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Have you found any Alamy photos January 2024?

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5 hours ago, SShep said:

26/01/2024, Guardian, p9, house sparrow, 2C69J15, Douglas Carr [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
26/01/2024, Guardian, p9, flying wood pigeon, MNCRFX, Geoff Smith [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
26/01/2024, Guardian, p30, Blackwall Tunnel Approach, ED310F, Marcin Rogozinski
26/01/2024, Guardian, p32, Dr Marten's display in New York, HBEX4K, Richard Levine

Thank you 👍

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Times online 27th



Jan Wlodarczyk Lighthouse, Cascais, Portugal  F7HKX5

Michael Runkel Iguazu Falls,  Paraná, Brazil E81N12

Silvan Bachmann  Church of St Donatus and Roman Forum in Zadar (Croatia) T8CP58

Glenn Summers  Samaria Gorge Overlook--Crete  2CD93EJ

Mikehoward 1 Praia do Beliche, surfers' beach at Sagres, Algarve, : R8T9KX

eFesenko  one of the most beautiful cities of Corsica island : H753P3

Jan Wlodarczyk  St. Mark's Square and church San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice,  F7AFPM

Bailey-Cooper Photography the Campo de Gheto Novo in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, GJYGPY



Alex Segre Hand scratching a National Lottery Scratchcard with coin,  DXPMAY

Katharine Rose The new UK Financial Conduct Authority headquarters office building PYYAXP



Ken Jack  Edward Mountain MSP  J1YH8F

Iain Masterton  View of Edinburgh Tram linking Edinburgh Airport with the city centre,  M275R6

Jim Gibson  Replica of the Newstead Helmet is an iron Roman cavalry helmet 2GBRDK1

MICHAEL CUTHBERT  Aerial panorama of Trimontium Roman fort complex by Newstead : 2J14GHF and 2J14GFD

Jane Barlow Solicitor General Ruth Charteris QC  2G4KNXY

phil wilkinson Abbotsford, UK. 22nd Jan, 2024. 22nd January 2023  Claudia Bolling -: 2WE2KJP

Steve Kydd  Bute House, official residence of First Minister  2CD39TR



Cristian Zamfir Comino, Malta 11 JUL 2022. the Famous Blue Lagoon. Malta.  2JJMAPB



Aaron Chown  Children's Commissioner for England Dame Rachel de Souza  2RTM6E7

Jonathan Brady People queuing outside John Lewis on Oxford Street in London. 2HCB7X2


R Kawka  Used E-Cigarettes  2R8XW50

Mark Kerrison London, UK. 2nd February, 2018. Clive Lewis MP, Junior Shadow Treasury Minister, M1WMEC

Simon Dack Brighton UK 28th February 2023 - Police searching for a missing baby at allotments  2NTX7X0



Michael Charles  Wimbleball Lake Exmoor National Park Somerset.  CXYD4D

Gareth Fuller  The Virgin GB Row 2010 team,  GCM35M



Geoff Smith  Adult Rook (Corvus frugilegus) flying  RT3H3B

Dave Porter  St Thomas A Becket church, Greatford village, Lincolnshire,  T08N8P



Simon Maycock Trevose Head, Cornwall, UK. 26th January 2024.  2WEM23T

Edited by Bryan
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On 20/01/2024 at 08:15, Bryan said:

Times online 20th



Alan Keith Beastall the preserved historic victorian railway station at Sheringham, 2RC917P

Thanks mate, been away for a few days. Alan

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Telegraph 27 Jan


myeongdong shopping street in seoul south korea at night

Contributor: Jack Malipan Travel Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: D8XXHY


Latvia, Riga, cityscape with cathedral, castle and Vansu Bridge

Contributor: Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: HX02PH


Aerial view of Corralejo Beach and turquoise water in Fuerteventura, Spain with Isla de Lobos and Lanzarote in the background.

Contributor: IndustryAndTravel / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: MDEA1N


Yellow noodles or spaghetti cooking in boiling water pot with indoor low lighting.

Contributor: Nopadol Uengbunchoo / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2AA8N8W

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Cheers John, Douglas & Marcin - you're very welcome

27/01/2024, Guardian, p18, Quickes traditional cheese in Devon, BWHP22, guy harrop
27/01/2024, Guardian, p33, cast of 'Home' at Cambridge, 2WDTBWJ, Guy Corbishley
27/01/2024, Guardian, p36, flooding in Bridgnorth, 2WAFHAM, Stop Press Media
27/01/2024, Guardian, p51, LV offices in Bournemouth, 2K3T4N2, Graham Hunt [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
27/01/2024, Guardian [Journal section], p8, still from 'Death Watch', GGE7FW, United Archives GmbH
27/01/2024, Guardian [Magazine], p47, collecting indigo paste, M09TNH, Jan Sochor
27/01/2024, Guardian [Magazine], p48, So Solid Crew, EHG6YK, Everynight Images
27/01/2024, Guardian [Magazine], p72, making lavash bread in Armenia, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
27/01/2024, Guardian [Magazine], p73, Ljubljana Central Market, E88X0G, Matthew Williams-Ellis/robertharding [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
27/01/2024, Guardian [Magazine], p73, Cabo San Andrea on Elba, 2R5N9GC, imageBROKER.com GmbH & Co. KG [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
27/01/2024, Guardian [Magazine], p74, a Heurigen near Vienna, 2C45WRR, Silvia Eder/Zoonar GmbH [Alamy credit only]

