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  1. This was in another thread but I'll put it here as it's related to artworks: http://www.artnews.com/2019/07/17/ai-weiwei-volkswagen-lawsuit/ Ai Weiwei wins lawsuit against VW distributor - a tad over $260,000
  2. I really must try to take Reimar's advice myself, I read all the stuff about them apparently having a negative effect when they were introduced but hopefully they must have a positive effect now? I suppose it's two questions, do they work at all, and if they do then is it worth using up your full quota of 10? I guess that will depend upon there being 10 'super' relevant keywords for that particular image and for some images that can be a stretch for me. I do try though, I've recently worked through the download csv and made sure that all mine have at least 5 (some didn't have any!). I intend to sweep through them again but I don't have that many to go through fortunately.
  3. Actually I skimmed through AP in the supermarket on Tuesday and of course the current printed version only has the earlier statement from Big Issue pointing the finger at Alamy, and stating that AP had tried to contact Alamy for a statement with no response, what a difference a day makes. I guess they'll update the story in next week's issue.
  4. In a statement on Instagram Big Issue initially denied responsibility and blamed Alamy. They have now thought better of it and seemingly accepted full responsibility: Here
  5. Not really relevant but I just did the maths and was surprised to see that if you were able to scale up the RX100 sensor to full frame you'd be getting over 140 Mp. I see the new Sony sensor gives 9504 x 6336 pixels, way more than I've ever wanted but I guess there will be those who will find a use for it. Sony themselves promote the ability to crop dramatically and still leave a decent file size, for bird photographers etc. There are also more AF points, better dynamic range, better viewfinder etc. I suppose another question is how else are manufacturers going to keep persuading people to buy new cameras every year or so if it's not by increasing the pixel count.
  6. It's more or less been replaced by this page: https://www.alamy.com/blog/alamys-rough-guide-to-digital-cameras As Allan says, 4/3 sensor and upwards according to Alamy guidelines though many swear by careful use of the Sony RX100 series (1" sensor), though mostly, but not exclusively they also use larger sensor cameras. Plenty on here about that.
  7. Excellent, a long thread and a lot of work for you, but worth it. I don't want to sound churlish but if they'd posted that statement publicly to all contributors when they joined up none of this would have been necessary. Commercially sensitive? Surely not.
  8. Very well done for getting a coherent reply, a great step up from the other statement that they were sending out. I still don't personally understand why they can't send them out with an sRGB profile but there we are.
  9. Cheers, dabbled with the mobile app but don't have a real use for it, I can see that it would be good for showing images to clients etc.
  10. I should point out that Avpics got the actual car, goodness knows how (hotline to Wim?). Bye the bye I remember passing a silver 'statue' of a Model T Ford on the way down from Cork to Skibbereen on my only trip to Ireland. I expect you know it, I think it's in the village that Henry Ford's father came from.
  11. Certainly is confusing isn't it? The comparison table makes no reference to Lightroom (CC) which is what they called the new Cloud based 'app' offering when they launched it with great fanfare and the so-called Lightroom Plan (1TB) doesn't even include Lightroom Classic, like it's become some kind of poor relation. Still, they do state that they will support both types 'for the foreseeable future' which is kind of reassuring for Lightroom Classic users. Lightroom Classic certainly means that you have your catalogs locally so I'm not entirely sure what you use your 20GB for, just casual cloud storage perhaps, or in conjunction with the mobile app perhaps. Hopefully MDM will explain.
  12. The very car, brilliant bit of detective work.
  13. Looks quite similar to a model from the 1927-31 Ford Model A range like this one, with the stone guard removed from the radiator: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Model_A_(1927–31)#/media/File:1928_Model_A_Ford.jpg I think they would have called it a Deluxe Roadster, so actually more like this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Model_A_(1927–31)#/media/File:Ford_A_de_Luxe_Roadster_blue_vrd.jpg
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