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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs, September 2013

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Guardian Online, Sept 30
Enchanted forest light show at Pilochry, Perthshire, B5KC3G, Iain Highet (Alamy credit only)
Calderdale, A1K0PH, grough.co.uk (Alamy credit only)

Arnside, Cumbria, BB7RDK, Greg Artis (Alamy credit only)
Woman in bed with headache, BA03T0, David J. Green (Alamy credit only)

DNA Sequence Examined Under a Magnifying Glass, A6TYCM, Simon Belcher/Alamy/
Robin Hood Gardens, London,  B55TFW, Geoffrey Taunton/Alamy

XXX porn on laptop screen, C7WE9W, James Blinn/Alamy
Suitcase full of cash, AX32HY, pintailpictures (Alamy credit only)

Fishermen, Lake Victoria, Tanzania, A94K6F, Nick Greaves/Alamy
Tornado, B909AW, Design Pics Inc./Alamy

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Metro 30th


B4TNEE Justin Kase Man wearing dark office business suit hands clutching heap of money to his chest


Times 30th


BA6DXN RIGOULET Gilles France, Paris, the biggest youth hostel of Europe 

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The Observer review section - September 29th (& Guardian web site).


CB9K1J - Archaeo Images - The Millau Bridge


One of mine, pleasant surprise to see it on the Guardian web site.

Not shown up in sales yet, anyone know how long that usually takes?


Several other Alamy pics in the article on Bridges.

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Guardian Online, Sept 30
Eurostar train, AT2KB3, Martin Anderson/Alamy
Message in a bottle, BCK2CD, Marmaduke St. John (Alamy credit only)

Washington Post on laptop screen, CB5G52, M4OS Photos (Alamy credit only)

Salt beef sandwich, ANAB3M, foodfolio (Alamy credit only)
Two men & baby, BAN479, Queerstock/Alamy
Gingerbread men, CNTYF5, Debby Lewis-Harrison (Alamy credit only)

Cello, B793RG, Vadim Ponomarenko (Alamy credit only)

Writing on pad with fountain pen, AXBCB5, Acestock/Alamy

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Radio Times 21st - 27th Sept 2013, P132    A5T529    Mike Booth




Prime Minister Harold MacMillan speaks to National Union of Teachers Circa 1963 watched by Fred Jarvis NUT General Secretary




Radio Times 21st - 27th Sept 2013, P138      CBECXG     Juliane Thiere




A bust of Johann Sebastian Bach at the St. Nicholas Church in Leipzig, German




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