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  1. It's not an aeroplane, plane or aircraft If you're a Merican it's an airplane OK, it's not an airplane, aeroplane, plane or aircraft
  2. "You seem to say don't be wrong." Yes "If a buyer is unsure of my caption, he checks it himself." No - a thousand times no. Someone back me up?
  3. Exactly - Mark 1 or Mark 2 is very important. That's correct identification. Botanists, train experts, whatever, if you don't know, give a generic label or don't submit. I've apologised for the incorrect spelling on my correct identification. There is a difference between submitting because you're 100% sure and submitting because Alamy Forum ID'ed it for you. If you don't know don't submit.
  4. And why should you - well said. Well, I suggest the good people of the "Have you found" threads will send an invoice to Alassandra and Chrissie when they spot one of their images. And no, I won't add a smiley. B.t.w. Chrissie, it's Trachyaretaon brueckneri NOT Trachyaretaon Bruekneri. That'll be $25.00 thank you very much! Did you thank John for correcting your dragonfly picture for ...... free? Cheers, Philippe +1 It is like in real life, some do see competition, others community and a few appreciate opportunities for give and take. And some recognise that
  5. The app should email you a JPEG/PDF of the release - you download this from your email (on your computer or whever you do Manage Images from). Once you're in Manage Images and confirm you have a release you'll be able to attach the downloaded release.
  6. I have made my feelings clear before when 'ID Requests Please' appear on the forum and the OP accepts the 'best answer' regardless... If you're not 100% sure on the details don't submit the image no matter how brilliant it is. If it's brilliant and you want to submit then only keyword what you know (bird, summer, blue, insect, USA) etc. I am astounded by 'professionals' on here who think it's OK to guess an ID rather than accepting it's not clearly ID'ed and generic/general details only can be given. On previous experience I expect to be shot down again - but I'll stick with it, if you don't
  7. Are you 100% sure (not 99%)? If not it's an 'Immature gull in flight'
  8. "f the person in your image can recognise themselves in any way, you’ll need a model release to sell as RF or for commercial use. This includes crowd scenes, parts of the body or silhouettes." I would count a shadow as a silhouette. http://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/model-property-releases-stock-images/?section=7
  9. 88 images amongst 65 million 'mere' is maybe not the correct term. You can't see images that have been viewed (i.e thumbnails brought up by the search term) in your case 17, but if any are zoomed then those are revealed in Alamy Measures.
  10. Well done Maria, I agree - if you have a problem speak out! i do have a problem as a professional plant photographer with contributors trying to attribute a caption to an image without being 100% certain. My livelihood depends on being 100% correct - if I was photographing cars it wouldn't be acceptable to label a 'Porsche' as Mark I when it was Mark IIa (hypothetical obviously I know nothing about cars) On this forum I've seen plants definitively captioned based on someone's answer. No, if you don't know, bin it or label it generically 'pink flower' etc.
  11. No, the top ones aren't pincushion flowers. Arletta, and Betty, not to get at you, but to anyone, if you don't know what they are when you take their picture please don't rely on 'answers' in a forum. If you value yourself and others as professionals please don't go with hopeful, half cocked captions.
  12. The Times has a print run of just under 400K. More likely to be a tabloid - Sun possibly?
  13. I'm not interested in P33 TBH ;-) Yes if you start looking at around p33 @90, you'll encounter them. Not sure if this is line up is definitive. See the mute swan cygnets problem. wim (still missing some too)
  14. No, unless you've kept records or maybe ask MS would be my answer
  15. Question: Why are you creating different pseudonyms? Is it useful professionally or are you trying to work the system? Genuinely don't understand ( 1 Pseudo, 1700 images 7 good, but not unexpected sales so far in May) Edit: 1 Pseudo = just 1 identity
  16. Echinops - Globe thistle, so yes it's a thistle. To be honest it's more likely that there's a search for a honey bee! I like your pictures - best = ewe and lamb and eagle washing (good concept) I'm frequently surprised by what takes a buyers fancy - edit ruthlessly and keep adding
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