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Have you Found any alamy Photographs MAY 2013

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Coast June 2013


p18 - CNEKB4 - Steve Morgan - Isle of May
p68 - BRTDDM - John Peter Photography - Tay Road Bridge
p70 - D17BKJ - DGB - Broughty Castle
p86 - ADRYB4 - brinkstock - blackpool pier donkeys
p102 - C2PW72 - Neal Askew/English Heritage - Berwick Barracks
p102 - BMB5CG - Clearview - Staple Island
p108 - A5WP1H - Paul Glendell - Vatersay Island
p111 - CFCNY7 -  Jon Sparks  - Vatersay Island
p122 - CRE2H1 - Rob Wilkinson - Chichester



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Marie Claire USA - June 2013


p124 - APHK12 RF -  Wiskerke - Great Falls VA - yeay! one of my own! totally by coincidence.
p200 - D1N3RF RF - Maya Kovacheva - Pretzels
p216 - B6255X - Brian H. Thomas - small plane (cut out)
p216 - BMC4X3 - Alex Stokes - TV (used in a comp)



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BTPJFD                 Christine Webb                                 http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=percorsi

BTPP8P                 Christine Webb                                http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=percorsi

CP5BD6                 Marco Monti                                      http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=percorsi

CP5X1Y                 DEA / R. CARNOVALINI                  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=percorsi

AW0EPP               adam eastland                                 http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=lombardia

B6AJEF                  David Robertson                              http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=lombardia

BBBYXN                David Burton                                     http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=lombardia

CP4YK6                 Universal Images Group                               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=lombardia

A7PJN5                 blickwinkel                                        http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=emelia

CP5JW1                                Universal Images Group                               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=emelia

CP5JW5                                Universal Images Group                               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=emelia

CP5YH6                 Universal Images Group                               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=emelia

AK28MF               KASH GTorsello                                                http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=puglia

BMM8T7              Adam Eastland Italy                        http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=puglia

BMM936              Adam Eastland Italy                        http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=puglia

CP5DND               Universal Images Group                               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=puglia

AGJG0E                 Julian Nieman                                   http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=molise

CP45HN                Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=molise

CP5752                 Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=molise

CP61EP                 Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=molise

CP5CN3                                Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=trentino

CP5CN7                                Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=trentino

CP5RYX                 Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=trentino

CWJWTF              Profimedia.CZ a.s.                           http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=trentino

A4B3FF                 Lightworks Media                            http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=basilicata

A6RB84                Stock Italia                                          http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=basilicata

BJMFYJ                 Ernst Wrba                                          http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=basilicata

CP65NK                                Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=basilicata

AMBRCR              Comoglio stock                                 http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=piemonte

BHE9D9                Wayne HUTCHINSON                     http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=piemonte

BJM2HT                lugris                                                    http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=piemonte

CXA7TH                               Stock Italia                                          http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=piemonte

BHX1EG                Francesco Gavazzeni                      http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=valdaosta

CBF1B3                 Tibor Bognar                                      http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=valdaosta

CBF1EP                 Tibor Bognar                                      http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=valdaosta

CP53P6                 Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=valdaosta

B3NJDP                                Werner Otto                                      http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=calabria

BNJR6N                                Prisma Bildagentur AG                  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=calabria

BNM8HK              Prisma Bildagentur AG                  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=calabria

CP4TM5                Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=calabria

AWRDWT            Saverio Maria Gallotti                    http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=abruzzo

BCGR2R                Taplight                                               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=abruzzo

C8C58X                Marc Hill                                              http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=abruzzo

CP5W64               Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=abruzzo

AKYPJK                imagebroker                                      http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=sardegna

C53JXG                 Mauro Spanu                                     http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=sardegna

C9CHY1                 Yadid Levy                                          http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=sardegna

CF7RAD                                Prisma Bildagentur AG                  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=sardegna

A3JB5B                 David Noton Photography           http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=toscana

APC5E0                John Crum                                          http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=toscana

B5KEGJ                 Joyce Stephens                                                http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=toscana

BG537K                 Premium Stock Photography GmbH        http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=toscana

AFMGFF               Mircophoto                                        http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=liguria

B6PF8N                                Gillian Price                                       http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=liguria

CP53WX               Universal Images Group                               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=liguria

CP4E44                 Universal Images Group                               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=liguria

B0CF1B                 David Reed                                         http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=umbria

A06BT1                 Travel Pictures                                  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=umbria

CP46KB                Universal Images Group                               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=umbria

C71GJD                 Grant  Medium Format                  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=umbria

C57EDE                 Prisma Bildagentur AG                  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=friuli

C57ENM               Prisma Bildagentur AG                  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=friuli

ACXHHT               PhotoDreams                                   http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=friuli

AMGMX5             Hackenberg-Photo-Cologne       http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=friuli

CP61DR                                Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=campania

D1W3JW              Calum Dickson                                  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=campania

