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Got a little publicity for my work!

Jools Elliott

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Evening all


A few weeks ago I was getting very fed of seeing other photographer's work being showcased in various national paper. Although I have now been published in 31 different countries selling stock it all too often seems that the person behind the lens is forgotten.


What did I do? I engaged a little help and now it has come to fruition :D


Hope you all enjoying seeing my work: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2730695/Photographer-captures-rolling-hills-chalk-cliffs-fiery-sunsets-frosty-meadows-showcasing-UK-seasons.html


Let me know what you think :)


PS Despite what one comment says, the work is in no way Photoshopped apart from using it to remove dust spots and do panos!

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JASH, London, United Kingdom, 6 minutes ago

I have taken better pics than this at the exact spot and haven't been published. Scotland is a lovely country to photograph though.



LOL he probably keeps them on his PC and hasn't sent them out anywhere to be published :)


Well done Jools (39). Opps, sorry, Mr Elliott  ;)

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Lovely captures of Britain throughout the seasons, Jools! CONGRATS!

- Ann


btw (especially since my work, just with names of agencies, was in same media outlet last week), I heartily mean it when I say:

Engaging a little help to get your Work + Name out there was clearly a proactive, positive, effective move on your part!

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Well done & great.


I've dealt direct with the Mail Online before, good fees paid promptly (unlike the library licences that we're accustomed too!). Hopefully your syndicate agent will get a good result too.


Enjoy the fame !

I'll be interested to see what it does bring in. Just shelled out for a flight to the UK in September as I need to go back for both photography and clear out some stuff from my Dad's place. Hopefully, this first one that is in the Mail will at a minimum pay for the flight over.


The comments on the DM are interesting to read. The majority like them with just a couple of critics.


Here's an answer to a couple of them:


1) Northern and Wales are not featured. I do have some stuff from Wales but not too much. That is going to be rectified in my coming trips to the UK. I'll be in Britain during September; October and November. Wales is somewhere that is high on agenda. i'd like to get to the Pembrokeshire coastline as well as into Brecon. Snowdonia is a must but for me I feel it needs a dedicated trip.


Northern Ireland has to be done with my wife or she will divorce me! I could quite easily get over to the Republic as there is a flight from where I live to Dublin. But again my missus wants to go with me.


2) Someone noted that the images were both soft and lacking contrast. Every image I take is scrupiously checked for focus. As a member of Alamy, and as you all well know, having soft images isn't going to happen! Contrast I think is very subjective. You can never win with people when it comes to processing. They are either Photoshopped or look dull so what do you do? A certain Joe Cornish told me once that there are certain things you need to let go of in an image. One of them is the whites. If it is white then let it be paper white. But heck, what do I know? i'm only a photographer ;)


And thanks again everyone for your support and comments on here. Always love participating here with a great bunch of people!!!

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2) Someone noted that the images were both soft and lacking contrast.



I suggested to him that he adjust his monitor or specs.



Thanks for that Mark! I've been tempted to comment myself on the DM but thought I'd watch from a distance.


And a different image has been published in The Times this morning. One I did of The Old Man of Storr this May is gracing pages 24 and 25 :)

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I've had a few sets like that published on the Mail Online (credit only to the agency) and I think you'll be lucky to cover the flights with the payment. It used to be something like £40 for the first pic and £20 each for the rest.

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Thanks Mick!


The images are spread across a couple of agencies. i think a couple are in Alamy either directly or through a distributor.


The Dartmoor river shot has sold a couple of times. Staithes hasn't sold but another one from the same shoot ended up in the Best of Lonely Planet 2014 as well as in a newspaper. I think the Wast Water one ended up as PC wallpaper somewhere.


From what I can, the media company has syndicated all over the place. Found an article in Slovenia where they had used some different images.


Will be interested to see what it comes to money wise.

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