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Have you Found any alamy Photographs MAY 2013

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Mail Online 28th


AT10D2 - Mike Fizer King Air Turboprop
AWT90C - Michelle Chaplow Spain Tapas bar two female friends enjoying tapas wine and the outdoor Spanish lifestyle Andalucia
A3R3HH - Chris Rout   2 Women shopping
CRYYX4 - A.P.S. (UK)  aerial view Froebel College Campus, Roehampton University, London SW15
AF66GH - Art Directors & TRIP  Woldingham Roman Catholic Boarding School Caterham Surrey England
B0WC0B - Michael Krabs Skyline of Sydney, Sydney Opera House and Queen Elizabeth 2 luxury line


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Coast April 2013

p16 - CFMCCK - Jeremy Lightfoot / Robert Harding World Imagery (image flipped, which is weird, because the mountain cliff in the background is quite recognisable)
p56 - BC6FYG - Stan Green - Penarth
p59 - B2KPE6 - The Photolibrary Wales - Penarth
p88 - AYGDA4 - Trevor Allen - Hunstanton Cliffs
p94 - AF7BY5 - Horizon International Images Limited - Porlock bay
p96 - CF6H2H - Tom Wilkinson - Dunster Castle
p96 - C2N4H2 - Tom Wilkinson - Kilve Beach or:
CF6E7H - Tom Wilkinson/LOOP IMAGES - Kilve Beach (same image; a bit more saturation & contrast which Coast doesn"t like)
p97 - B00F1P - the blue loft picture library - Statue of the ancient mariner
p98 - AB7PRF - Stockex - Coffee at seaside
p114 - C8KPHX RF - ian woolcock - Talland Bay


BTW: Padstow Harbour (p16)
2,375 Results on Alamy
14 Results on Shutterstock and they take one from Shutterstock


Coast researcher(s) can drill deep, like 4 pages/120, but on occasion they will just pick the first one from page one. They will desaturate and lighten up (especially shadows).




edit: they, not the.

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Huffington Post - US Edition May 27, 2013

Smart Cookout Swaps slide show
D2TXG3, Josie Grant  -  Royalty Free     Refreshing summer alcoholic beverages with fruit and mint
5 Tips For Empty Nesters With Newly Empty Nests slide show
BEH9YE, STEVE LINDRIDGE -  Royalty Free     A professional female photographer.
Cannot find - Man on Costa Rican(?) beach
BHGJR6, Maiwolf/Cultura Creative -  Royalty Free     Middle aged couple holding hands

Huffington Post - US Edition May 28, 2013

8 Healthy Cooking Oils slide show
BHT597, Jose Luis Stephens -  Royalty Free     Flower of Marijuana plant
Cool Currencies Of The World slide show
CE5Y3Y, Phillip Minnis -  Royalty Free     Australian Fifty Dollar Notes, featuring the portrait of Dame Enid Lyons
C0Y6G9, Gaertner -  Royalty Free     Collection of old Egyptian banknotes with 25 Piastres Gizeh Sphynx and one pound note
AXAW9A, Melba Photo Agency -  Royalty Free     Currency of French Polynesia
C87GNY, Glyn Thomas  -  Royalty Free     Maldives 10 Ten Rufiyaa Banknote.
ARY8WC, Eye-Stock -  Royalty Free     A trio of 10 20 and 50 Swiss Franc note against a awhite background.
B8738C, Imagemore - Style Series/IMAGEMORE Co., Ltd. -  Royalty Free     Hong Kong paper currency
BCDEXJ, Stacy Gold/National Geographic Image Collection  -  Royalty Free     South African currency, the rand.
B39A23, MOB IMAGES  -  Royalty Free     1 Lempira Bank notes from Honduras
BYPX7T, Glyn Thomas -  Royalty Free     New Zealand Ten 10 Dollar Note.
ABYRGM, imac -  Royalty Free     Five 5 dollar bill Canadian Canada cash money
Millennial's Most Wanted Employers: CNBC slide show
CXFYB0, Helen Sessions -  Rights Managed     Microsoft office building, Canada
A62BT0, Glowimages 29/GlowImages -  Royalty Free     Aerial view of a government building in a city, CIA headquarters, Virginia, USA
CXMH0B, B Christopher  -  Rights Managed     FBI Headquarters building sign :-)
A0N3BJ, Kevin Foy -  Rights Managed     Apple logo inside Apple computers store on 5th avenue Manhattan New York USA
Brands That Will Disappear In 2014 slide show
D5G61C, Helen Sessions -  Rights Managed     Mitsubishi of Canada National Headquarters
CAACP6, ZUMA/ZUMA Press, Inc. -  Rights Managed     (Published on 11/19/2004, C-1; UTS1845207) SLleap231061x001/Nov 16---This is a Tec
A357GW, Roberto Herrett -  Rights Managed     Olympus OM1 Single Lens Reflex SLR film camera
AY9KRM, Buzz Pictures -  Royalty Free     VOLVO XC 70 XC70 SILVER
C9004F, digitallife -  Rights Managed     livingsocial livingsocial. com
CAHK59, ZUMA/ZUMA Press, Inc.  -  Rights Managed     Dec 6, 2007-New York City, NY, USA MARTHA STEWART at the Third Annual Wo
CXPATF, Tony Cordoza  -  Rights Managed     Nook tablet and books
BX4X89, Ian Dagnall -  Rights Managed     JCPenney store at the Eagle Ridge Mall, Lake Wales, Central Florida, USA
Unusual Jobs With Surprisingly High Pay: Forbes slide show
AFEW30, Jack Sullivan -  Royalty Free     A coffin in an undertakers
BGA8YE, Jeremy Graham/dbimages -  Rights Managed     Hot dog vendor in Manhattan, New York City
APXYDA, acestock/ACE STOCK LIMITED -  Rights Managed     Buy Clothes Couple Fashion Man Shopping Women
B46MH2, Kröger/Gross/Bon Appetit -  Rights Managed     Strawberry ice cream in a container with scoop
How To Nap At Work slide show
C3HJMK, Jamie Grill Photography/Tetra Images -  Royalty Free     Businessman yawning in office
AXXNK0, M Itani  -  Royalty Free     man looking at his watch
BC733T, AGENCJA FREE -  Rights Managed     woman sleeping in car
Cannot find - Business man sleeping at work
Cannot find - Mobile phone in hand
Cannot find - Business man holding coffee cup
Cannot find - Business women talking in office
Foods That Can Trigger Acid Reflux slide show
Cannot find - Tomatoes on vine
ACX340, foodfolio  -  Rights Managed     MINT LEAVES CUT OUT
Cannot find - Chocolate bar
ACE7MM, Big Cheese Photo LLC -  Royalty Free     Grapefruit on green plate
APFMR0, foodfolio  -  Rights Managed     WHITE AND MALT VINEGAR
How Yoga And Meditation Help... slide show
BAC2EP, Chris Batson -  Royalty Free     elderly man oap old age pensioner hands clutching walking stick at home
AXN5PT, Deco Images II -  Royalty Free     x ray of brain showing hemorrhage blood clot brain attack
C3TB4D, KAKIMAGE -  Royalty Free     elderly woman in wheelchair outdoors with caregiver
Cannpt find - Chain link fence against sky
Cannot find - Wide angle view of school classroom
7 Weird Divorce Stories slide show
AB0PHY, DAJ/amana images inc. -  Royalty Free     A Man Cleaning a Window Side View Close Up
CFR80A, Gabriel Blaj -  Royalty Free     Portrait of serious elderly woman standing with arms folded isolated on white backgro
APP1XX, Denkou Couple/Denkou Images  -  Royalty Free     Couple ignoring each other in bed

