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  1. I used to be active on https://www.blipfoto.com/ which was set up (I think?) by an Alamy contributor) It nearly disappeared but is still going.
  2. I suspect the reality is that these items are so commonplace that borders would grind to a halt if details were checked. Carrying three bodies plus lenses and GoPro etc might excite some interest. I always carry my Royal Photographic Society membership card as an "alibi". Carriers of long lenses should perhaps carry a bird spotting book?
  3. I should probably have persuaded my wife to get her own Alamy account and register as self employed so that she could enjoy a similar top-up 🙂
  4. Don't know, I did 3 years. Ring up, I found them very helpful.
  5. I retired from full time work with maximum NI contributions. I registered as self employed stock photographer but being below the earnings threshold opted out of the additional NI contributions. Coming up to retirement age this year, 65 and a half for me, I discovered that I could make retrospective self employed NI contributions of £145 per annum and the increase in state pension only requires me to live another 10 months to be in profit 🙂 Seemed like a reasonable gamble. By comparison to get the same benefit as an employee the extra contribution would be about £750.
  6. Someone with better phone skills than me might find a workaround. I tried delving into the internal files but Android doesn't let you get very deep. It's like the app is looking for a specific file where images are stored but cant find it. Press IPTC is offered as an option for viewing a file but no editing function.
  7. Yes I let it have its evil way with all functions, I've deleted and reloaded a few times too. Has anyone found an alternative suitable for live news captioning for Alamy?
  8. Press IPTC looks like a useful tool but I can't get it to run on my new phone running Android 8.0 It doesn't "see" any pictures and looks like it is asking me to give a file location. It works fine on my old phone :-(
  9. All my images are only on Alamy. Will Alamy offer an option to flag all? 8000 would take a long time
  10. Thanks, I thought I remembered 22 million. So some rough figures back of fag packet sums then. 150 M images (after all the resignations), say £25M turnover next year. So each year on average each image generates 16p for Alamy and about 6p for the contributor at the new 40% commission allowing for the odd distributor sale. (This is of course nonsense perhaps as I expect that most income comes from a small percentage of the overall collection.) Even if with blind optimism individual images generate 10x6p over a decade can you shoot, edit, keyword and upload for 60p per image? Some contributors are doing a lot better of course but for every one above average there will be a load below it. Food for thought?
  11. Someone referred to Alamy's annual figures recently, I can't find them. Numbers anyone?
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