but I can't see how you might go about increasing your chances of doing so. Nei
  6. Yes Wim, but that's part of the problem, those so-called categories in 'Browse by category' are totally unrelated to the ones we enter in 'Optional' on AIM. In fact some of the positive suggestions were that they would correlate the two, but I can see that this far down the line that wouldn't be possible either. Edit: I know that I've said this before but they are either simple keyword searches with some curated pages up front, or pure curated pages of less than a thousand images or so.
  7. In case it is useful, a reminder of the list of categories: Abstracts and backgrounds Animals and wildlife Architecture and interiors Archive or historical Art and artwork Business Celebrations and life events Concepts Education Entertainment and celebrities Food and drink Healthcare and medical Industry and agriculture Landscapes Lifestyle News and reportage Objects and still life Occupations Plants and gardens Science Sport Technology Transport Travel Weather and seasons
  8. Thanks for posting this, interesting. It must be a very blunt tool if they use it internally given the current list of categories, coupled with the fact that huge swathes of the library won't have them at all and those that do may or may not be categorised optimally. Still, they're stuck with them, although new categories like 'climate change', 'diversity' or even 'environment' would be a very good idea how could they possibly bring them in now, who is going to retrospectively go back through their images and reassign them given that the reward for doing so is so unclear? I don't suppose they
  9. Or why can't they say whether they are used and if so in what way? No contributor can be sure if they are choosing appropriate categories because we can't search on them and see what comes up, as we could with keywords of course. There is no feedback loop, we are doing it blind.
  10. Well if it really is AI I suppose it could have just made a mistake. Beta testing!
  11. Indeed it is interesting, I did your search and one of the results is GKT519, a map. '215' doesn't figure in the caption or keywords, but it is on the map itself in two places. Is the Alamy search now reading the images as well, as Google does?
  12. Well, I give up I think. Searching for #climatechange brings up 2,336 images, all broadly on the theme of the environment but as far as I can see not containing either '#climatechange' or even 'climatechange' in caption or keywords. For example 2DGA8E9. What on earth is being searched on?
  13. Yes, I was thinking of your (negative) experience as I read it, I've never tried myself but had been thinking of doing so now that the nights draw in and 'scanning' seems like a more attractive proposition. It's odd that they refer to their 'customers' so first of all they have to become contributors and then presumably expect to be able to upload their archive images straightaway. Possibly not as simple as they make it sound.
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