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Sunday Times online 28th



Gianna Schade Denmark, Aarhus, Havnebadet  2BNPMXC

Maria Galan Still Mixed paella serving. Valencia, Spain.  FWC0EG

incamerastock Titanica, sculpture at Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland CRFH59

GARDEL Bertrand France, Bouches du Rhone, Marseille, the Friche de la Belle de Mai,  R8RAYJ

Roberto Ramaccia Stadio Olimpico pre Euro 2020-2021  Italy 2FM223J

Greg Balfour Evans The White Swan Pub, Riverside, Twickenham,  E5348P

canbedone Disneyland Paris, France  Enchanted Princess with Price in her chariot  2HAEWFW

Massimo Dallaglio  The House of Luciano Pavarotti: home museum in Modena : EFEBJR



Guy Bell London, UK. 14th Nov, 2023. Richard Caring, owner, and his wife Patricia at the launch - Annabel's Club 2T7D8M5

Jim Lowe  Molten steel ingot train Port Talbot Steel Works : FFMAXF

Guy Corbishley London,  16th November, 2016. Crossrail Stepney Green station in East London.  H8RDHH



Paul Thompson London skyline at sunset, Canary Wharf,  GBXDC9



Brian Lawless A worker at the construction site of the new National Children's Hospital in Dublin. 2K516RP

Mark Thomas London, UK. 21st Jan, 2024. Grant Shapps, Defence Secretary,  2WDJW27



IAN GEORGESON  Author Ian Rankin, Oxford Bar, Rather be The Devil J2N67G

IAN GEORGESON the landlord of the Oxford Bar is selling up and barmaid Kirsty is hoping to buy the place. PY5D6G

Hoyerman The Parish Halls, George St, Glasgow S47D0C

Lifestyle pictures  Stan & Ollie is a 2018 biographical comedy-drama film RN2N78



Andrew Milligan TV presenter Lorraine Kelly after she was awarded an OBE G5A1BD

Charles Robertson Pupils fill an exam hall to take a GCSE exam at Maidstone Grammar school  C0KKM3

Tayfun Salci London, 12th Oct, 2023. Labour Party leader KEIR STARMER with his Chief of Staff SUE GRAY 2T17PM8

John Simpson - can't find it

ewastock kitchens Cocker spaniel sitting in front of cream Aga in  country kitchen  DBPP1H

Edited by Bryan
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28/01/2024, Observer, p13, red deer stags in Glen Affric, T53B0T, Whittaker Wildlife UK [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
28/01/2024, Observer, p20, 'HMS Erebus in the Ice' by Francois Etienne Musin, T53B0T, GL Archive [Cropped]
28/01/2024, Observer, p56, customer feedback dial, RJRJ31, Rawf8 [Alamy credit only]
28/01/2024, Observer [Review section], p22, IGF-1 molecular model, HNAGW2, KATERYNA KON/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY [Circular crop]
28/01/2024, Observer [Review section], p23, rapamycin molecular model, F3H876,  Callista Images/Image Source [Circular crop]
28/01/2024, Observer [Review section], p40, C15th French men, DJMYNE, Archivist

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2 hours ago, Bryan said:

Iain Masterton Aberdeen, 15th October 2023.  First Minister Humza Yousaf and his wife Nadia El-Nakla 2T1PPKT

Iain Masterton 5 January 2023. Ambulances at the A&E department at Glasgow Royal Infirmary 2M6XWR1

Iain Masterton  Aberdeen, 1st December 2019. Surfers took advantage of bright sunshine  2AC7N03

Iain Masterton  Aerial view of Scottish Water Seafield Wastewater Treatment Works, Edinburgh 2AP615G


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Guardian Online



Science History Images


Paul Quayle


Oscar Calero


Everett Collection



John Haile








Andrew Paterson


Avalon/Construction Photography


Sam Barnes


Stephen Barnes/Technology



Stefano Valeri



Jozef Polc


GL Archive


David Gowans


Jan Smith Photography

Terry Whittaker Wildlife


Robert Matton AB


Vitalij Chalupnik


Granger/Historical Picture Archive





Edited by Nigel Kirby
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