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Food! We all eat some and some of us snap images of it

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I’m still persevering with the odd food shot. Here’s a tasty Tesco Burrito I quickly snapped before scoffing it. Mrs Hyde has a Moussaka baking in the oven, a new one for us, so I’ll be grabbing a few pics of that later 😋



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I'm not much of a food photographer, but here is a recent one of huevos rancheros. They were delicious or "muy rico," as they say in Mexico. I guess you could say that the fried potatoes on the side are a Canadian touch. Also, in Mexico, the eggs are usually fried, not poached.


Closeup of a plate of Mexican huevos rancheros with corn tortillas, avocado and fried potatoes Stock Photo



I'm still waiting for someone to order my vegan / vegetarian pho -- it was also very tasty (and loaded with antioxidants).


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On 23/10/2021 at 15:55, Ed Rooney said:


Alfredo Viazzi was a close friend in NYC during my theatre-acting life. My wife appeared in one of his weekly plays. He had fought against the fascists of Italy and Germany. I once saw him take down a guy twice his size and then brought him into his Portofino restaurant and fed him dinner.


I miss Alfredo as I miss so many of my departed close friends and family in this past decade. Never send for whom the bell tolls. . . . .



Thanks for the interesting story about Alfredo, he's pretty much unknown in Italy. He doesn't even have a wikipedia page, maybe you will  consider writing one :)

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I had some of that lime chutney with my salmon fillet today. Very nice. I eat salmon or cod several times a week, so a new taste is welcome. I grill in an empty pan on my worthless cooker, prep the fish with salt, pepper, herbs, and lemon, then add butter towards the end. I'm bored with my diet -- bored period at the moment. 


Looking at Alamy sales and uploads, I want to say that I see a lot of very good images. Good work, folks!  😀

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On 24/10/2021 at 09:39, Bryan said:

Our oven tends to burn the outer edges of a pizza before it cooks the centre, despite using a pizza stone. Looks like you may have a similar problem?

The dough is insulated with topping so there's not much you can do about it. I assume you cook the base first. Some ovens have an undeclared temperature gradient as well, so I turn it round a couple of times. It's baked in the pan the base was cooked in. I think we discussed this a while ago. Mine haven't improved in 18 months but I get no complaints.


A grilled home-made pizza with tomato paste, chorizo, olive, cheddar cheese and capsicum topping in a blue Le Creuset frying pan on a marble worktop Stock Photo



No sales yet- don't know about views, I don't look to closely these days.

I have a couple of my oysters and choucroute alsacienne from the Wolseley on Sunday (that should be on the "good things" thread!) but they're on an iphone so they won't be getting up here.



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I have a lot of food photos in my portfolio. Tacos are my thing. And Asian food, like Thai. And veggie still lifes. A lot of my food images are in "the app" because I hate pulling out the big camera at a restaurant. 

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