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Look at these superb images

Colin Woods

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(When I first typed the above I inadvertently put in a space between the "n" & "t". Maybe I should have left it. FAN TASTIC).




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9 hours ago, Bryan said:

All very impressive, but I particularly liked the view from the bus window, unlike some of the others, a shot within the grasp of most ordinary folk!


Good point. I tend to get overwhelmed by spectacular images like some of these as they are so far removed from my daily life. I also prefer to run the other way when lightning strikes. 😛


Having spent much of my youth in snowy Montreal and surroundings, I like the image of the motorcycle stuck in the snow. It brings back some memories. I used to stow my beloved Triumph motorcycle in the garage for the winter, but I can remember getting caught in some unexpected autumn snow storms -- not exactly a lot of fun. Also, helping to push stuck cars out of snowdrifts was almost a daily ritual during the winter.

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