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I have just sent this email to MS.

My question is.......has anybody been paid out yet that has similar sales via Brazil?



I have had a sale come through today for Brazil via a distributor. This is exactly as per a sale dated to 22nd June 2012 that has still not cleared.
I appreciate that on several occasions via the forum and via email to myself that you have stated that you are dealing with this.


The sale is:
Country: Brazil
Usage: Editorial
Media: Textbook - print only
Print run: up to 5,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/8 page
Start: 01 April 2014
End: 01 April 2017
Digital Rights Included.


(Different photo but same terms)

Is this another sale to the same distributor or a coincidence of terms? Either way is there any progress on the original sale that is now approaching two years.


Andy Melbourne.

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My 2012 Brazil sale is still not cleared and I have had at least one Brazil sale since then then that cleared quickly. Nothing lately.



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I had 2 to Brazil yesterday, which surprised me. Neither of them had sold to Brazil before.

It seems either Alamy have a new distributor there or the old one has paid up what they owed and is being used again. 


(Probably the former, as the old unpaid sales remain unpaid, at least for now).

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I have had the same problems with Brazil, I have sold the same picture 3 times for inclusion in a text book, so I assume it is the same agent. The second sale was 2 years ago, I still have yet to receive payment, what chance with the third sale this week? I took the problem up with Alamy a year ago, they said they were chasing it up, whatever that means. If people have a history of not paying why can they still use ALAMY?

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I still have four unpaid sales from the Brazilian distributor in 2012.


When I inquired, MS told me that there were (at the time) three distributors in Brazil, and problems were isolated to only one. I have had sales to Brazil (including one or two good ones) since that have been paid.



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Since 26 August 09 I have had six sales to Brazil, the most recent being on the 12th of this month.


I do not recall any of them taking a very long time to clear.   The one before this month was sold on 26 March 14 and is already cleared.


My oldest one that has not been cleared was sold 10 March 14 via Distributor in Spain


My experience with getting sales cleared and paid for has been very good of late - Well done Alamy

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I had 3 refunds today and just got this email from Member Services:


We have had some issues with this distributing agency and it was in the hands of our legal rep in South America.

Unfortunately we didn’t have much luck chasing these usages and has closed the case from our end.

Alamy’s images are no longer available through this distributor.



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No need to go far for poor paying clients. The newspaper scheme has one client in particular who regularly takes over six months to settle even the smallest ($6) of fees. They do however pay eventually I suppose.  :rolleyes: I hope Alamy use all possible means to robustly pursue "refunds" and late payments. I think we're looking for reassurance regarding this.

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