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  1. Amazon $60 unlimited any type of file including raw. I also use Zen and Smug,external drives and recently stopped using DVDs as I have thousands and they will be hard to move... L
  2. I never stated or assumed Alamy would make a change in a contract for me. I've been in the UK papers many times from various agencies as well as licensing on my own in the 80s and 90s. I just stated my experience about credits,lacks of credits and credits to agencies. I left on the advice of my legal team as the contract is not in my companies best interest. L
  3. FYI...When images are not properly credited they can end up orphaned down the line. When only the agency is credited and not the photographer,this makes it very difficult to get photos removed from Pinterest,blogs and other sites.If you leave Alamy down the line and photos are just credited to Alamy,you will really be pulling your hair out trying to get images removed from sites. Been there,done that with google and other sites who tried to tell me since the agency put their credit on the photo,only they can have it removed. Thirty emails later it was removed.But if you have many images,this
  4. After 35 years in the stock photo business,I've been burned by every single agency I've signed with. The list is huge...One and maybe two are looking at an upcoming lawsuit for selling my images years after acct closed,selling images for years and not paying me. One should end up in jail. That is where he belongs the freaking liar... I terminated Alamy and I am doing it all on my own again. No regrets,it's all good. I keep my rates high.No bulk licensing,pursue my own infringers(or use imagerights or my lawyers) and I can sleep at night knowing a big entity isn't taking advantage of my
  5. Only one of my cases made it to the judges chambers and that was in the USA and settled. With the right tools and terminology going into these negotiations,you can collect and avoid court. I've settled more than 700 cases with about 160 more in queue and this is just on 2 images. Also curious-Getty purchased Picscout awhile back...I wouldn't be surprised if Getty started to approach those infringers they find and turn them into paying clients for Getty images. That would make sense,LOL! L
  6. Yes,but if photos were stolen and used in the UK,eventually photos will find their way into US sites. I've registered over 300,000 images over the past several decades.Not that hard. To be honest,I never have to work another day in my life if I didn't want to. I own upscale real estate and as long as I don't buy a new camera every other day,I'll be financially fine. That is how much has been stolen in my archives since discovering the tools to locate images. And yes,in at least 200 settled cases in the UK,Germany and Australia having the US copyright certificate did help to show
  7. Just sign up with imagerights and upload low res images there for their system to actively search. I have hundreds of images uploaded there to be searched. I've been with them for 3 years and they've made me a heck of a lot of money. Chasing on your own is time consuming and stressful. If you sign up,please use my code! Signing up has its benefits by not having to pay for each case they take on or other legal fees they might incur. They don't chase down blogs or social media or sites where recovery prospects are poor. https://www.imagerights.com/?aid=489 Thx! L
  8. I've licensed many images for $300-$2500+ this year as I always have. Have content that people will pay for. I don't put those types of images here as I knew they would probably just get knicked instead of purchased so the only way to buy is thru my own agencies.I have hundreds of thousands of images on my 2 sites but only registered buyers get the password to view all images. Another reason for that is because in the past I've found many photographers(not from Alamy) copying my locations and captions/keywords verbatim.One from another agency was stupid enough to leave my name in the keywords.
  9. Well I can't do that..Because if I did that it would imply I accept the terms of the contract and I will not be signing it. I've already terminated so when my images are removed,I probably will not be allowed here. So with that,if I still had images here,my previous images would still be bound by the contract and that's not going to happen. A few of the images I had here I've sold the image as well as transferred the copyright so,I can't be in a position of having the buyer be under any obligation to a former agency of mine. It was a nice sale that was worth it to do that. I'm selling
  10. Thanks MDM, I have already terminated. Feel free to follow me on Flickr,Linkedin or try Facebook. I am at the max there of 5000 but sometimes people drop off! L
  11. I called Nikon equipped with the D750 serial number as well as the work order number and all info from the seller. Nikon would not give me any info on anything! The camera seems to work.I've only taken about 25 shots-outside at the sun and indoors into a lamp and testing the 24-120mm as well. All seems fine so I think I am going to keep it. I really wanted the Sony A7II and would prefer a smaller system but I don't think Sony is there yet for all types of shooting scenarios.From what I've read and seen,the camera seems to struggle for focus in low light club/party/home situations an
  12. I sent an email in Feb and emails the other day. Probably those reached over the weekend. No response after the email in Feb. L It's been the weekend so I guess any forthcoming response to your e-mail(s) will at the earliest be sent in a couple of hours. Why don't you just give Alamy a few more days to see how it all pans out? Perhaps Alamy will make changes to the contract after all the negative reactions from its contributors? If you are leaving I wish you the best of luck. Always read your posts/opinions with great interest. Added: If you are serious about delet
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