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Have you Found any alamy Photographs MAY 2013

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23/05/2013, UK, Guardian, p18, Buzzard, B39HYH, James Leonard
23/05/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p5, For Sale & Sold sign, B8B28P, Mouse in the House [Alamy credit only]


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A24H00 FOOD FEATURE/ALAMY                      GEO/FRANCE

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June 2013 Issue, UK, Which?, p9, price on car windscreen, BA0GM9, Justin Kase zninez [Alamy credit only]
June 2013 Issue, UK, Which?, p9, new car tyre, CB7PDB, Anatoly Vartanov [Alamy credit only]
June 2013 Issue, UK, Which?, p19, Bonmarche shop, CC5B7A, MS Bretherton [Alamy credit only]
June 2013 Issue, UK, Which?, p32, Premier shop, BRPXCT, Stephen Dorey ABIPP [Alamy credit only] [Edited to remove part of shop name]
June 2013 Issue, UK, Which?, p32, Nisa shop, D1061X, Jeff Morgan 01 [Alamy credit only]
June 2013 Issue, UK, Which?, p32, Costcutter shop, BBYMMT, Pat Tuson [Alamy credit only]
June 2013 Issue, UK, Which?, p32, Londis shop, BD26EK, David J. Green - retail themes [Alamy credit only]
June 2013 Issue, UK, Which?, p32, Spar shop, BE054F, Ian Pilbeam [Alamy credit only]
June 2013 Issue, UK, Which?, p74, credit cards & calculator, C6FFRD, Jason Cox [No credit- poss not via Alamy]


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Guardian Online, May 23
Armadale castle, Isle of Skye, BC1D98, Colin Threlfall (Alamy credit only)
An Aird peninsula, Skye, C36D67, Mark Salter (Alamy credit only)
Fairy Pools, Skye, CXCNTK, Ross Gilmore (Alamy credit only)
The Skye Museum of Island Life, ATPR1A, Travel Division Images (Alamy credit only)
The old man of Storr, above Bearreraig Bay, Skye, BPAFJG, Douglas Scott (Alamy credit only)
Dun Beag broch, APCXW6, D.G.Farquhar (Alamy credit only)

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Huffington Post - US Edition May 23, 2013

Retirement Age: Oldest Boomers Are NOT Working Til They Drop, Study Says
BRFH16, Bernd Tschakert - Royalty Free Senior couple lying in a hammock, woman listening to music, man reading a book
Marriage, Obesity In Children Linked, Rice University Study Finds
BP0HP0, Janie Airey/Cultura Creative - Royalty Free Child's feet on scales

Related slide show: Facts About Childhood Obesity
AKJTY2, Big Cheese Special/Big Cheese Photo LLC - Royalty Free French fries and burger in boy s hand
B923RR, Johnér Images - Royalty Free A little girl holding a cookie Sweden.
CXE0RK, Waechter/Caro - Rights Managed Berlin, Kita in Prenzlauer Berg
BDHX17, ian nolan - Rights Managed 3 year old boy sits ignoring his food at the dinner table
D043DG, AGorohov/ YAY Media AS - Royalty Free Closeup view of scales on a floor and kids feet
BKXC5T, ableimages - Rights Managed Close up of young boy eating pasta with hand
B6H4YP, H. Mark Weidman Photography - Rights Managed Close up of runners feet during a high school track & field meet
BP0HP0, Janie Airey/Cultura Creative - Royalty Free Child's feet on scales
C03BK9, T.M.O.Pictures - Rights Managed A MODEL RELEASED picture of an eleven year old boy watching TV in his bedro
Cockroach Evolution's Rapid Pace Revealed By Analysis Of Roach Bait Failure
D2H4WE, ZUMA Press/ZUMA Press, Inc. - Rights Managed Roseburg, Oregon, USA. 24th January 2013. A pair of cockroaches pause while sc
11 Things McDonald's Wishes You'd Forget About slide show
CE7JT1, Michael Neelon(misc) - Rights Managed McDoanld's Happy Meal with a hamburger, french fries, milk and apple dippers and a Ba
CCF71D, Phil Rees - Rights Managed Greenpeace protest at a Mc Donald's restuarant in Bristol about deforestation.
AHHMR4, Betty Johnson/dbimages - Rights Managed McDonalds Employee in front of the French Fry Frier in Hong Kong
D0E6KP, Stuwdamdorp - Rights Managed Macau S. A.R, China, McDonalds with Chinese text.
BKJ56P, jbcn - Rights Managed Santa Clara County Supervisors pass the first ordinance in the U. S. banning toys
CE97BB, Michael Neelon(misc) - Rights Managed McDonalds breakfast of fruit and maple oatmeal with a spoon and a cup of McCafe ho
HuffPost San Francisco
SF State Professor's Assignment Raises Ethics Questions
BY8CF0, David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. - Rights Managed Hoover Tower on the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, California, USA.
Key Events In The Boy Scouts' Gay Ban slide show
D52DRT, Chuck Nacke - Rights Managed Classic Boy Scouts of America tan uniform with neckerchief and side.
CYXT0H. BCC - Rights Managed LUXEMBOURG – Boy Scouts from Troop 69 Kaiserslautern, Germany, salute as the
BP00EY, Luciano Leon - Rights Managed Three boy scouts holding up a banner at the La Habra Corn Festival parade
D4DD9G, Michael Ventura - Rights Managed Boy Scouts of America close up of an Eagle Scout with a sash full of Merit badge
D4DD9W, Michael Ventura - Rights Managed Boy Scouts of America close up of an Eagle Scout with a sash full of Merit badges
Huffington Post - Canada Edition May 23, 2013
Decriminalize Drugs: Canadian Drug Policy Coalition Report
BHTEGN, Jose Luis Stephens - Royalty Free Flower of Marijuana plant