B0FFKF                 James Jenkins - Travel Photography       http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=campania

CP5BR0                 Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=campania

CP5D8E                 Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=veneto

CC4B0E                 Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=veneto

B6WDC8               Damian Waters/drumimages.co.uk         http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=veneto

D45JC1                  Lynne Nieman                                  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=veneto

C745G2                 Caro                                                       http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=lazio

CP4F23                 Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=lazio

CC3HRD                Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=lazio

AKG4RA               BRIAN HARRIS                                   http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=lazio

CP5MWT              Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=sicilia

CMMXWK            Robert Harding World Imagery  http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=sicilia

CP5MXN              Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=sicilia

CP68W6               Universal Images Group               http://www.rav4sideofyou.it/percorsi.php?p=sicilia

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Mail Online 30th


BA28BT - Pictorial Press Ltd  DRACULA 1931 Universal film with Bela Lugosi

A7P4JG - Andy Myatt  The Old Bailey London UK

BF9PYJ - Alex Segre Whittington Hospital, Archway, London, England, Britain, UK

BTJ94E - David Wall The Old Bell Pub (built in 1670's), Fleet Street, London, England

AMCWCJ - Mike Kemp Three people with cell phones outdoors at night smiling

AYBGX1 - Nick Gregory  GM crops biohazard warning

B4GA1X - acestock £10 notes Boy Cash Jeans Money Teenage Teenager

AE1KRN - Howard Barlow Manchester city centre bound congestion builds up at 8 15am as the M56 

BHXR1W - Ian Nellist Manchester Crown Court on Minshull Street Manchester


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Huffington Post - US Edition May 29, 2013

Food Scandals That Have Rocked The World slide show
CC5AF7, Finnbarr Webster - Royalty Free Bottle of milk, Milk bottle
Caffeine In Drinks slide show
BFWJ2C, David Gysel - Royalty Free Coffe glas with Canister and Coffe Brewer in Background
BJMGKA, Morris, Steven/Bon Appetit - Rights Managed A spoonful of instant coffee (close-up)
A91P8D, artpartner-images.com - Rights Managed cup of tea with teabag Teetasse mit Teebeutel
AXA7YJ, RayArt Graphics - Royalty Free espresso
C0W7XA, AnnCuttingSelect - Rights Managed fresh coffee in white cup on game board
A2RPXH, Martin Harvey - Rights Managed White porcelaine cup with drinking chocolate Almond and chocolate biscoti in backg
How Mindfulness Training Could Help People With PTSD Symptoms slide show
BR0858, Robb Kendrick/Aurora Photos - Rights Managed A woman gets a brain scan done in a Texas hospital.
Cannot find - Woman with laptop computer
AECHHH, Rolf Bruderer/Blend Images - Royalty Free Hispanic mother and daughter sitting in car with door open talking to father
Cannot find - Senior couple kissing
CYFFTJ, creo77/YAY Media AS - Royalty Free Man sleeping well in bed - Sweet dreams.
Five Things You Should Never Eat (And What To Eat Instead) slide show
A0M6JH, JTB Photo/JTB MEDIA CREATION, Inc. - Rights Managed Authentic Japanese local cuisines
A90YM8, Judith Collins - Royalty Free Slice of White Bread elevated view
A65DBT, foodfolio - Rights Managed MARIE ROSE SEAFOOD SAUCE
B4707M, Paul, Michael/Bon Appetit - Rights Managed Salad dressing with ingredients
BJM90C, Keller & Keller Photography/Bon Appetit - Rights Managed Chopsticks and a Bowl of Sticky White Rice
BRK4BM, Realimage - Rights Managed Still Life, UK. Pile of uncooked brown rice and plastic container
AKW46P, foodfolio - Rights Managed HANDFUL OF WHITE SUGAR CUBES
B1NY1W, Craig Richardson - Rights Managed Studio shot of a bowl of mixed fruit in an environment
What Constitutes Infidelity? slide show
C576H8, CJG - Technology - Rights Managed Close up picture of a young Caucasian woman using Facebook social networking website on
10 Great Ideas For Retirement Jobs slide show
CNMJ18, Robert Nicholas/OJO Images Ltd - Royalty Free Older woman using laptop
A5P2CM, Custom Medical Stock Photo - Royalty Free Home care skilled nurse visits elderly patient at home.
C9DBJA, Greer & Associates, Inc./Purestock - Royalty Free Bartender pouring drink
Cannot find - Make up artist and model
C2EAEN, Wendle Wright - Royalty Free A tousit bus on the Golden Gate Bridge
B60FRE, Stockbroker/MBI - Royalty Free Woman sitting on lawn of school with laptop
Schools With The Best Sex Life
BX3HBK, Philip Scalia - Rights Managed Healy Hall, main building of Georgetown University, Washington D. C.
CX18JF, Rob Crandall - Rights Managed LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA - Royce Hall on UCLA campus.
ACPFA5, Peter Casolino - Rights Managed Yale University New Haven Connecticut
D868DG, Philip Scalia - Rights Managed Syracuse University New York State
CBY4HW, nobeastsofierce - Royalty Free Red question mark, isolated on white
Most Gay Friendly Cities slide show
CBDD2G, Bob Gibbons  -  Rights Managed     Street view in Autumn (fall) in Cambridge, Mass; USA
BB8WR0, David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. -  Rights Managed     The Queen Mary museum and hotel ship at Long Beach Califorina USA
BK5WF6, Christian Kober/Robert Harding World Imagery  -  Rights Managed     Downtown buildings and the Space Needle, Seattle, Washington
C53KFE, LCDM/Universal Image Group/Universal Images Group (Lake County Discovery Museum) -  Rights Managed     Greetings from Palm Springs

