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Post your positive results here :)

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When I saw this image  AC805A had been licensed a couple of days ago I googled "Germaine Greer" as I feared the worst.

Luckily she had recently been interviewed describing her success.




"There's no point in work - unless it absorbs you - like an absorbing game.  

If it doesn't absorb you ... if it isn't any fun... don't do it.


I wholeheartedly agree and working with Alamy is totally absorbing which

is the most important thing.


So thank you all at Alamy and have a great Xmas break.  




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Today I have equalled my second best year for sales volume, 446 in 2013, but I'm about 80 sales short of 2016 which was the best.  However revenue is only 50% of 2013 and I'm not going to get close to 2016 either.  



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Happy to report that Santa popped by here today as well with a bag of last-minute sales, all of images that had been zoomed earlier in the year.


This makes 2017 my best year volume-wise on Alamy but definitely not revenue-wise. Sounds like this is the general trend, more sales for less income.

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20 hours ago, ChrisC said:

After no zooms whatsoever this month, I had my biggest sale & first since Jan 2015 of +$100:-

Country: Worldwide
Usage: Marketing package - Large business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). This license is for large companies with more than 10 people.
Start: 13 December 2017
End: 13 December 2022


Sales also have also increased prior to that for the last two years, but income was up this year, last year it was lower. I still need to caption better & Tag better and re-do my old images really

$ 144.13

Spoke to soon, It's been credited today and re-sold for over $100 less

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