BC's Marijuana Legal History slide show

CDN0RA, ZUMA/ZUMA Press, Inc. - Rights Managed Apr 20, 2011 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Pro-Marijuana enthusiasts
CD5G2H, ZUMA/ZUMA Press, Inc. - Rights Managed Jun 12, 2008 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - A client enters Insite, Nort
B9AEE9, RIA Novosti - Rights Managed Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper addressing a news conference in the Inter
Wildrose Robocalls: CRTC Fines Party With $90,000 For Violations
AKJE01, Garry Gay - Rights Managed Neon phone and robotic arm dialing

Vegetarian Sources Of Omega-3s slide show
BM8Y9Y, Laurence Mouton/PhotoAlto sas -  Royalty Free     Shiso (also known as Perilla)
CBWGFP, WILDLIFE GmbH -  Rights Managed     Common Purslane (Portulaca oleracea sativa), flowering plant.
10 Major Crimes That Shocked the Nation (SLIDESHOW)
C1HJCK, Mug Shot  -  Rights Managed     OJ Simpson Mugshot

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Huffington Post - US Edition May 24, 2013

Healthy BBQ Tips slide show
C1KDNR, Radius Images - Royalty Free Veggie Burgers
BM880E, Timothy Budd - Rights Managed Pork kebabs cooking on a barbecue
CN1DD0, Viktor Fischer - Royalty Free Vegetable skewer with slices of bacon and white rice
BR9HDR, M.Brodie - Royalty Free A pile of empty beer bottles and cans.
Soda Health Risks slide show
A5B54J, Brownstock > Dwayne Brown/Brownstock - Royalty Free Heart monitor measuring vital signs.
BA9GBE, maxstock - Royalty Free Doctor with a blood pressure monitor
ACADXW, Heather Gail Delaney - Royalty Free Tape measure on black background, diet concept.
ATMDRK, david gregs - Royalty Free xray of hip replacement
C4TAFM, Samuel Perry - Royalty Free A person with diabetes tests their blood glucose level, over white
Health Benefits Of Dancing slide show
C4M4MT, Tom Merton/OJO Images Ltd - Royalty Free Woman dancing with arms raised
AN1BJ3, OmniStock - Royalty Free Men and women dancing in class
BF26E4, jozef sedmak - Royalty Free little girls - dance in sunset
BC78XD, Stocksearch - Royalty Free Green Brain
AK27KJ, DAJ/amana images inc. - Royalty Free Ballerinas doing ballet exercises
AJEAR2, moodboard - Royalty Free Gymnast (13-15) on balance beam, low section
B0KAY8, Paul Bradbury/OJO Images Ltd - Royalty Free Woman wearing headphones and dancing

