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  1. Problem is law changes now and then, freedom of panorama with restriction to non commercial usage was only introduced in 2016 in France. And then, what is commercial usage exactly?
  2. Great now we're not even sure what this thread is about. Not even native English speakers fully understand the new contract. Time for Alamy to step in and shed some light ? Lol at red arrow, didn't know this was primary school.
  3. I could not have expressed it in a better way, if they don't amend I'm out. It's already pathetic and laughable that they haven't answered any questions after 50 pages of comments. Edited: They did, but laughable anyhow.
  4. Another commission cut, who would have expected? But calling it GOLD....seriously??
  5. Hi, I'm not from accounting but had a similar problem last month. If the payment did not go through for any reason you might see on your dashboard->account setting->payment info, a message like "invalid payment details" or something like that. In that case payment will be reissued beginning next month. Some think about Borat I think about Mr. Bean.
  6. Always nice to read the old Alamy grumpies bullying at those doing MS...
  7. Sorry no allowance for comments based on prejudice and ignorance. China has been my second home for the last few years. While I have some reserves about their government, it's the only country who's helped Italy so far. US? a Tweet.
  8. Hopefully Alamy will close this thread soon so that we won't have to read such ignorant comments from Mrs. 2nd amendment.
  9. You're spreading fake info about an important matter on a public forum.. There is no scientific evidence that the virus will reappear. Au contraire, it is a fact that lockdown has worked in China and it is working in Italy (ZERO new cases in the town where it all started and was first locked down). And for your info (but it seems you are not that familiar with the word "information"), the countries that most helped Italy are China, Cuba and Venezuela.
  10. Stefano, don't wait for the governement or airlines to tell you what to do. Everyone must do their part, if that means staying home, canceling a trip etc it's a small sacrifice in the big scheme of things. Un abbraccio anche a voi. Ca
  11. We're not even allowed to go out unless necessary here...stock sales are the least of our worries.
  12. It takes a lot of naivety to be optimistic with Alamy. The company that donated 6M to charity and cut contributors commission to finance their US office. At least the other agency whose name cannot be made here, made it clear long time ago that they are just Corporate America, without hiding themselves behind a "we're proud of doing things differently".
  13. Chinese are criticized today for bad behaviour as Americans, Japanese and Northern European people have been in the past, when they were enjoying new wealth and travelling abroad for the first time. I still remember German women going topless on South Italian (very conservative places) beaches in the 80s, but would anyone say today that they have not respect for where they are?
  14. How about posting that masterpiece that licensed for 180k? Just to provide a better teaching experience...
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