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  1. Yes, in theory and hopefully that might be possible for you if you decide to go that way. I was thinking more of what happens to your now updated Lightroom catalogues which include images from your new camera and that are now I think at least 2 process versions beyond your LR 6.14. If you stop paying the subscription then I think the 'Develop' module is disabled so you are just left in effect with 'Library'. If you've kept a copy of your LR 6.14 catalogue(s) then I suppose you can extract your new camera images from the now frozen CC LR catalogue(s) and deal with them in Affinity. I must say t
  2. Further to Ian's post, an Alamy piece on the late Keith Morris with a link to his pictures on Alamy, written well before his death in 2019: https://www.alamy.com/blog/selling-stock-photos
  3. That's good, nothing to lose really with that 90-day trial, maybe let us know how you get on. I'm thinking of having a go with the publishing option, might be useful.
  4. I can see where you're coming from Mark, the history is really important for me and is just one of the reasons that I wouldn't want to migrate from my Perpetual version of Lightroom. I quite often look at images that I've processed in the past and feel like I could do a better, or at least a different job of it. This is either because I've learnt something new, or just like a slightly different look now. Although if I really wanted to I could rework an image from scratch using a new virtual copy from the RAW file I would normally just use the history to find a suitable starting poi
  5. I think that would be an alternative though possibly too late for Allan now that he's subscribed. For Fuji I was recommended Iridient X-transformer for this purpose but they do different versions for Canon, Nikon, Olympus & Sony. If I felt the need to get a very recent camera that is what I would do I think, the RAW processing is reputed to be better than Lightroom for Fuji X files in fact. https://www.iridientdigital.com/store/
  6. One thing I hadn't realised until I did it just now is that because I have Lightroom Perpetual I can log into my Adobe account and download the latest version of Adobe Bridge for free, actually I'm on Windows 7 so Bridge 2020 is the latest for me but otherwise I could have had Bridge 2021. There may be other ways of getting hold of it, that is also good for captioning and keywording of course.
  7. As I've probably said Ad Nauseum on the forum, I'm a huge Lightroom fan but still use Lightroom Perpetual 6.14. I'm totally happy with the image processing side (though I know I'm missing some good new features in the latest version - fortunately I don't know what I'm missing!) and unlike some others I love the cataloguing/database side of it and rely on it in many ways. I'd have to say that there is nothing to compare with it and I don't think there is likely to be. If you don't use the cataloguing then there are many good alternatives for captioning/keywording, at the front of the queue woul
  8. Yes, as Mark says, they didn't used to let you enter even basic captions and keywords but they do now. To give them credit they do constantly update the software at no extra cost to you, and it's only £25 for now. It's not a Lightroom beater though, but definitely one possible alternative to Photoshop for those reluctant to subscribe. The interface is very different though.
  9. Lightroom 4 wouldn't have opened your Fuji X-T2 RAW files, though perhaps they are converted to Tiffs by the time you bring them into Lightroom, or could it have somehow used the latest version of ACR that you will have on your computer? MizBrown is right, 'Copy as DNG', 'Copy', 'Move' & 'Add' are all different options for the Import process so you will have always used one or the other without realising it, 'Copy' probably. They are listed in grey along the top of the screen. I think Lightroom remembers the last one that you used so perhaps you inadvertently used 'Add' once, or maybe the
  10. If it's any consolation I think you've just given a brilliantly concise description of the situation here in the UK as well. We seem to be doing well at getting the vaccine out though it's a little early to say and there seem to be shortages here also, inevitable I suppose. I'd have been much prouder if we'd been 'worldbeaters' at keeping the number of cases and deaths down though. Already there is pressure building up to go back to normal once the 'vulnerable' (they mean old) have been vaccinated. The usual suspects are talking about only employing people who've been vaccinated, though as you
  11. It was always recommended that one should rub the inside of your motorcycle goggles with half a potato to stop them misting up in Winter. Before you reach for the vegetable rack I never found that it worked, also it was deeply uncool and didn't do a lot for the overall clarity, never mind the misting.
  12. I suppose that we're all going to interpret things in our own ways, I'm not personally looking to push any boundaries because there seems to be far too much activity around here without me adding to it unduly. It's a mess obviously and the situation around the Derbyshire reservoir helped to highlight that. 'Local' is impossible to define but should the worst happen and a fine was issued I think it would be hard to get it revoked unless a National newspaper chose to take it up. I don't go fishing but it seems that since the article was written that has had a reprieve, including sea-fishing whic
  13. Useful article on the AP website with links to equally useful information on the RPS & Association of Photographers websites, not particularly uplifting obviously. https://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/latest/photo-news/can-i-go-out-and-take-photos-during-the-lockdown-144796?fbclid=IwAR1KpWvo73W4PxeB4P1z1YXaHnh3bZ25x8GvOTidpThNHN6HflcZsZiE364
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