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  1. Hello James, It appears that you have added a few new “tools” to the Alamy website as a precursor to the commission decrease announcement. You are now asking contributors to market their own work through “Your Alamy Portfolio” and in return for this investment of time and effort you will take another 10% of their commission? You are also providing a tool to let people know what to shoot, and in return your business model is to sell these images as IQ sales over 5-year terms, thereby cutting of future revenue stream for 5 years all the while giving the contributor a nett amount
  2. As has already been said the quality of the Header and the Avatar are awful. As a shop window for quality photography it needs to be much much better if it is going to entice anyone in!
  3. If you use Jim Kiers lightroom plugin you can still use ?¿src-img . Just do a fetch alamy data and it will build a log of what you have selected as an html page, and it saves this log (html page) in the alamylogs folder on your pc. Open the log in your browser click on ?¿src-img and the job is done.... Calum
  4. I'm seeing quite a few of these sales (very low sales value), Any Idea of which quarterly magazine this could be? (Wildlife images) Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 June 2018 End: 01 June 2023
  5. Anybody else having trouble with the plugin being unable to connect to Alamy, complaining of wrong username or password?
  6. Hi Wim let me try to explain what I meant by "because they are ignored as supertags they can also no longer exist as normal tags when tagging" Say for instance you had the following Supertags:- Sydney Opera House, Sydney Opera, Opera House Sydney, Sydney Opera House night, Sydney Opera House sunset, Australia Sydney Opera House, Sydney Opera House bridge, Sidney Opera House, Sydney harbour bridge Opera, Sydney Opera House skyline, With the new AIM you can’t have an identical Supertag and Tag (Unless it a legacy image and carried over or the system adds it for you). My suspicion has to do
  7. I have been waiting on the database to update since last Thursday to do some testing too. I thought it was just me. Anyway, what I think is this… there is no such things as Supertags and Tags…that is just Alamy marketing. Why do I say this, well I use Jim Kiers Lightroom plugin to manage my Alamy images. I expected it to break with all the changes to Supertags and Tags. But to my amazement it hasn’t broken, it is still working perfectly (it’s the only software around here that isn’t broken at the moment). But here is the crucial bit the Essential keywords fields in Lightroom it lists all
  8. Is everyone moved to the new system now? I'm still on the old system
  9. Is this message an email or just something that pops up on the screen
  10. I did a search for the term "dog" when the system had reverted to the old system. On Page 1 in the first two rows was a picture of a squeezy mustard bottle (presumably for hot dogs). Also on page 1 were numerous fire hydrants and even a picture dog excrement. All of this is irrelevant to picture buyers who would expect to see 100 images of dogs. If I look at it now it has reverted to the new search engine there are 99 pictures of dogs on Page 1 and 1 picture of 3 chewable dog bones which to me is the only irrelevant picture in the search. The new search engine looks to be designed for
  11. I rather liked the new search engine, in my opinion it gave more accurate results. Seems to be a moving target at the moment
  12. The real question is how heavily if at all will the "Infringement Team" punish the infringer.....if it is not very hard then there is no incentive for anyone to purchase a proper licence in my opinion!
  13. I found one of my images which had sold as a personal use licence a few months ago being used to decorate a product offered for sale by a company in New Zealand. The Alamy infringement team have been chasing this up as an unauthorised use "as the image is being used out of the terms of the license purchased".... I await the outcome with bated breath
  14. I'm usually pretty good at finding where my images have been used, but I am finding a few slipping past all with the same sales data which is usually a good indicator of which magazine it has gone to. The sales data is as below, Does anyone have any ideas as to which magazine this good be (wildlife images)? Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 years Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Thanks
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