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29/05/2013, UK, Guardian, p23, Swiss women drinking coffee, B8YJTC, Johnér Images [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
29/05/2013, UK, Guardian, p32, cutout of lamb credited to Alamy that I can't find.
29/05/2013, UK, Guardian, p33, elderly man & carer, BGY141, Dave & Les Jacobs [Credit to Cultura creative/Alamy]
29/05/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p3, prunes, A8653D, foodfolio [Circular crop. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
29/05/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p9, broken iphone, BF52GX, jasonsalmon [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
29/05/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p18, Scrabble tiles spelling 'LOL', C9A01Y, Nick Sinclair [Alamy credit only]

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Mail Online 29th


A4MMCX - Emmanuel LATTES


Also Student Ball at Oxford


A1P88B - Chris Andrews

B3M91M - Miscelany


A Bank Complaint story


B9AXG3 - Andrew Butterton


Girl 16 Story


B1KAHK - Greg Balfour Evans


Travelodges and premier Inn Story


BEFXRB - Convery Flowers

AH1AKB - Kevin Britland (Image Cropped)




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29/05/2013, Daily Telegraph, P19, Man shooting game bird, BWK3BF, Kumar Sriskandan, [Alamy Credit only]

29/05/2013, Daily Telegraph, P24, Glyndebourne, CRTM13, Kumar Sriskandan, [Alamy Credit only] [cropped]

29/05/2013, Daily Telegraph, P24, Seven Sisters, D6KHDR, eye35.pix, [Alamy Credit only]

29/05/2013, Daily Telegraph, Business, B2, House for sale and to let signs, BE2P2J, John James, [cropped]

29/05/2013, Daily Telegraph, Business, B8, Couple watching cricket, BNH0W0, Kumar Sriskandan, [cropped]

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Ramblers Walk magazine summer 2013


CFCNY7 Jon Sparks - Vatersay


ARC93T Rolf Richardson - Tilford village cricket match


BRJ2KX Anna Stowe Landscapes UK - Buttermere


AC60K5 Mar Photographics Callater Loch and Callater Burn


AYRWJ4 Steve Hawkins Photography - Yarmouth

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29/05/2013, Daily Telegraph, P19, Man shooting game bird, BWK3BF, Kumar Sriskandan, [Alamy Credit only]

29/05/2013, Daily Telegraph, P24, Glyndebourne, CRTM13, Kumar Sriskandan, [Alamy Credit only] [cropped]

29/05/2013, Daily Telegraph, P24, Seven Sisters, D6KHDR, eye35.pix, [Alamy Credit only]

29/05/2013, Daily Telegraph, Business, B2, House for sale and to let signs, BE2P2J, John James, [cropped]

29/05/2013, Daily Telegraph, Business, B8, Couple watching cricket, BNH0W0, Kumar Sriskandan, [cropped]


Well done Doc !


3 out of 5 above !!!


Thanks Tim for finding those!!, and DavidC for that - some sort of record for me - bit like waiting for a number 61 bus....!!


Kumar Sriskandan

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