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2 minutes ago, Tony Collins said:

 Do you ever "wonder" about some of the images bought for "private" use? ???

Report it.  I did with an image of the interior of a Pret a Manger licenced for PU.  Alma says it will pass it on to 'the infringement team' - I don't hold out much hope but you never know, pigs may fly.

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Personal Use licence or PU is a well rehearsed subject on these forums and one sure to raise the hackles of many contributors. Take the time to browse previous threads on the subject...Alamy have repeatedly said they will investigate any such usage if the contributor thinks the licence is not appropriate. Do raise it with them if you have a concern.

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I had another one of PU this morning, with a subject not exactly a "wall hanger". So someone paid $19.99 for a full res download. I have suggested Alamy to restrict the download resolution for PU, but I'm not sure it will ever happen. 

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8 hours ago, losdemas said:


Have you been getting as many presentation uses as me?!:blink:

I found a presentation use sale of ours being used on several websites.

I was able to track down the user and give Alamy her details and she has been invoiced correctly.

As an academic in a large institution who posts lots  of images onto websites I can only assume she was gaming the system to get images cheaper.

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