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  1. I'm probably not adding anything meaningful to this discussion but just so as I understand - there is an 'Editorial RF' filter in the main search but you can only check it in addition to RF, so you can't find images that are just Editorial RF.
  2. Fascinating, seems to be the same effect, and if I'm reading him correctly he can actually see them through the viewfinder, and see them disappear when he removes the filter.
  3. Actually how about a surprise pick & mix bag of cheap filters to experiment on, I could come up with that.
  4. No prizes, or at least I can't think of one, but it would be nice to figure out what's going on, I agree that diffraction/interference seems most likely. If I was a high-end filter manufacturer I'd be using these sort of examples to scare the living daylights out of anyone tempted to buy cheap filters. Not a big filter user myself so it's certainly never happened to me, could also be associated with long lenses I suppose. I'm surprised it's not something that's come up more often with sports or wildlife photographers.
  5. Looks like a good outcome, I wonder if anyone could speculate as to what particular aspect of this cheap filter could cause this and by what process.
  6. This idea of cropping in from a high pixel, high quality sensor, from the D850 in this case, and using a shorter lens is very reminiscent of why the Rolleiflex was so widely used in the fifties and early sixties. A fantastic lens and and a huge negative compared to 35mm. How many realise that Elliot Erwitt's famous 'chihauhau' shot is crooped from 6x6, presumably a Rolleiflex as he could hold it near the ground and look down into the finder. https://www.magnumphotos.com/shop/collections/contact-sheet-prints/contact-sheet-print-chihuahua-new-york-elliott-erwitt/ So, if money is no object I'd like a digital Rolleiflex TLR please, same size, same lens(es).
  7. Looks like you're out of luck I'm afraid, see compatibility chart here: https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/camera-raw/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html So the Canon 5D Mk IV needs Lightroom 6.7, so will still work with the final Lightroom Perpetual (non CC) version which was 6.14 (as in six point fourteen rather than six point one four), though it seems you have to handle 'dual pixel' RAW files as in the note indicated.
  8. Thanks for the update. That's a weird one then, as Mark pointed out, it only seems to affect out of focus areas. Hope it's not too expensive!
  9. Thanks for checking, I'm stumped then. Is that jpeg an extreme crop. (sorry, question-mark stopped working on this keyboard!)
  10. Is that with VR on, does that make a difference.
  11. No, they've changed their minds and/or their working practices, there's a long thread about it here, see Alamy statement in blue on page 5: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/11753-colour-space/page/5/ They would routinely send out the answer that you received but it was incorrect, Mark Chapman tested it by actually purchasing his own images and seeing what colour space they were in, which was sRGB but with no colour profile. In the end Alamy came clean.
  12. Alamy converts to sRGB so no point uploading as Adobe RGB. Steve's covered it all I think but just to be clear, if one image fails they don't look at any more of the others. Do check for sensor spots, particularly in the skies of course.
  13. Chuck, just in case that wasn't just a typo, it's Vuescan by Ed Hamrick. Their own help files aren't a bad starting point: https://www.hamrick.com/vuescan/html/vuesc.htm
  14. Thanks for bringing it up, never got around to looking into it, I have it on a 35mm PC-Curtagon, but Canon FD not Leica R. Ah, so it's the black paint flaking off the outside of the elements, plenty on Google for me to read. I was going to sell it actually as I mainly use an Olympus, seems I shouldn't expect to get too much for it.
  15. Never seen it described as that, I'll have to Google. I have it on a Canon FD 35mm Schneider PC-Curtagon shift lens which I bought on a whim many years ago at Fox Talbot at the top of Tottenham Court Road. I've only just dug it out again to see what it's like on Fuji mirrorless, it's soft wide open but seems sharp and contrasty at the optimum apertures so it's hard to say if it has been affected as shift lenses often are soft at wide apertures. I've always thought it might be air bubbles in the balsam on the elements but never knew it had a name or that it was specific to Schneider. Any idea what it is?
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