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  1. That's odd, I downloaded it & installed on Saturday with no problems - just gave them my e-mail address & they sent a link for the download. The collection appears to be exactly the same as the version google made available.
  2. I think the old NIK collection is still available for free on the DxO site: https://nikcollection.dxo.com/ In the long run it may be a good thing that DxO will be continuing development, their other software is very good.
  3. Just one minor point on your "Community Garden" photos. Add the term "allotment" - that's the usual term in British English, might help with searches from the UK. Martyn
  4. In informal British usage I think a "dollar" was 5 shillings & "half a dollar" was two shillings & sixpence (a half-crown). Roughly the exchange rate during WWII.
  5. First of the year... Was going to submit via News but didn't get round to it, sold anyway.
  6. If I were in the market for a reasonably specified/priced computer I don't think anything by Apple would be my first choice...
  7. Think we have some overlap here with another thread, though this pic of Tower Bridge is definitely not oversaturated... River Thames at Dawn Duxford - Mosquito 56 Salle Jacques Brel
  8. Betty, Pleased to learn you like the new tripod - hope it gives many years of good service. Good luck with fixing your current ball head, makes sense to repair stuff whenever practical. But if you do need a new one I stand by my positive comments on the Manfrotto 468MG. Cheers - Martyn
  9. It's on B&H here - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1034139-REG/manfrotto_mt055xpro3_aluminum_tripod.html The aluminium version is $264.88 as opposed to $449.00 for the CF. Appears to be identical in all other respects. Like to correct my earlier post - don't think the centre column can be reversed. However, definitely no problem setting it to the horizontal. Anyway, it's a decent set of legs but there are probably many more that would do the job just as well. But, I do think the hydrostatic head is exceptional. Martyn
  10. Betty, I have a Manfrotto 468MGRC2 Hydrostatic & it's by far the best ball head I've used. Very simple to adjust & rock solid. Have to admit that I have no experience with the really expensive ones from the likes of RRS, Arca, etc. but I find it difficult to understand how they could be significantly better. Have the head mounted on a Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 carbon fibre tripod, the centre column can be reversed or turned through 90 deg. for vertical shots. I believed an identical model is available with aluminium legs which brings the price down a bit. Tried a numb
  11. Hi, Can anyone help out with a name for this building? It was in London... The site is on the north bank of the Thames just down river from Cannon Street railway bridge (behind the Nomura Building on Upper Thames Street). The picture was taken in 2006 from the south bank & the site has been redeveloped since then. Simply captioning it "Building next to Cannon Street Station..." seems a bit feeble but I've tried all the obvious on-line sources & can't find any reference to it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks - Marty
  12. Thought this looked familiar... Here's one that didn't sell, a slide scan from the late 80's. Suspect the shadow of an idiot doesn't help!
  13. Excellent news, wouldn't want to risk being seen buying the rag so it's off to the pub to look at their copy... . There goes the fee...
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