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Have you found any Alamy photos January 2024?

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13 hours ago, Mr Standfast said:


I liked that picture! It ticked the Postman in a village box!

Thank you, Mr S. Every now and again we seem to stumble onto an image which sums up a place, or time, or mood...

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USA, National Geographic magazine, U.S. edition, Feb 2024 issue


Pg. 21, Total solar eclipse 2008, RGB Ventures/SuperStock/Alamy D0C25N

Pgs. 30-31, Detail of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, Design Pics Inc/Alamy BXPRY9

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3 hours ago, StokeCreative said:


Here you go!  luckily I subscribe to Apple News :)


Excellent ... Thank You for posting that, much appreciated 😊 !

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Image ID: 2HM8FJP David Humphreys
Image ID: BM6F5H Image ID: A37TXR Pictorial Press Ltd

Image ID: HCA1GK ©Samuel Goldwyn Films/Courtesy Everett Collection

Image ID: T3DWW6 Ron Harvey
+1 I can't find
Edited by Tony ALS
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Image ID: 2G7KC6Y Pierrick Lemaret
Image ID: R1745X Image ID: 2RG83Y5 Crystite RF
Image ID: RYGM82 Peter Forsberg
Image ID: 2B021T0 Pictures From History
Image ID: HW8ER5 SCHROEDER Alain / hemis.fr
Image ID: 2M6TTP6 Zoonar/Fokke Baarssen
Image ID: CW201K PaulPaladin
Image ID: 2R31MFM Peter Schickert
Image ID: TC0RY6 Kwanchai Chai-udom
+ 1 I can't find
Edited by Tony ALS
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Image ID: GHFP53 Image ID: GHFP4M kpa Publicity Stills

Image ID: HAF880 Pictorial Press Ltd
Image ID: BKRCNP Moviestore Collection Ltd
Image ID: J314HG The History Collection
Image ID: DXEJ2K Filmax Entertainment
Edited by Tony ALS
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8 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 25th



Alan Wilson  Edinburgh, the Castle and Fife beyond as viewed from Blackford Hill.  2D0WHTD


Thanks for the spotting this Bryan 🙂


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Times online 26th



Nikolai Sorokin Mountains ski resort Bad Hofgastein - Austria - FYJGHK



Waldemar Sikora London, UK. 05 June 2021. Rolls-Royce supercar wrapped in BritCoin  2G1BT6B

Katie Stewart Selly Oak, Birmingham, January 19th 2023 - A row of terraced properties to rent  2MACDGD

Gareth Fuller Freight traffic queue to enter the Eurotunnel site in Folkestone, Kent, 2MABKGP

Patrick Pleul 28 March 2022, Brandenburg, Schönefeld: Passenger aircraft of the airline Wizz Air  2J2F9MX

Imageplotter  People and shoppers walking towards Westfield Shopping Centre, 2B09MTK

Roger Bamber A row of Estate agents boards on Hastings seafront  AWA5RG


Bricks and Mortar

Laurence Delderfield  View of the Scottish Borders town of Peebles on the river Tweed 2C849J1 ? No credits

Vuk Valcic London, UK. 03rd June, 2021.  a boat on Regent's Canal  2G0X8BN  ? No credits

Isabelle Plasschaert  Wembley stadium seen from Brent River Park  CC822P ? No credits

Andy Soloman A view looking west down the High Street in historic Winchester, 2RGFG72  ? No credits

Simon Dack Hamble Southampton Hampshire UK - The Victory pub EPCPTR ? No credits

woolver  Sheffield, England - Park Hill estate housing by Sheffield City Architect's Dept, 2RDAWA8



Colin Fisher Edinburgh, UK. 16th Jan, 2020.  Neil Findlay MSP 2AN91BB

Colin Fisher Glasgow, UK. 14 February 2019.  outside of the court during Alesha McPhail's Murder Trial.  RMF97F

Dinodia Photos  Heritage of Scotland store ; Edinburgh : F3GBAW

Iain Masterton  Aerial view at dusk of the Royal Mile or High Street in Edinburgh Old Town,  2KDEF97

Joe Dailly  Loch Rannoch, Perthshire Scotland, Viewed from the Summit of Schiehallion. MXW6DW

KEVIN ELSBY harbour tug Fidra, towing a cruise ship out of Leith basin, Edinburgh,  2G3JC8Y



Ian Davidson London, UK. 31st Jan, 2023. Rt Hon Lord David Frost  2MPM6NY

Guy Bell London, UK. 3rd Jan, 2024. A picket line outside St Thomas Hospital 2WAAG88 and 2WAAG62

SOPA Images London, UK. 24th Jan, 2024. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak  2WEBJ89

PjrNews  Oliver Heald MP (and David Evennett MP  WP43KD

Mark Thomas London, UK. 19th Dec, 2023. Lucy Frazer: 2TDND1D

Paul Quezada-Neiman Christies London 25th January 2024 California (1965), By David Hockney, 2WEDYFD



John Birdsall Children & young people on Miners' Strike demo, Nottingham UK 14 April 1984  2GGHJ94 

David Reed Archive  Eileen Agar, surrealist artist, in her studio. 1977 : EC00KE


Edited by Bryan
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26/01/2024, Guardian, p9, house sparrow, 2C69J15, Douglas Carr [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
26/01/2024, Guardian, p9, flying wood pigeon, MNCRFX, Geoff Smith [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
26/01/2024, Guardian, p30, Blackwall Tunnel Approach, ED310F, Marcin Rogozinski
26/01/2024, Guardian, p32, Dr Marten's display in New York, HBEX4K, Richard Levine

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On 23/01/2024 at 09:54, SShep said:

23/01/2024, Guardian [Journal section], p11, Bethesda chapel in Hanley, BKRNHB, John Keates

Many thanks SShep for reporting this.



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Guardian Online



Finnbarr Webster Editorial




Josh Jaggard


Powered by Light/Alan Spencer


Wayne Hutchinson


Andriy Popov



Mihai Tamasila

Sarah Weston

Ioana Catalina Echim

Giulio Ercolani


Maureen McLean


William Caram

Martin Berry






Yon Marsh



Edited by Nigel Kirby
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