Controversial Curriculum Changes Affecting Schools In 2012-13 slide show
A8BEW9, Tongro Image Stock/TongRo Images -  Royalty Free     A father is punishing his son
C5MGR6, Wavebreakmedia Ltd PH06/Wavebreak Media ltd -  Royalty Free     Pensive young student writting an essay
CT4YAC, Brian Jackson -  Royalty Free     Holy Bible
BAN5F5, Zach Goldberg/Queerstock, Inc. -  Royalty Free   "two, men", gay, couple, "three, hands", ring, torsos   
C435MB, Evan Robinson -  Rights Managed     Kids holding hands
BMJ274, Tetra Images -  Royalty Free     Mother and daughter having a serious talk
C9CFWW, Lasse Kristensen -  Royalty Free     Sex education
BH892N, Frederick Bass/fStop  -  Royalty Free     Detail of a man swearing on the Bible
AN37FE, Michael Stevens/FogStock -  Royalty Free     Little Girl Finding a Gun
C6191A, Elemental Studios -  Royalty Free     Handwriting with broken pencil point on yellow legal pad
CRCTE0, Thomas Frey/imagebroker -  Rights Managed     Students of the second grade of elementary school learning how to write, cursive h
GOP's War On Sex slide show
BWX0W0, Rafael Ben-Ari -  Royalty Free     A woman who is a victim of domestic violence is crouched in a corner of a house a
A8JD1F, Chris A Crumley -  Rights Managed     Flag near UT stadium on game day with GA Bulldogs Knoxville TN
9 Health Benefits Of Orgasms slide show
B1WBBE, Sebastian Kaulitzki -  Royalty Free     red blood cells
BCA2EX, Sam Edwards/OJO Images Ltd -  Royalty Free     Woman running on beach
Unexpected Side Benefits Of Exercise slide show
C8P4YC, Wavebreak Media/Wavebreak Media ltd -  Royalty Free     Stack of feet in a bed
CRTXCB, Zoonar/Mopic/Zoonar GmbH -  Royalty Free     DNA strand
C234CX, Montgomery Martin  -  Royalty Free     A portrait of a happy laughing African American man
C74JX8, Alan Mehdizadeh -  Royalty Free     Close Up on Eyes Man Male Eye Brows green Eyes Iris Pupil
B3K3BW, Stockbroker -  Royalty Free     Woman lying in bed sleeping
BRTHBW, Simone Brandt  -  Royalty Free     Blue brain against black background.
A505J9, IS981/Image Source Plus -  Royalty Free     Woman with a headache
BGG4FP, Stefan Jannides/redbrickstock.com -  Royalty Free     Box of tissues
ARNAYK, Chev Wilkinson -  Royalty Free     Girl laughing looking skywards
C7MFPM, Ruth Black  -  Royalty Free     Birthday candles
How To Avoid Mindless Eating slide show
AT7EX6, apply pictures, German Images -  Royalty Free     Fork with small sausage
B72GMD, Andrew Twort -  Royalty Free     toffee honeycomb ice cream blue bowl
C4TW39, Zoonar/Valeriy Lebedev/Zoonar GmbH -  Royalty Free     Sleepy woman turns off the alarm
BJKATF, Mike Kemp/RubberBall -  Royalty Free     Boy and girl with popcorn frightened at movie theater
C3R27B, John Kershaw -  Royalty Free     Kitchen pantry
C482ND, chiung-hung huang -  Royalty Free     Hand and bamboo chopsticks
Post 50 Metabolism Boosters slide show
BJWG2T, Marvin Dembinsky Photo Associates -  Royalty Free     Dry Oatmeal in measuring cup
D4AKY2, Tony Cordoza -  Royalty Free     Tin of Black Pepper
D6F6T9, Judith Bicking -  Royalty Free     Close up of a plate filled with black beans, avocado, tomato, lettuce, greens and a white flo
C80RWF, nagelestock.com -  Rights Managed     FOOD CONCEPT: Red Chili Peppers
Cannot find - sauteed kale dish
B4FF0J, LAMB -  Royalty Free     Two bowls of barley and brown rice

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Mail Online 24th

BGJH3H - doc-stock Two viagra tablets - virility
CRBF4N - Hybrid Images Woman using rowing machine in gym
BFH4XH - moodboard Senior couple looking at bills, sitting at dining table
A650YN - Nicola Campbell British culture on the Costa del Sol bar in Fuengirola Spain
B3KH31 - Martin Shields Rosuvastatin brand name Crestor pills The medication is a statin drug for trea
ADPA9A - Picture Partners Testing blood sugar


BF01WE - Stephen Barnes Doctor and Patient in a consulting room at a GP surgery
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10 Trendy Vacation Ideas

May 21, 2013




Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -  Paulo Fridman B1714N



The Golden Dragon in Yangon, Myanmar - Manfred Gottschalk / Alamy BE5H03



A souk in Rabat, Morocco - Hemis CNA90K



Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY - Carrie Thompson / Alamy CN03HF


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Times Weekend 24th


Front cover CRN9MX - Kevin Britland  The south west coast path passing Carbis Bay near St. Ives in Cornwall, Uk

C2560K - AA World Travel Library View over Daneshill Lakes Local Nature Reserve at Retford
CP08A7 - blickwinkel  Glanville fritillary (Melitaea cinxia, Mellicta cinxia), sitting on a grass ear
AATRPP - Mike Kipling The Canal Basin The Leeds Liverpool Canal at Skipton North Yorkshire  
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from the back pain thread:



CWGDG0 - Yuri Arcurs


B6JP88 - Chris Rout


There must have been hundreds of these articles in the beginning of May 2013.

The Daily Mail article however dates back to 15 February 2010.



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USA, The Washington Post, Travel section, issue date: May 26th 2013


Pg. F1, Jane Austen's writing table, A93P8C Roger Bamber


Pg. F1, Jane Austen's house, AKXJK7 Roger Bamber


Pg. F2, Linderhof Castle, Bavaria, Germany, D04GCJ  Welsh Designs (Alamy credit only)


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Mail Online

Dozens of pensioners and children rescued from tourist boat which sank after hitting rocks during sight-seeing trip

1 picture Skomer Island credited to Alamy, I cannot find

1 picture of St Justinians / Ramsey Sound Lifeboat credited to Alamy, I cannot find either

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Mail Online

Dozens of pensioners and children rescued from tourist boat which sank after hitting rocks during sight-seeing trip

1 picture Skomer Island credited to Alamy, I cannot find

1 picture of St Justinians / Ramsey Sound Lifeboat credited to Alamy, I cannot find either

   Skomer island - A5CMCH , Chris Howes/Wild Places Photography

   St Justinians/Ramsey sound lifeboat - ACTRHC, Bryan Eveleigh


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