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  1. OK, I imagine I've answered my own question from this Alamy Blog entry: https://www.alamy.com/blog/how-to-tell-if-an-image-file-size-is-big-enough "If you’re buying a royalty-free license, you pay for the image file size you need by selecting from one of the available image sizes. If you’re buying this way, be sure to buy an image file size that’s big enough for your project. If you’re buying one of our popular pricing licenses, you’ll automatically get the highest resolution available." Doesn't really explain the 150 dpi aspect but there we are.
  2. I don't have any RF images but I was wondering if it is known for sure that RF images ordered from the size dropdown menu are resized for download to the specified sizes? For example: XSmall £ 39.00 450 x 300 px 15.9 x 10.6 cm (72 dpi) 396 KB Small £ 60.00 691 x 461 px 24.4 x 16.3 cm (72 dpi) 933 KB Medium £ 140.00 1439 x 960 px 24.4 x 16.3 cm (150 dpi) 4 MB Large £ 165.00 2878 x 1919 px 24.4 x 16.2 cm (300 dpi) 15.8 MB XLarge £ 210.00 3838 x 2559 px 32.5 x 21.7 cm (300 dpi) 28.1 MB XXLarge £ 255.00 5117 x 3412 px 43.3 x 28.9 cm (300 dpi) 50 MB I presume they are but you never know. I've always thought it odd that they put the Medium resolution image to 150 dpi, as if that made a difference in real terms. For the web sizes I suppose it's more understandable that they are at 72 dpi. I can see that the actual pixel dimensions offered and the range of sizes are calculated off the actual image size.
  3. Last night viewers in the UK could see a programme about Blue Note Records "Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes". I'm not an out and out jazz fan so I had no idea that one of the two founders, Francis Wolff, was a photographer and he took it upon himself to photograph the artists long before photographs were really required (albums came in plain sleeves then) and then throughout the life of the company. Great atmospheric B&W photographs taken on a Rolleiflex with a hand-held flash. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000b8pd/blue-note-records-beyond-the-notes This site has the pictures, now owned and managed by Michael Cuscuna: https://www.mosaicrecordsimages.com/francis-wolff-photography The sound engineer Rudy van Gelder remembered ""The majority of the pictures that Frank took were taken with a Rolleiflex camera and a f3.5 lens, set at f.11 or f.8. Using Kodak tri-X film with a hand-held flash, he’d hold the camera in his left hand with the flash held up in his right - statue-of-liberty style. Trying to get the light source in the proper position, he was always stretching the cords to their capacity. In the middle of a session, he'd come behind the console and I'd have to solder the wires back together."
  4. Sorry, going round in circles then: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12207-getty-creative-to-retire-rm-completely/ By the way, you have to click on the 'Insert as link instead' below, or at least that seems to work in this case.
  5. See if this works: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12251-getty-going-all-rf/ Edit - correct link is: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12207-getty-creative-to-retire-rm-completely/
  6. I think it's all Creative RM, Editorial RM is continuing as I understand it. Doesn't affect the validity of your question though.
  7. Thanks! Oh well, it demonstrated something I guess, and not just that I can't spell 'pavilion'. In fact it has been spelt with 2 'l's in the past and Google comes up with a lot of references. I'd say put in both. https://sbpc.regencysociety.org/the-pavillion-brighton-sussex/
  8. Actually I only get 1260 images for the search 'Brighton Pavillion' here, but in any case that's quite a lot to compete with. As has been said, there is a lot on here about how to improve ranking and it is something of a dark art because Alamy don't release details of what affects it, and may change the algorithm in any case. Given that I can't know either I notice that your image has a pretty short caption but a lot of keywords. One of the theories is that the caption may be more important than the supertags, which are themselves more important than keyowords. It's just a theory but there is some substantiating evidence for it amongst experienced contributors. The good news is that with that one image you are in a perfect position to make some changes and see if it affects the ranking (wait for the server to update to see). Are all those keywords strcitly relevant? If the image comes up in irrelevant searches that will decrease its ranking, not saying they aren't relevant, just posing the question. Could you add 'Royal Pavilion' to the caption perhaps?
  9. Actually to be fair there are certain types of images that will benefit from a lot of keywords, you'll find examples if you search the various posts on this subject. Don't forget that you may need to add plurals (no stem-searching on Alamy) and US spelling perhaps, things like UK, United Kingdom, England, Europe etc. and conceptual keywords. 10 supertags is almost certainly a good idea, especially if a lot of them are repeated somehow in the caption. It's not an exact science though, and I don't take my own advice so look to others for how it should be done.
  10. Who would have relished that commission! I like the observation that at 79 H C-B was "still a simmering teakettle". Looks like he a flew a kite with the same little dance steps that he used to pursue the subjects for his street photography.
  11. Well, no I wasn't meaning that they worked in the computer field, just anyone, of any age, that uses a digital camera would have that basic knowledge. You don't have to work in the computer field to have a computer, and you don't have to make your living from photography to have a digital camera. How about the local camera club? I suspect that someone there would be delighted to help, just as all of us have been.
  12. Well, good luck with that, Photoshop is of course the industry standard but right now you need smaller steps. Do you really not have anyone in your real life, on the ground, social network that could come in and spend a couple of hours with you? I think the veil could be lifted from your eyes if you could do that. We're talking basic stuff, so just about anyone who prefers to use a camera over a phone.
  13. Yes, I do it that way also but I'm intrigued to see if his presets work better, he gives a free trial for 12 images I think, then it's $99. Never got on with ColorPerfect, a better grasp of German would have helped.
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