Huffington Post - US Edition May 30, 2013

De-Stress With 7 Unusual Meditation Techniques
A94M43, Federico Meneghetti/CuboImages srl - Rights Managed Labyrinth Pisani villa Stra Riviera del Brenta Veneto Italy
C4M4KN, Tom Merton/OJO Images Ltd - Royalty Free Woman laughing
BXW5DA, Oleksiy Maksymenko Photography - Royalty Free Burning candle isolated on black background
CX978K, Jatuporn Asavanichakorn - Royalty Free Big Standing Guan Yin in Thailand
5 Tips For Dealing With Defiant Teens slide show
BM0J27, Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/Cultura Creative - Royalty Free Mother and daughter having a talk
ABYT0M, imac - Royalty Free Girls high school soccer action
BXDE0P, Robert Daly/OJO Images Ltd - Royalty Free Mother and teenage son having video chat on laptop
A38X97, Don Hammond/Design Pics Inc. - Royalty Free Mother talking to daughter
AKK4CF, CLEO Photo - Royalty Free Mother and Junior High son Talking outside St Paul Minnesota
LBGT Service Cases slide show
A32JHM, vincent abbey - Royalty Free Wedding dress hanging in front of window
20 Things Not To Worry About Before You Turn 20
Cannot find - interracial teen couple
CC2X6H, Valentina Szabo - Rights Managed Tumblr website online screenshot screen shot
C7TT07, Pens Forms - Royalty Free Hand with Pen Proofreading a Resume by Laptop
CN29M2, andrew catterall - Royalty Free Lamb chops
BP6JXG, Juice Images202/Juice Images - Royalty Free A close-up of a couple holding hands outdoors
Cannot find - Woman biting her lip
AXP5CE, Jim Wileman - Rights Managed Credit cards in a row
BJHN9E, Jessica Peterson/ RubberBall - Royalty Free woman sitting on the floor of her bedroom writing in a journal
B0KE6M, Adam Gault/OJO Images Ltd - Royalty Free An alarm clock
8 Awesome Ways High Schools Are Helping Students De-Stress
ATMTXN, photosof.eu - Rights Managed window shopping in Darlington in the Cornmill Shopping Centre
What's Stressing Moms Out? slide show
AP4A90, Don Hammond/Design Pics Inc. -  Royalty Free     Young mother working from home
BGRC59 ,Johnér Images -  Royalty Free     A woman vacuuming, Sweden.
Cannot find - Depressed woman b&w
B6WJ8J, moodboard  -  Royalty Free     Woman Weightlifting with Dumbbells
A1H3JT, RedChopsticks Batch 15/Glow Asia RF -  Royalty Free     Close-up of a businesswoman sitting in front of a computer monitor using
C3G0WJ, JGI/Tom Grill/Blend Images  -  Royalty Free     Mixed race woman lifting baby
America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities slide show
BRW9X7, Paul Hill  -  Royalty Free     Camelback Mountain shot at sunset in the valley of the sun located in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ
BCJP13, Alan Copson/Jon Arnold Images Ltd -  Royalty Free     USA, Colorado, Denver, Skyline across the Denver City Park
Biggest Real Estate Price Jumps 2012
B21D4P, Patrick Batchelder -  Rights Managed     San Francisco, California. The "Painted Ladies" victorian houses at "Alamo S
BXE5BT, mHphotographs  -  Royalty Free     Phoenix Arizona as viewed from South Mountain
Cannot find - Atlanta Georgia skyline
A9HM8B, nagelestock.com -  Rights Managed     USA - CALIFORNIA: Oakland Bridge at San Francisco
CXAEXN, Inge Johnsson  -  Rights Managed     Seattle New Year's Eve Fireworks at the Space Needle
AXYJW7, Leonard F Wilcox -  Rights Managed     Fulton mall downtown Fresno CA
C53FB5, LCDM/Universal Image Group/Universal Images Group (Lake County Discovery Museum) -  Rights Managed     Greeting Card from Riverside

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