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Have you found any Alamy photos January 2024?

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1 hour ago, Bryan said:

Times online 22nd

Gillian Pullinger  July 1st, 2023. Extinction Rebellion Protest during the Guildford Raft Race event 2RA6TX8


Thanks very much for spotting this, Bryan.

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Cheers Kay, you're very welcome

22/01/2024, Guardian, p19, still from 'Meg2', 2RXMA1K, FlixPix [Alamy credit only]
22/01/2024, Guardian G2, p9, 'Dante and Virgil in Hell' by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, WKEN6K, incamerastock



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Image ID: CRGE8B blickwinkel/McPHOTO/FSC


Image ID: DY1TXJ Ainara Garcia

Image ID: FMBX8W FedevPhoto

Image ID: D071M1 Julian Elliott

Image ID: BG7WP8 Dallas and John Heaton

Image ID: D2G399 Jiri Hubatka


Image ID: 2K2M90M Kirill
Image ID: H2B5C0 NicoElNino
Image ID: R9KFGB Dalibor Brlek
Image ID: M11WP1 Jan Wlodarczyk
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Times online 23rd



SFL Travel Glass Wharf Building housing Grant Thornton, Temple Quay, Bristol,  W41KTD

Chris Bull  Morrisons supermarket. A woman works in the fishmongers section  FD4T43

Mark Thomas London, UK. 07th Jan, 2024. Fraser Nelson, Editor of The Spectator 2WAX2F9



Armando L. Sanchez Houston, USA. 12th Apr, 2019. Michael Gillam and Mary Green pass a mural downtown  T4RH53



Alan Wilson  Couple walking by "Closing Down", Everything Must Go" s Edinburgh,  2J2KJ8F

Gerard Ferry 22nd January, 2024.Storm Isha trains cancelled in glasgow central station 2WDTRJE

Alan Wilson  The Quad of Old College, part of the University of Edinburgh.  2G4NJDY ? No credits, montage

BURGER/PHANIE Radiotherapy radiographer with a male patient treated for a brain cancer  E5RFF0

sst Edinburgh  10 January 2024. Donald Cameron MSP 2WBF4T1

sst  Edinburgh  09 January 2024. Kate Forbes MSP  2WBAM2J

JASPERIMAGE  Dr Grays Hospital, Elgin, Moray, Scotland RA5X75

Andrew O'Brien  Edinburgh, May 23rd 2022:  Professor Jason Leitch  2J9FH41

Jacob King A XL bully dog called Riz,  2RYBNNX

Findlay Glasgow, 5th Feb, 2023. protest at the erosion of women's rights and the Gender Recognition Bill  2N0BYYT

Ian Davidson London, 14th Nov, 2023. Alister Jack, Scottish Secretary, 2T77YWR




Mirrorpix Chelsea 1 -0 Middlesbrough, 1988 Football League Second Division play-off Final, 1988. EW5MCE EW5RYR and EW5XEB

Mirrorpix  Tottenham 3-2 Middlesbrough, league match at White Hart Lane,  1988.  EWR5WM

Mirrorpix Gary Andrew Pallister  on the ball against Newcastle in their 3-0 win at Ayresome Park. 1991 ERX9AG

Matt Crossick London, UK. 20 January 2023. Thangam Debbonaire, Shadow Secretary of State 2WDE2B1

Ysbrand Cosijn  Back of a suv car parked in lot of garage.  H94FD7

DCPhoto female toddler and 2-3 years girl playing in kindergarten.  BKM8W0

Wavebreakmedia Ltd PH28L Woman using laptop and man with coffee cup at kitchen  DR0HW4

Guy Corbishley Cambridge, 22nd Jan 2024. Temper Theatre  raise awareness around the at-risk Fens marshlands. 2WDTDWW



Lawrence Woolston  Young Mod looking cool  FYDCW9



Moviestore Collection THE AVENGERS DIANA RIGG  BKA5R6

Fiona Hanson Alan Mills daughter Penny Bancroft, his wife Jill, Alan and son Barry at Buckingham Palace G9EMCM

Edited by Bryan
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Image ID: 2C81JAB Tony ALS (One of mine)

Image ID: A441KN Kevin Foy


Image ID: 2PKR1HD Alexandre Rotenberg
Image ID: 2RXBTHJ Laura Di Biase
Image ID: 2CFAP1M Tony ALS (Another one of mine)
Image ID: K0NG34 Maria Galan
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 23/01/2024, Guardian, p4, large and small cars, PW2AMK, RichardBaker
23/01/2024, Guardian, p5, cast of 'Home' at Cambridge, 2WDTBWJ, Guy Corbishley [via Live News]
23/01/2024, Guardian, p5, top view of drink can & straw, 2C520RK, Cagkan Sayin  [Cutout. RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
23/01/2024, Guardian [Journal section], p3, school corridor, 2EWKHM7, parkerphotography
23/01/2024, Guardian [Journal section], p11, Bethesda chapel in Hanley, BKRNHB, John Keates
23/01/2024, Guardian G2, p9, still from 'The Killing', 2C8BTH7, TCD/Prod.DB

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Guardian Online



Keith Taylor


Loop Images

Anthony Kay/Rail

Lancashire Images

Clynt Garnham/Stockimo


Louise A Heusinkveld


Ian Allenden


Rene van den Berg


Dennis Hardley

Dennis Hardley

John Stephens

Tony Boydon

Anthony Kay/Rail


Mike Abrahams


Ian Dagnall


Everett Collection


Tim Gainey






Edited by Nigel Kirby
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USA, Travel + Leisure magazine, Feb 2024 issue


Pg. 40, Codrington Lagoon, Barbuda, West Indies, Gary Noakes G3J1XP

Pg. 60, American crocodile, Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida, Lee Rentz G360M2

Pg. 60, White pelicans, Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida, Lee Rentz G35Y3D

Pg. 88, Sanna Island, Norway, Nature Picture Library W85ERR




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7 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 23rd



Alan Wilson  Couple walking by "Closing Down", Everything Must Go" s Edinburgh,  2J2KJ8F

Alan Wilson  The Quad of Old College, part of the University of Edinburgh.  2G4NJDY ? No credits, montage


Thanks once again Bryan, much appreciated 👍


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