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  1. I think you're going for a laptop now Edo, it does seem difficult for anyone to recommend an affordable monitor to pair with a Mac Mini for photographic use, even if it is just for Alamy. I'm glad that Wim reposted his link to Arnaud Frich's site because I thought he seemed to talk a lot of sense and does seem to rationally discuss cheaper alternatives to Eizo, BenQ and wide gamut monitors in general. Navigation around the site is not quite as clear and well thought out as his reviews though. In particular he seems to like the Dell P2419H, a slightly older incarnation of the Dell t
  2. I hope they sort it out, they probably get asked about affordable monitors for Mac Minis as well so maybe they can help there as well, though photographers have particular needs over gamers and Netflix fans.
  3. I'm not sure if I'm right in thinking that Edo is moving from a MacBook Pro but if so then it's also the wider question that interests me. Macs (MacBooks or Imacs) seem to do very well with their integrated screens and I suspect that picture researchers and buyers that use them never calibrate them either. If you get a Mac Mini then I suppose it's a question of how much do you have to spend to get the same image quality and consistency from a different (non Mac) brand of monitor straight out of the box? I'd have to say that I don't know, hopefully someone does. The equivalent Mac displays are
  4. If you really don't want to spend more than £250 then I'm wondering if this Viewsonic might be better than the Dell, though I know nothing about it. Really you ought to budget for something to calibrate it with as well. Like MDM I don't really understand what your options boil down to if you can't buy online or accept deliveries. Clearly his BenQ & Eizo recommendations will be better than either the Viewsonic or Dell, and for good reason. You do get what you pay for but (full disclosure) personally I use a coupe of Dell Ultrasharps but I do calibrate them with an X-rite i1 Disp
  5. A great and very prolific photographer, hugely comprehensive old school Photoshelter website here: https://homersykes.photoshelter.com/ He's also more than reached his threshold for a book of his colour photographs here, options still available: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/colourworks1980s90s/colour-works-the-1980s-and-90s
  6. He says it was that or a new kitchen. Can't say you'd get much of a kitchen for my most expensive lens.
  7. Bird lovers might also like this one, how Oliver Wright captured a Wren's breath: https://www.oliverwrightphotography.com/blog/view/a-wrens-breath It's gone very big on social media I think, he used a Canon R5 with the 800mm L lens (very expensive) but his blog has some good general nature stuff, for Canon users in particular.
  8. According to the page of the landscape gardeners the house has just undergone extensive renovation so there will probably be planning permission online somewhere. Oxfordshire has an interactive map that you can search on, don't know about Hampshire.
  9. Thanks, I'd never come across Adam Savage but I'll be looking at his channel again, that was certainly a masterclass on superglue. I don't use it that often and of course when I want to it's dried out as he says. Now I use the medium stuff and the one I bought has a double screw cap and has been fine. That trick with the baking powder was extraordinary, worth waiting for even if I did have to sit through an advert by our very own Nigel Farage (something very wrong with the algorithm there). I'd never heard of the accelerator and I like those 'styrene' sheets, they look very handy. I'm also pl
  10. I can see how someone might have misguidedly glued the white plastic tube to the Nikon BR-5 ring (£47 at Wex!) but glueing that ring to the ES-1 adapter is taking things a bit far.
  11. Thanks Steve, I've not quite finished the Jane Bown documentary so I've some way to go yet. A lovely, quiet film though personally I didn't think they needed to include comments from the likes of Rankin, who clearly didn't know her. I suppose the director thought they needed a bit of celebrity interest.
  12. I may also be missing something because I haven't used them in earnest but they work very well from the customer's point of view, just do a search, create a lightbox, enter project details and description then add images from the thumbnail 'hover'. More or less duplicates how a researcher would want to work I would think. It's different for a contributor though, would be very nice to create a lightbox direct from a selection in Image Manager and a 'Copy URL' option would be useful for everyone I would have thought, researchers and contributors alike, rather than actually having to
  13. Yes, probably best. I doubt many people buy both the ES-1 & the ES-2 but you will be able to use that special 62-52 33mm plastic extension ring on the ES-1 so you'll probably only need to buy a 21mm or 28mm extension ring. The ES-1 is very slightly more stable in the closed position than it is fully extended but not really anything to worry about.
  14. Actually as it happens I recently wanted to remove the front element of an old but very good zoom lens. I knew the mounting ring was screwed on but there was nothing on it to engage a tool of any kind. Small strips of heavy duty double-sided tape around the lip of an empty mango chutney jar worked a treat.
  15. I see that the ES-2 comes with two adapters, both have 62mm at the lens and 52mm to attach to the slide holder, one is 9mm and the other is 33mm, both are plastic. I suspect that if you get a 21mm & 28mm '52mm' extension ring then you will be all set. Seems they are available on Amazon here. However, I'd also agree that buying a 14mm & a 7mm would give you more scope even if you don't end up needing them, or just wait till the ES-2 arrives I guess.
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