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  1. Nice story, memory card was fine and the owner had photographed his contact details on one of the frames so was reunited with his pictures. https://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/latest/photo-news/photographer-reunited-with-lost-camera-found-after-12-years-154064
  2. Good to see the video, I remember it being much busier than that so I guess the apparent drop in numbers made for a much more pleasant experience all round, well maybe not for the stands and the organisers but at least they pulled it off. Strange mix of masked and unmasked amongst the stallholders, but that's reflected everywhere I suppose.
  3. Hmm, yes, only one bid so it goes for the reserve price, 100 Ether (?) to a 'visionary and disrupter'. That's equivalent to $300,000 in real money, but is it real money?
  4. I also use Lightroom Perpetual, 6.14 in my case, surely the problem is that LR won't process RAW files from the R5? I guess one option is to use Iridient Developer to batch convert to DNGs which can then be imported into Lightroom. I use Iridient for my Fuji files because it does a better job at converting the RAWs on certain images (landscapes, distant foliage etc.) but that is specifically a Fuji issue, now addressed to an extent in Lightroom CC, I don't know about Canon RAW conversion but there is a free trial for that as well, though the resulting files are watermarked. I don't
  5. I see that you spoke of this here Mark, very interesting: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12067-impact-of-making-alternate-pseudonym/#comment-223343 I wonder if it holds true if the 'contributor' is an agency such as PA Images
  6. Hi Guido, I'll start this off but I'm no expert, hopefully others will follow. I see from this search that you have uploaded 338 images taken in the Majella National Park, and they look like very fine pictures to me. You are really asking about how the Alamy search algorithm works, and I guess how to best make use of it to see your pictures rise to the top of the pile. I think the short answer is that no-one really knows, and that also it can change, Alamy can change the importance of caption over keywords (tags) perhaps, or maybe supertags over caption, they could do this overnigh
  7. Actually I think that there are a lot of alternative facts about vaccine efficacy emanating from the government these days, the drive seems to be to persuade everyone that they can go back to normal, and should do so for the benefit of the economy. However Johnson apparently privately accepts that 50,000 a year will die from COVID as a result of this policy, something of an inconvenient truth. I'd rather still be getting my medical advice from the likes of Sir Patrick Vallance or Professor Chris Whitty rather than Sajid Javid or Rishi Sunak.
  8. I'll give the show a miss this year but I don't mean to put a dampener on it, I imagine it's still possible to feel safe in those large airy halls but I expect it will be a little different to normal, in the past it's been a real scrum around Nikon, Canon etc. I hope it is a success for them, it's a good show. Really I don't have enough of a reason to go, might be different if I had, if they hold the 'Society of Photographers' Trade Show in London in January I might go to that I suppose.
  9. Glad it went well Michael, a challenging situation I'm sure.
  10. I think you're being told wrong and that he antibody count from vaccination is much higher than that from the disease. I think this information comes from Israel, but they are reluctant to be seen as recommending that people should opt instead to try and catch the virus, for obvious reasons. https://www.science.org/content/article/having-sars-cov-2-once-confers-much-greater-immunity-vaccine-vaccination-remains-vital
  11. The Photography Show in the UK is going ahead though, hard to credit how jostling 3 deep to try out the latest cameras is going to help matters, perhaps things will be more controlled this year.
  12. So will I, but I do have to keep reminding myself that the mask is unlikely to help me, it's there to protect others. Went in a charity shop yesterday, pretty small though the door was open. surprised that the volunteer at the till wasn't bothering to wear a mask, possibly putting too much faith in the vaccine. On the other hand I can see that wearing a mask all day long in a shop is a different thing to just popping one on every now and again. But then I'm contradicting myself here already, the mask wasn't going to help him I suppose. False sense of security on my part. Any tennis
  13. You could always buy one I suppose, for personal or presentation use. The metadata csv is in fact available from your Image Manager screen, 'Send me my data'. Ignore the stuff about 24 hours, it should take less than a minute before the Download button appears, just refresh the page.
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