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Have you found any Alamy photos January 2024?

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2 hours ago, Bryan said:

UrbanImages  Interior of V&A Dundee.  2JN2F41


Many thanks Bryan :)

24/01/2024, Guardian, p27, The Prado, 2AYND4G, Alex Segre
24/01/2024, Guardian, p27, Museum of the Americas in Madrid, 2A27GR9, adam eastland [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
24/01/2024, Guardian, p29, Squishmallows, 2WE4106, Paul Quezada-Neiman
24/01/2024, Guardian, p31, WWE Raw wrestling match, 2P6CY82 or 2PJMFMY, Charles Krupa/Associated Press [Identical. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
24/01/2024, Guardian [Journal section], p6, Norman Jewison, 2ABCTW3, Everett Collection Inc

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Times online 25th



Marius Dobilas Train from Ella to Kandy . Sri Lanka.  RX0G91



Robert Evans St James's Place London - Wealth Management company  2A71XER

Bob Daemmrich Austin, TX, USA. 13th Dec, 2023. New Tesla Cybertrucks are parked outside the Tesla factory 2TCNDFX

Guenter Graefenhain Eurostar express train  at St Pancras station, London,  2JNNFDJ

James Manning Children pose with Squishmallows at Fora - Spitalfields in London  2KDRANC



Gary Davies Portland Sentinel is operated by Aberdeen-based Sentinel Marine. 2GGEKKA

Iain Masterton Portobello,  24 June, 2020. , the beach and promenade at Portobello outside Edinburgh were busy 2C4604T

Alan Wilson  Edinburgh, the Castle and Fife beyond as viewed from Blackford Hill.  2D0WHTD

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 18 January 2024. Minister  Patrick Harvie MSP  2WD3HC1

South West Images Scotland  Rodono House St Marys Loch  AD4NP5

Phil Wilkinson  The Ettrick Shepherd, Loch of the Lowes/St Marys Loch, Scottish Borders.  2RGX4DM

South West Images Scotland  Scottish Castle Dryhope Tower a peel tower near St Marys Loch  B3GTWW

MICHAEL CUTHBERT Aerial view of St. Mary's Kirkyard by St.Mary's Loch in the Scottish Borders. 2HWYD8Y

PSL Images Whitehall street sign outside Downing Street London  AHY7KB

Robert Perry Former first minister Nicola Sturgeon and comedian Janey Godley 2R46W29

Richard Newton The Town of Gullane in East Lothian, Scotland  2G4KFAP



Andrey Popov Retail Shoplifting. Woman Stealing In Supermarket.  ?No credits, montage

Ruben Albarran Revelers run alongside the fighting bulls of the Nunez del Cuvillo ranch  2JG2NEM

Paul Quezada-Neiman Somerset House, London, 24th Jan, 2024. A major new exhibition 2WE8GHX

jackie ellis Dr Martens iconic boot in a shop window  RAADJF



B.O'Kane  gold coins from the wreck of the Spanish Armada galleon La Girona, : C55839



Robocop usa 1987 - can't find it



MediaWorldImages Woman G4S Security Guard delivering to, or collecting from, Lloyds bank, Manchester  E7WWMT

www.pqpictures.co.uk Jellied eels, Anguilla anguilla,  M6JKJE

Homer Sykes hirebrook  ATW5E1



Keystone Press  Jun. 06, 1955 - The Duchess of Argyll and Her Daughter at coming out Party.  E0MJ9T

Chronicle Mrs Charles Sweeny  and daughter Miss Frances Helen Sweeny  1938  2M3T2WE

History and Art Collection Serie A 1969-70 - Gigi Riva scoring for Cagliari v Juventus in Turin  PA7E9N

colaimages  Italian football player Gigi Riva, Italy 1970 2MY3DM0

David Lichtneker  LP cover of The Dreaming, the fourth studio album by Kate Bush,  2HBE5E9

Imago  Frank Farian Musikproduzent 06/87 2WAN0H6

Gary Mitchell The Great Storm Of 25th January 1990 2EH00W5

Martyn Evans  a lorry is overturned at southsea funfair during the great storm 25th january 1990  D6MNK1



Edited by Bryan
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25/01/2024, Guardian, p3, Mad Hatter's Tea Party, AWJ4T5, Pictorial Press Ltd
25/01/2024, Guardian, p28, Royal Mail van in Boxford, KCA04W, John Morrison

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3 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 25th

Martyn Evans  a lorry is overturned at southsea funfair during the great storm 25th january 1990  D6MNK1



Thanks for spotting that one Bryan, unfortunately it's behind a paywall so I can't screenshot it ... heyho !!

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22 minutes ago, Martyn said:

Thanks for spotting that one Bryan, unfortunately it's behind a paywall so I can't screenshot it ... heyho !!


Here you go!  luckily I subscribe to Apple News :)


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27/01/2024, New Scientist, p9, Endometriosis Day march, M9C7FW, Menigault Bernard
27/01/2024, New Scientist, p10, harvesting seaweed in Cornwall, E1B09B, Paul Felix Photography [cropped]
27/01/2024, New Scientist, p11, Ice Age people, MXED8T, Esteban De Armas
27/01/2024, New Scientist, p17, spreading chicken manure, BNECWG, Wayne HUTCHINSON
27/01/2024, New Scientist, p18, ibex, FJ0TPK, Olaf Protze [cropped]
27/01/2024, New Scientist, p26, Katalin Karikó awarded the Nobel Prize, 2TC37AB, TT News Agency
27/01/2024, New Scientist, p27, boy with smartphone & light effect, 2C72973, Bruno Giuliani
27/01/2024, New Scientist, p37, man eating ice cream, 2C6AJB8, Harry Rendón Mayorga
27/01/2024, New Scientist, p38, donating blood, F7J43K, PhotoAlto

ISSN:  02624079

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