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The July challenge finalists

July 2020 Challenge Poll - Fire, water, earth and air  

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  1. 1. Challenge finalists

    • Malcolm Park's Stonehenge sunrise
    • Bryan's Santa special
    • TeeCee's Tin mine gag
    • Kristin's wind surfer
    • Genevieve's fire breather
    • Miz Brown's Country cooking in Nicaragua
    • Shergar's Yosemite Horsetail fall
    • Olivier's Kirkjufell mountain and Kirkjufellfoss
    • Sally R's Fog on Bibra Lake

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  • Poll closed on 09/08/20 at 19:00

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I had great difficulty in narrowing a large set of excellent submissions down to 8 - so I've compromised and narrowed it down to 9.  The descriptions and contributor IDs are above the individual images,  As always, vote for your favourites.  I've set the poll to close at 20:00 UK time on Sunday 9th August. In the event of a tie I'll invoke challenge setter's privilege and choose between the winners.


#1 Malcolm Park's Prehistoric standing stones of Stonehenge at sunrise in summer, Wiltshire, England 




#2 Bryan's The Santa Special or North Pole Express on the Tanfield Railway running through a snow covered landscape. North East England




#3 TeeCee's Tin mine gag gone wrong at Sidmouth




#4 Kristin's Kite surfer or kiteboarder with white sail on a windy day in front of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands, San Francisco Bay




#5 Genevieve Vallee's Mallory Square - Fire breather - Sunset celebrations Key West - Florida - USA




#6 Miz Brown's Country cooking in Nicaragua at El Laurel Finca in Jinotega Department. 




#7 Shergar's Yosemite's Horsetail fall illuminated at sunset in the park during the month of February.




#8 Olivier Parent's Kirkjufell mountain and Kirkjufellfoss (falls) in Snæfellsnes peninsula




#9 Sally R's Fog on Bibra Lake



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Wow, I didn't expect to be amongst the finalists, thanks John. However the competition is very tough and I suspect I know who the winner might be, a truly magical image.

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1 hour ago, Sally R said:

Thanks so much John for including one of mine. I feel lucky to be included amongst these images.


Yes this is seriously lava-like, and what I think I'd interpret it as if I had no other info to go on. Amazing!


I had to stare at it for a while to understand what was going on.

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We have a winner in Shergar's elemental Yosemite waterfall shot.  Well done, Duncan.


So, up to you to set the August challenge.  And no, you can't do it dreckly 😀 


I found it very helpful to have the list of previous challenges so I've updated and included it below.  Thanks to the original compiler and later updaters.



July - Fire, water, earth and air

June - Green

May - Signs

April - Social Gathering

March - Fog and Mist

February - Sustainability

January - Irony


December - Holiday Spirit

November - Empty

October - Attention to the Reflection (Urban) 
September - Faces
August - Climate
July - Children in Action
June - Remembrance, Honouring, Celebrating
May - The Thrill and Joy of Sport
April - Women's Role in Todays Society
March - Eating
February - What is Love?
January - Happy New! 
December - Converging Lines
November - The City
October - You Wear It Well
September - Think Local
August - NEWS
July - FUN
June - National parks scenery (pure nature)
May - Twilight
April - In or On the Water
March - Without leaving the house (or garden)
February - Winter Activities
January -  Music 
December - Taste
November - Iconic
October - Failure
September - Critters
August - On The Beach
July - Street Art
June - Festivals
May - Transport
April - Proverbs and sayings
March - Urban Wildlife
February - Urban Landscape
January - Friendship and Friends 
December - Behind
November - Trees
October - River
September - Our Native Land
August - Digital Manipulation
July - Pedal Power
June - Help
May - Worm's eye view
April - City
March - Joy of Travel
February - The Blue Hour
January  -  Silhouettes and Shadows 
December - Motion
November - Solitary
October - The Decisive Moment
September - Concept
August - Travel Magazine cover
July - Skyline
June - Environmentally Friendly
May - Communication
April - Little
March - The Good Life
February - I don't know why I like it..
January - Informal Portrait of a Stranger 
December - Festivities
November - Autumn Colour (Color)
October - Shoot Local
September - Music
August - Bridges
July - My Favourite Place
June - Perspective
May - Rules
April - Abstract/Minimalism
March - Health
February - The Unusual / The Weird / The Lucky Shot
January - Sunset 
December - Peace
November - Cold
October - Harmony
September - Triumphant
August - Taking it easy
July - Heat
June - Night
May - Excess
April - In the Air

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23 hours ago, John Richmond said:

Looks like I might not have to provide the casting vote = unless a flurry of last minute votes come in for the runners up to Shergar's entry.  Voting ends 20:00 UK time tomorrow (sunday).

I had a couple large steak pastys  ready to send had it needed your casting vote John, fortunately I didn't need to send them so I ate the buggers.


Thanks for running the challenge me ansome.


Cheers and gone



Edited by Shergar
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